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RS Recommends: The Best Things to Buy on Wayfair Right Now

From bedroom and kitchen upgrades to home health hacks, we’ve found a number of must-have (and covet-worthy) home essentials this year by shopping on Wayfair



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When Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford spoke the now infamous phrase “treat yo self,” for the first time on Parks and Recreation, it was played for laughs. But they actually had a point; taking time out of your life to treat yourself to things that you want is actually a form of self-compassion. Furthermore, experts have said that shopping can actually help us with feeling in control of our lives and environment. With everything going on in the world right now, couldn’t we all use a little more happiness and control in our lives?

Now that’s not to say you should go shopping all the time; self-control is just as important as self-compassion. However, rewarding yourself every so often is a good practice to get into. Not only can it make you feel good, but setting rewards can actually be a good way to set and achieve goals. Go finally get that air purifier you’ve been eyeing for months, but haven’t gotten for whatever reason. Or maybe you’ve been looking to spruce up your bedroom but haven’t pulled the trigger. Whatever the case may be, we’ve found a number of must-have (and covet-worthy) home essentials this year by shopping on Wayfair.

Is Wayfair a Good Site to Shop On?

Wayfair has quickly become a solid alternative to Amazon when it comes to shopping for home accessories, kitchen appliances, furniture and decor items online. The best things to buy on Wayfair include online-only collections of things like rugs and bedding, plus exclusive collaborations like Wayfair’s Kelly Clarkson collection of home goods.

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And while Wayfair got a lot of buzz last year for a quickly-debunked conspiracy theory, the site remains a safe and reliable place to shop online. Keep an eye out for Wayfair deals and promo codes too, to get an additional discount on your purchase.

What Are the Best Wayfair Black Friday Deals?

Wayfair’s 2021 Black Friday sale gets you up to 80% off home furnishings, small appliances, decor items, kitchen gadgets and furniture. Top Wayfair Black Friday deals include $160 off the popular Vitamix Blender (now just $289.95); 40% off GE appliances (think freezers, washer/dryers and dishwashers); up to 80% off area rugs for every room of the house; and up to 50% off bedroom furniture.

Vitamix ® Explorian™ Series E310 Blender


Buy: Vitamix Explorian Series E310 Blender at $289.95

Wayfair’s Black Friday deals are now live online at Wayfair.com and we also spotted discounts on wall art and living room furniture. See full details here. Prices are as marked on all the products at the Wayfair Black Friday sale — there is no promo code required.

The Best Things to Buy on Wayfair

Ready to shop, but not quite sure where to start? Not to worry. We rounded up the best products to get on Wayfair right now.

1. Dash Family Size Air Fryer



There’s a reason why air fryers are all the rage right now; not only do they make cooking easy, but air frying your food is a much healthier option to deep frying. There’s no oil or mess that comes with the traditional fryer, just hot air. So you can enjoy the taste that comes with fried food without feeling bad about it. You can also roast vegetables or cook fish; the sky is the limit.

We love this six-quart air fryer from Dash for how easy it is to use. Simply plug it in, adjust the temperature and set the timer, that’s it! It even shuts off automatically, and comes with a recipe guide included. If you’ve never used an air fryer before, this is a great first choice while you experiment and get the hang of air frying. There’s also several color options available, so it can easily be integrated into your kitchen. The nonstick crisper basket is removable and easy to clean, so you’re not left scrubbing away after you’ve finished eating.

Buy: Dash Family Size Air Fryer at $79.99

2. Dotted Line Underbed Storage Set



Closet and drawer space can go quickly if you’re someone who has a lot of clothes, and nothing detracts from a room more than clutter. Rather than stuffing everything in your closet, this storage set from Dotted Line enables you to cleanly and discreetly organize your clothes, shoes and belongings. Thanks to the durable non-woven polypropylene its made out of, this storage set is mildew-resistant. The clear plastic allows you to see clearly inside without having to unzip it and take it apart to take inventory of what’s being stored inside.

The best part? It’s easily collapsable and fits right under your bed. There’s also two handles that make accessing and moving it easy.

Buy: Dotted Line Underbed Storage Set at $16.48

3. Red Barrel Studio Damarcus Solid Velvet Blackout Curtains



Blackout curtains are a must have if you’re someone who requires little to no light while they sleep, and are noticeably more effective than traditional blinds or curtains. Additionally, they can help insulate your room thanks to the thickness of the material which may help you during the colder months.

These curtains by Red Barrel Studio are every bit as practical as they are gorgeous. Made from high-quality polished velvet, they’re outfitted with a polyester max blackout thermal lining, so they can keep the light out and the heat in. As an added bonus, they also promise to reduce sound coming into your room from outside, making them the perfect accessory for your bedroom. Available in several different colors, including Amber Gold and Gunmetal Gray; there’s an option for every type of room.

