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RS Recommends: Everyone’s Been Buzzing Online About These Top-Rated Vibrators

From discrete bullets, to multi-purpose toys for couples, here’s our guide to the best vibrators for any kind of vibe

Close-up of several multi-colored clitoral vibrators on a white sheet on the bed.Close-up of several multi-colored clitoral vibrators on a white sheet on the bed.

Михаил Решетнико

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Why spend your evenings doom scrolling before bed when you can treat yourself to a little self-pleasure? Over the course of the pandemic, sex toys have became more commonplace as everyone hunkered down at home, but you don’t need an excuse to invest in a good-quality vibrator, whether you’re looking for solo play, or a toy that can help you and your partner explore your bodies deeper.

If you’ve been on Twitter or Tiktok for the past year or so — or just online — you’ll know that the best vibrators are filling up threads under viral tweets, comment sections, and wracking up some serious numbers of positive reviews on Amazon. Besides obvious improvements on the orgasm front, doctors and sex educators alike agree that there are plenty of positive benefits beyond just getting that big ‘O’. The National Sleep Foundation reported that masturbation can deepen your REM sleep, due to a boost in estrogen levels. Not to mention studies that show a relief from pain and stress, too

But one of the best benefits of using a top-rated vibrator is getting to know yourself and your own pleasure — you get to learn how your body responds to different kinds of sensations, rhythms, areas of touch. If you’re not certain what gets those juices flowing, how are you supposed to know how you’d like your lover to please you during foreplay and sex?

Consider your vibrator as a tool to help you unlock the secrets of your body. If you just want to focus on clitoral stimulation, then you’ll probably want to look for a suction vibrator that mimics the sensation of oral sex. Want something even more discrete? You might want to check out a bullet vibrator, or a finger toy that will help give targeted pulses without too much bulk. Vibrators aren’t just for people with clitorises too, and there are a number of different toys with a focus on stimulating penis-havers through vibration.

If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve gathered up the toys everyone’s been buzzing about to give you our guide to the best vibrators you can find online.

What Are the Best Kinds of Vibrators?

Diving into the world of vibrators — or picking up a new one — can be overwhelming when there’s so many options on the market. Below are just a few types of toys to get acquainted with that you’ll find in our roundup, although there’s many more depending on your preference, price point, etc.

Wand Vibrator: The most popular type of vibrators are the classic wand vibrator. They’re fairly straightforward, and have been the go-to choice for intense clitoral stimulation for over 40 years. Thanks to its durable body, easy-to-clean silicone head, and variety of vibration patterns, you get a lot of flexibility out of one toy — although their bulky body has definitely fallen out of favor in the rise of suction toys over the past few years.

Bullet Vibrator: Discretion is key here with bullet vibrators, and their compact size combined with quiet motors often make them great for traveling, or just living with roommates. The truth is, you’ll get the same nerve-ending-packed punch when stimulated than larger vibes, with more maneuverability to boot. They’re great entry-level toys if you want to start exploring masturbating on your own, or if you’re looking for something simple with not a ton of bells and whistles.

Suction/Sonic Vibrator: Using a mixture of suction pulsations, these vibrators are currently having a moment due to their ability to replicate the sensation you’d feel during oral sex. The targeted stimulation leads to deeper, fuller orgasms, and we can’t recommend these enough if you’re looking to take your self-pleasure to the next level.

Couples’ Toys: Vibrators weren’t just meant to be used for solo play— some of the best vibrators are made with stimulating multiple partners in mind, either with advanced flexibility, or a unique shape meant for different body types. It’s a great way to ensure that both parties get the most out of their sex life (and that no one is left unsatisfied).

1. Magic Wand Rechargeable Vibrator


magic wand vibrator


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and there’s no way we’d ever mess with the classic Magic Wand rechargeable vibrator as our top recommendation for anyone who wants some seriously powerful vibes. The cushy silicone head is large enough to offer deep pulsations to a wide area, but the easy-to-clean silicone head is also flexible enough for different poses. As durable as it is intense, there’s a variety of four different vibration patterns and four speeds to choose from, so you can back off it’s too much. It comes with a rechargeable batter and a newer, quieter motor for self-pleasure without the distractions.

