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What Are the Best Watch Winders (and How Exactly Do They Work?)

Extend the longevity of your automatic watch with these expertly-crafted watch winders

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Like any complex piece of machinery, automatic watches benefit from being used rather than being left idle. Even if you don’t wear your watch every day, you can still prevent your watch from deteriorating by using a watch winder.

What Is a Watch Winder?

A watch winder is a device used to keep automatic watches running when they are not being worn. They typically take the form of small, tabletop boxes (great as a display box too) and operate thanks to small, quiet motors.

Watch winders work by mimicking the movement of a human wrist. This is important because an automatic watch winds itself through a moving weight inside the watch, and the weight moves in keeping with the movements of the person wearing the watch.

Why Do I Need a Watch Winder?

Watch winders are essential pieces of equipment for automatic watch wearers. They extend the longevity of your watch’s lifespan and also prevent you from having to manually wind your watch after a few days of no use. Watch winders are especially useful for people who collect watches and have a few different pieces in their wardrobe’s rotation.

How to Use a Watch Winder

When using a watch winder, you must refer back to your watch’s manual in order to understand its specific requirements surrounding the direction of rotation and how many turns per day it needs to receive. Once you have learned the specific requirements of your watch, simply secure it onto your watch winder, turn it on, and select the proper winding mode.

What Are the Best Watch Winders?

When shopping for the best watch winder, it’s important to select a well-made machine that fits the needs of your watch. There are single, double, and multi-watch winders, and which one you select will depend on the size of your watch collection. The best watch winders will also have a variety of modes and settings, such as multiple rotation settings and a variety of turns per day settings. Before you make a purchase, you should consult your watch’s manual in order to familiarize yourself with the settings it requires. Once you have that information, you will be able to properly choose the best watch winder for you.

1. CHIYODA Watch Winder

Designed for a single automatic watch, this handcrafted watch winder is made with luxurious acrylic organic glass and solid wood. Its pillow has an 80mm diameter, which means it can hold any sized watch.

best watch winder


Buy: CHIYODA Watch Winder at

2. Smith Bamboo Two-Watch Winder

This double watch winder made by Watch Winder Smith uses bamboo and glass to create a sleek, modern look worthy of your favorite watches. Not only does this watch winder serve as a lovely display case, it’s efficient at doing its job, too, built with a Japanese Mabuchi motor known for its ultra-silent operation.

We also love this watch winder for the way it accommodates both small and large watches with varying needs. It offers two directional settings and four different turns per day winding modes. It uses both AC and battery power to operate.

best watch winder


Buy: Smith Bamboo Two-Watch Winder at $209.99

3. Triple Tree Watch Winder

This Triple Tree watch winder is a watch collector’s dream come true: It features four different watch winding stations, plus it has room to store up to six additional watches. It’s built with a wooden shell, piano paint, and has memory foam watch pillows that work to keep your timepieces secured and protected to bumping into each other.

Plus, we love its luxurious touches like blue LED lights and a stainless steel lock and key. This watch winder offers four different modes with a variety of direction cycles and turns per day. It uses AC power but can also connect to a USB for portable power options.

best watch winder


Buy: Triple Tree Watch Winder at $139.99

4. MOZSLY Single Watch Winder for Rolex

Rolex wearers, rejoice – this MOZSLY watch winder is designed specifically for the brand’s iconic timepieces. Made with eye-catching orange faux leather, this single watch winder comes with two super-soft watch cushions and operates with a near-silent Japanese motor. It’s designed to accommodate both men’s and women’s Rolex watches and features multiple turns per day and direction settings. Vibrant, efficient, and a great display piece, this watch winder makes the perfect gift for the watch wearer in your life. It can run on AC power or AA batteries.

best watch winder


Buy: MOZSLY Single Watch Winder for Rolex at $83.99

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