Buy: Red Barrel Studio Velvet Blackout… at $76.54

4. Wayfair Sleep Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper 



Sleep should be the easiest, most relaxing part of your day. The problem is that there is a seemingly endless list of factors that have caused a staggering 27 percent of people living in the United States to report that they struggle with sleeping or staying asleep most nights. If you’re not getting the right amount of sleep you’re not only depriving your body of much needed rest, but putting yourself at a higher risk for developing chronic health issues down the line.

This Wayfair brand gel memory foam mattress topper is a great investment if you’re looking to improve the sleep you’re getting each night. It works to cradle your body’s natural curvature and alleviate pressure, so you can sleep soundly and don’t wake up sore. Its infused with a temperature-mediating gel, and with its breathable design promises to keep you cool and improve circulation while you’re asleep. There’s seriously nothing worse than waking up sweaty. Just place it under your fitted sheet and start improving your sleep quality immediately.

Buy: Wayfair Sleep Gel Memory Foam Mattress… at $85.99

5. Dyson TP01 Pure Cool Purifier with HEPA Filter 



When it comes to taking care of your health, air purifiers are an often underrated resource. Not only do the refresh the air in a particular space to keep it from getting stale, but they can also reduce pollutants in the air that can lead to, or agitate, allergies or severe health issues. Though there are many different types of purifiers on the market, this option from Dyson is as close to the ‘standard’ as you’re likely to get.

Boasting a 360° filtration system, this air purifier utilizes activated carbon to remove gasses and odors while the HEPA filter promises to eliminate up to 99.9 percent of pollutants, including mold, pet dander and tobacco, no matter what room you keep it in. Use the remote control to explore all of the settings and program it to work exactly the way you need it to. If you’re someone who has a habit of losing remotes, don’t worry; this one comes outfitted with a magnet that allows you to neatly store it on the machine.

Buy: Dyson TP01 Pure Cool Purifier at $659.09

6. Mercury Row Duhon Power Loom Area Rug



Area rugs can really set the tone for a house’s or apartment’s identity, bringing together all of the individual elements of a room while also providing added insulation and comfort (especially if you have hardwood floors). This Mercury Row rug not only functions as a stylish statement, but it is extremely durable and promises to withstand high foot traffic or an occasional spill or accident thanks to the polypropylene material. It comes available in 34 sizes so you can find the perfect match for your room, no matter how big or small.

Buy: Mercury Row Duhon Power Area Rug at $40.99

7. Hamilton Beach Electric Tea Kettle



You may be thinking, “Do I really need an electric tea kettle?” We’re here to tell you that yes, you do! Not only are electric kettles a quicker way to boil water, they’re 10 percent more energy efficient than their stovetop counterparts too. This kettle by Hamilton Beach holds up to 1.8 quarts of water and promises to heat it expeditiously. The automatic shut-off feature comes in handy for if you have a habit of forgetting to power off your electronics.

Buy: Hamilton Beach Electric Tea Kettle at $30.89

8. Frigidaire Dehumidifier



As we head into the colder months, having a dehumidifier is going to feel less like an expendable luxury and more like a necessity. Colder temperatures leads to drier air, which can damage your the moisture barrier of your skin, as well as any furniture or wood you may have in your home.

Not sure what you’re looking for? We recommend Frigidaire’s Dehumidifier, which is all about ease and efficiency. You can set your own custom humidity controls, so you don’t have to settle for too much or too little. Cleaning and maintenance isn’t a hassle either; there’s even a continuous drain option so you don’t have to empty the water bucket. The side handles and caster wheels make transportation hassle-free. It’s also ENERGY STAR-Certified, so you can save energy as well as money.

Buy: Frigidaire Dehumidifier at $179.99

9. Brooktrails Chenille Throw 



Like a classic T-shirt or a spare phone charger, everyone needs a good throw blanket; there’s nothing quite like being wrapped in one while you’re having a lazy day camped out on the couch. This blanket by Brooktrails is made from chenille, and bound to be your latest obsession. It’s soft to the touch and lightweight, but still very durable and warm. Thanks to the cute decorative fringe, it also lends itself to being a nice accent to a chair or sofa in your living room when you’re not bundling up with it.

Buy: Brooktrails Chenille Throw at $47.99

10. The Magic Bullet Blender



There’s a reason why it’s called the Magic Bullet; the high-speed mixing, chopping, grinding, blending and whipping system will have you wondering what you can’t do with this compact blender. Make a delicious smoothie for breakfast or lunch instead of going out for one, or whip up a frozen cocktail to enjoy after dinner. There’s absolutely no hassle from beginning to end; the attachments are dishwasher safe so you don’t have to spend added time fussing over clean up.

Buy: The Magic Bullet Blender at $39.85

Buy: More Top Picks and Best-Sellers at Wayfair


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