Buy: Magic Wand Rechargeable Vibrator at $149.99

2. LELO SONA 2 Cruise



lelo sona 2 clitoris


If you’re looking for soul-sucking orgasms, then look no further than the much talked-about LELO SONA 2 Cruiser personal massager. This vibrator is specially-designed with a wide surface area and large mouth made for direct clitoral stimulation. The SONA 2 offers gentle sonic waves that ripple along your skin, with the mouth absorbing the waves and sending back a deeper sensation to the clitoris that mimics oral sex. The best part? The harder you push the vibrator against your skin, the more it ups the intensity.

Buy: LELO SONA 2 Cruise at $139

3. Ella Paradis Better Love Stella


Better Love Stella

Ella Paradis

If you like it with tongue, then Ella Paradis and StyleCaster’s Stella vibrator is the clitoral stimulator to end all stimulators. Super smooth and ultra-compact, Stella’s soft silicone tongue flicks with 10 different speeds. It’s also laced up with mini silicone nubs around the head, which lightly reverberate vibes all around. Stella is waterproof and USB rechargeable — so you can throw it in your bag for a little extra pleasure on-the-go, or use it in the shower solo.

Buy: Ella Paradis Better Love Stella at $99.99

4. Lioness Vibrator 2.0


lioness vibrator 2.0


For those of us who’re obsessed with viewing workout metrics with fitness watches, or tracking our sleep schedules, why wouldn’t you want to track your orgasms, too? Lioness Vibrator 2.0 is the smart vibrator that wants your orgasms to be at peak performance, analyzing data and providing insight on the kind of stimulation that works best for you through the Lioness companion app. It’s packed with a temperature sensor, two force sensors and a gyroscope to give you all the data you’ll need to see your orgasm on a graph (yes, a literal graph!).

Buy: Lioness Vibrator 2.0 at $229

5. Satisfyer Purple Pleasure


Satisfyer Purple Pleasure


Sometimes, you just want to get down to business without too any settings or too much fuss, and Satisfyer’s Purple Pleasure delivers the most straightforward, effective performance at its price point. The vibrator has a rounded design that offers generous body coverage while still being ergonomic enough for pinpoint accuracy. It’s small enough to use as a travel companion, and even with other partners. Not to mention the silicone is ultra-soft, and for its size, you’ll get some leg-shaking vibrations.

Buy: Satisfyer Purple Pleasure at $39.95

6. We-Vibe Sync


We-Vibe sync


The We-Vibe Sync is your all-in-one, couple’s vibrator that’s got you covered no matter now you want to get down to business — we’re talking clit, G-sport and penis stimulation. Unlike other dual-purpose vibrators, this one’s completely hands-free, since all you need to do is insert it during foreplay and let the toy give you both some strong stimulation assistance.

Got a long-distance boo? You can also use the We-Connect app to control the vibrator remotely, so they can have a good time when when you’re apart. It’s waterproof, incredibly flexible, and features 10 vibration modes for customizable stimulation in any position.

Buy: We-Vibe Sync at $129

7. Better Love Rabbit Lily

rabbit vibrator

Ella Paradis

Admittedly, rabbit vibrators can get a little ugly (using gel colors that look like the back of a Nineties desktop Mac), but this unisex vibrator gives you all the vibrations you need is a sleek, sexy package. The Rabbit Lily has 10 different speeds for any kind of mood, and it has intense dual motors for double the pleasure. That doesn’t mean it’s a jackhammer though, and it stays super quiet even while giving you bigger orgasms. It’s made from soft, 100 percent waterproof silicone, and can be inserted up to four inches deep.

Buy: Better Love Rabbit Lily Vibrator at $28.99

8. Fin Finger Vibrator

Fin Finger Dame Products


Sex toys shouldn’t kill your mood and leave you bogged down with cables, or a million buttons —  that’s why we love this simple, easy-to-use finger vibe from Dame Products. The ergonomic clitoral vibrator sits comfortably wrapped around two fingers, with a detachable tether for extra hold. This lets you rub like you would without a toy, but it lets you lose yourself in the sensation of three direct vibration speeds. Made of a soft, waterproof silicone, the Fin Finger has an asymmetrical build, so you can feel free to experiment as while you play.

Buy: Fin Finger Vibrator at $85


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