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These Are the Best Vibrating Foam Rollers for Stretching and Recovery

From Bluetooth models to ergonomic designs- these are the best vibrating rollers to use for workouts and recovery 

best vibrating foam rollersbest vibrating foam rollers


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When it comes to working out, it’s not surprising that the most emphasis gets put on the athletic event itself – be it running, practicing yoga, or lifting. However, incorporating a stretching and recovery practice into your routine is just as important, if you want to reap the most benefits from your training. Vibrating rollers are easy-to-use tools that work to improve your range of motion, flexibility, and mobility as well as reduce soreness in your muscles.

How Does a Vibrating Roller Work?

A vibrating foam roller is a recovery tool used by professional athletes and everyday people alike. Foam rolling is a method of self-myofascial release, which helps relieve muscle soreness, inflammation, and tightness. For those who are new to foam rolling, you can start your practice by slowly rolling out a chosen area for 10 seconds. Then, you can work up to greater time intervals, such as 30 or 60 seconds. Vibrating foam rollers further enhance the benefits of this practice, as vibration is a commonly used tool in massage therapy for exercise recovery. The vibrating massage – when combined with the foam rolling technique – releases trigger points in your muscles.

When Should You Use a Vibrating Roller?

The best vibrating foam rollers can be used before or after your training. If you roll your muscles before you train, it helps relieve any tension that might still be in your body from the previous day’s workout. The stimulation sends oxygen to your muscles, which can enhance performance but also help to prevent injury. It also releases tension, preparing your body for what’s to come. Using your vibrating foam roller after a workout can be a relaxing, sports-massage-like exercise. It releases tension produced from your workout, which in turn lowers stress hormone levels. In addition to using your vibrating foam roller in the context of a workout, it can also be used whenever you are experiencing muscle pain.

What Are the Best Vibrating Foam Rollers?

Finding the best vibrating foam roller will depend on what kind of training you are doing and what sort of features make you the most comfortable. The surface texture of a vibrating foam roller will differ from brand to brand. Some people with very tender muscles may want smooth foam, while others will opt for rollers with ergonomic, protruding knobs. Some models fall somewhere in between those two texture extremes, which offer a versatile experience. Other things to consider are the roller’s length, battery life, and vibration speed.

1. Theragun Wave Roller

Made from smooth-surface, hypo-allergenic, high-density foam, the 12-inch Theragun Wave Roller offers premium confront and support for both pro and everyday athletes. Designed to provide you with all of the benefits of foam rolling, this vibrating foam roller stands out for its Bluetooth technology. What that means: the roller syncs up with the Therabody app, which has a variety of pre-programmed routines for you to choose from, all with their own speed control. The Theragun Wave Roller has a three-hour battery life and is rechargeable.

best vibrating foam rollers


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2. Monument Vibrating Foam Roller

When it comes to alleviating and possibly preventing back pain, the Monument Vibrating Foam Roller offers unparalleled support thanks to its ergonomic design. At the center of the roller, there is a dual-function groove that supports your spine while you roll out your back muscles. The same groove can be used to roll out your Achilles tendon, which is highly susceptible to injury.

In addition to the ergonomic groove, this vibrating roller is also designed with protruding gel knobs that provide the feeling of human thumbs working your sore muscles. And three different speeds let you find the intensity that’s right for you. The roller measures 13 inches and has a three-hour battery life – which can be recharged.

best vibrating foam rollers


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3. FITINDEX Electric Foam Roller

If you’re drawn to the promise of having a high-quality sports massage at your everyday disposal, this is the best vibrating foam roller for you.

With four different vibration settings, this roller provides a high-intensity therapeutic vibration massage that can be incorporated into your physical therapy or workout routine. The surface of this foam roller has a gentle rise and fall, which works at your muscles while still being soothing. It reaches your deep tissues, facilitating your recovery and relief.

This vibrating roller is 15.75 inches long and has a battery that lasts up to four hours on a full charge. It’s super lightweight too, making it easy to take with you to the gym or studio for a post-workout rollout.

best vibrating foam rollers


Buy: FITINDEX Electric Foam Roller at $55.99

4. Vulken Extra Long Vibrating Roller

The Vulken 17-inch vibrating foam roller massages your tissues and facilitates that essential post-workout recovery, all the while offering you additional length for extra comfort. The extra width helps you roll the widest part of your back in one pass and both of your legs simultaneously.

While all body sizes can enjoy the benefits of the extra length, this is especially useful for bodybuilders and athletes with a wider frame. The vibrating roller is covered in an air-injected plastic shell that transfers maximum vibration to your body. It has four different vibration levels and a quick-charging, four-hour battery.

best vibrating foam rollers


Buy: Vulken Extra Long Vibrating Roller at $79.99

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