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RS Recommends: The Best Trekking Poles for Hitting the Trails

Stock up on these must-have accessories before your hikes this season


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Hiking season is approaching, which means you’ll want to stock up on the right gear — and consider taking trekking poles with you.

Buying Guide: How to Pick the Best Trekking Poles

Trekking poles provide you with many advantages when you’re hiking. First and foremost, they provide a little more stability when you’re on uneven terrain. Another advantage of using trekking poles is that they can help take the pressure off of your joints. Hiking downhill will feel much better on your knees and ankles when you’re using trekking poles. They can also make your hikes safer. By having more points of contact on the ground, you increase your stability and balance. If you’re hiking difficult terrain, this is especially helpful.

Portability, Weight, and Size: When you’re shopping for the best trekking poles, you want poles that are lightweight and don’t get in the way. Some of the best trekking poles are foldable or collapsable, so when you’re not using them, they can easily be tucked away.

The most important part of buying trekking poles is making sure that they are the right size for you. If your trekking poles are the right size, you should be able to hold them at your sides with your elbows at a right angle. If your poles are too tall, you’ll feel strain on your shoulders. If your poles are too short, you’ll be forced to hunch over to use them. Some trekking poles have adjustable heights, which can be useful, especially when you’re shopping online and can’t test them out ahead of time.

What Are the Best Trekking Poles?

Trekking poles enhance the hiking experience for novices and experts alike. No matter what kind of hiker you are, we’ve found the best trekking poles that you can use. on your next adventure outdoors.

1. Black Diamond Distance Poles

Black Diamond is one of the best outdoor gear brands around, and for good reason: It makes some of the most premium products trusted by hikers, climbers, and campers alike. These poles have lightweight aluminum shafts and include comfortable grips for your hands, as well as moisture-wicking straps. Select the optimal size trekking pole for your height, and you’ll appreciate the added stability on your next hike.

best trekking hiking poles


Buy: Black Diamond Distance Poles at $99.95

2. TrailBuddy Trekking Poles

TrailBuddy has put together an excellent trekking pole bundle. The trekking poles are adjustable, so you can find the best height for you. Their handles are made from cork which provides extra comfort, while the poles themselves are made from lightweight yet durable aluminum. TrailBuddy also includes interchangeable pole accessories so that you can use your trekking poles on any terrain, whether you’re dealing with mud, snow, or sand.

best trekking hiking poles


Buy: TrailBuddy Trekking Poles at $29.99

3. Cascade Mountain Tech Poles

These Cascade Mountain trekking poles get the job down all while remaining at an affordable, budget-friendly price point. Super lightweight, they’re made from high-quality aluminum and feature cork grips. They can extend from 26 inches to 54 inches, and use a quick-locking technology to endure stability and keep you safe when you’re out on the trails. The trekking poles also come with a variety of accessories that you can attach to the poles’ tips in order to better adapt to hiking over mud, snow, or loose dirt.

best trekking hiking poles


Buy: Cascade Mountain Tech Poles at $29.99

4. Hiker Hunger Outfitters Poles

Made from carbon fiber, these trekking poles are extremely lightweight and seriously durable. They can hold up across any terrain, which means they’re ideal for year-round use. They’re the ideal hiking companion for their shock-absorbing design and a wide variety of tip accessories. These poles are adjustable, too, so you can find your perfect pole height anywhere from 24 inches, and up to 55 inches. This bundle set also includes a convenient storage bag, which will come in handy if you take these poles on a camping trip.

best trekking hiking poles


Buy: Hiker Hunger Outfitters Poles at $59.95

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