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RS Recommends: The Best Turntable Stands to Show Off Your Vinyl Setup

A turntable stand gives your record player its own display station, along with a place to store your collection



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Everyone’s collection of records is unique, and having a designated display stand, complete with shelving and a spot for your turntable, is a must for anywhere you listen to music. These shelves vary in size, shape, and storage, so here’s what you need to know when finding the right one for you, your space, and your music archive.

How to Pick the Best Turntable Stand

Consider the below criteria when shopping for the best turntable stand or storage piece.

Shelving: Take inventory of what you have, and more importantly, what you’re planning to get in the future as your collection grows. Will you be adding a bigger receiver? More records? Also make sure there’s enough headroom if your record player has a hinged top and needs space to open up. Even for players that don’t have a connected top, leave some room for whatever kind of covering goes over it to keep the dust and debris away.

Assembly: More than likely, these are going to arrive at your house unassembled. That can be a little intimidating for listeners who aren’t as savvy with tools, but the good news is that all the ones we tested were simple to put together, usually just with a hammer and screwdriver, but sometimes not needing any tools at all. If that’s a concern though, go for one that’s extra easy to snap together.

Weight: A stack of records is a heavy load, so check to see the weight capacity of how much the shelf you’re eyeing can hold. As a reference, 100 records can weigh almost 40 pounds. And though it may save space, never stack your records horizontally or flat — the added, crushing weight can warp, bend, or break them. Even if there’s plenty of room, we don’t recommend keeping your speakers on the same surface as your turntable — the vibrations can make the needle jump and skip, and dampen the sound being pumped out depending on your player.

Extras: Displaying the current record that’s playing is a really nice touch when you’re listening to your favorites, and some units include a specific groove or stand specifically for this. A hook, usually on the side, to hang your headphones is really convenient too, though if it’s not included, it’s easy and cheap to add on your own.

1. Crosley Everett Mid-Century Modern Console

Crosley knows a thing or two about record storage and turntable stands. After all, the company has produced record players for decades. The brand’s Everett Mid-Century Modern Media Console is the ultimate addition to a living room, office, basement, or wherever you listen. Its retro-inspired design looks modern, a good fit to store records in any space. But looks only go so far, and function is where this really shines. The hinged top gives you easy access to your turntable whenever you want to use it, while providing extra protection against dust and damage.

There’s storage space for everything, with room inside the sliding doors for a bunch of records, and shelves on one side with wired slots on the other to keep everything organized. Bonus: There’s a hole in back that lets you run wires through and keep everything looking neat.

Crosley Everett Mid-Century Modern Media Console


Buy: Crosley Everett Mid-Century Modern… at $337.06

2. Way Basics Modular Media Console

This wide Way Basics shelf is free of toxins like formaldehyde, and made from ZBoard recycled paperboard instead of particle board — a material that’s much lighter and still surprisingly sturdy. The unit can hold up to 60 pounds, while only weighing in at 17 pounds. Four open compartments hold plenty of records on full display, and two units can eve be stacked for maximum storage.

Installation was the easiest of the bunch here, and requires simply inserting and sticking each piece together with included industrial 3M strips, no drilling or tools needed. There’s also a lifetime guarantee, and customer service is quick to respond.



Buy: Way Basics Modular Media Console at $103.38

3. Line Phono Turntable Station

Line Phono’s stand comfortably fits most turntables. The second shelf features just enough room to squeeze in a receiver, with two more shelves below that can hold 100 records each — an impressive amount of weight for its size. Weighing it down with records actually helps to stabilize it and reduce vibrations that could potentially shake the needle (as do its adjustable rubber feet). Assembly is easy, though having an extra person helps. This also features a convenient headphone hook on the side, along with cable management to keep a tidy-looking setup.



Buy: Line Phono Turntable Station at $259.00

4. Ameriwood Home Lumina Turntable Stand

Ameriwood’s turntable stand is ideal for music lovers with a limited record catalog, and features a glass shelf that can hold 10 pounds with a lower storage space that can hold 15. This is made with laminated MDF and particle board, with metal legs, and even an included LED light that sets the mood for listening. Metal dividers keep everything organized so you can separate your stack by genre or however you want.

Ameriwood Home Lumina Turntable Stand


Buy: Ameriwood Home Lumina Turntable Stand at $218.22

5. Victrola Wooden Stand

Any record collector will instantly recognize the name Victrola as one of the early pioneers in producing turntables. What they may not know is that the company also makes shelving for any small to mid-size collections. This elegant shelf, made from real wood, stores over 50 vinyl records with room for your turntable up top. Putting it together right out of the box is simple and doesn’t need any tools, and there are even built-in metal racks for added support.



Buy: Victrola Wooden Stand at $69.99

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