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These Alarm Clocks With Bed Shakers Will Get You Out of Bed Whether You Like it Or Not

If you’re prone to sleeping past the snooze button, a bed shaking or vibrating alarm clock will help jostle you awake

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If, for you, the phrase, “It takes an earthquake to wake me up,” is less comedic hyperbole than simple statement of fact, the good news is that you can simulate your very own mini earthquake in the mornings with a bed shaking alarm clock. Unlike regular alarm clocks, the best bed-shaking clocks include a vibrating mechanism placed under your mattress or pillow, which, when the alarm goes off, will literally shake your entire bed. The vibrating motion might not actually throw you onto the floor, but it will certainly be strong enough to jostle you awake.

These alarms can be used with or without noise, and often include additional features like lights to help you wake up. This makes them ideal solutions for people who are deaf or anyone who doesn’t want to wake up partners or roommates with a noisy alarm in the morning And yes, they’re ideal for extremely heavy sleepers too.

What Are the Best Vibrating Alarm Clocks?

The best vibrating alarm clocks deliver a gentle shaking under your mattress to gradually help you wake up. The latest vibrating clocks all include adjustable settings, light alarms, noise adjustments, and automatic programming. Here are a few other things we suggest keeping in mind when looking for the best bed shaker alarm clock for you.

Size: A small device doesn’t necessarily mean less power, and we like clocks that are lightweight and don’t take up too much space. Smaller-sized clocks are also more convenient to travel with. When applicable, consider the length of the cord connecting the clock to the shaker, as a longer cord provides more freedom when setting up.

Settings: Vibrating clocks usually come with a range of three or so vibration strengths, in addition to adjustable settings for noise level, brightness, and display. We also look for preset, snooze, and automatic functions. The wider the range of customizable options, the better you’ll be able to optimize your alarm.

Ease of Use: As with most things, we prioritize simple and intuitive devices requiring minimal setup and tinkering. Simple design elements like an extra large snooze button make a big difference.

1. Sonic Alarm Clock With Bed Shaker

For anyone looking for an especially aggressive wakeup call, this alarm clock is pretty merciless — in a good way. If the powerful shaking motion isn’t enough to get you out of bed, the siren-level volume and flashing LED lights will certainly do the trick.

In case you were worried, all of the clock’s settings are adjustable. The device features multiple settings for tone, volume, vibration, and brightness as well as the option to choose the duration of both the alarm and snooze function.

sonic bomb alarm clock bed shaker


Buy: Sonic Alarm Clock With Bed Shaker at $34.97

2. Extra Loud Alarm Clock With Bed Shaker

The option to set two alarms for different times sends this clock to the top of the pile for anyone who shares a bed with a partner on a different morning schedule. Also convenient, it comes with two USB ports so you and your early-bird significant other both have a spot to charge your phones.

This clock has three strength levels for vibration and volume, and both will incrementally increase the longer you snooze. Users also like its compact size and especially long cord, as well as the bright and easy-to-read LED display.

extra loud alarm clock shaker


Buy: Extra Loud Alarm Clock With Bed Shaker at

3. Vibrating Loud Alarm Clock With Bed Shaker

Fans of color will appreciate this alarm clock’s seven color options for the LED display: oyster white, cobalt blue, sky blue, green, beige, shocking pink, and violet. Aesthetics aside, we like how easy this model is to assemble and to use, with large and conspicuous snooze and on/off buttons. It is also small and portable enough to make it perfect for traveling.

vibrating alarm clock heavy shaker


Buy: Vibrating Loud Alarm Clock With Bed… at $26.99

4. ANJANK Extra Loud Alarm Clock With Wireless Bed Shaker

Another unit that packs a surprisingly powerful punch, this clock comes with three strength settings for alarm volume and vibration, while the shaker is small and compact enough to slip unobtrusively beneath a pillow or mattress. Because it’s a wireless shaker, you don’t have to worry about getting caught up in cords, or finding somewhere to plug in.

Unobtrusive is not exactly the word we’d use to describe the display, however, since its large and bright red digits are easily visible even from across the room.

anjank extra loud alarm shaker


Buy: ANJANK Extra Loud Alarm Clock With… at $26.99

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