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These Are the Best Teeth-Whitening Strips to Try At Home

Notice a difference in your smile with this hassle-free oral care routine 

best teeth whitening stripbest teeth whitening strip

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There are countless treatments out there that promise you a whiter, brighter smile, whether it’s professional teeth whitening done by your dentist, teeth whitening toothpaste, pens, or strips. While each method can lead to noticeable results when properly practiced, they each vary in the degree of commitment and hassle that you’ll need to put up with in order to see the results you crave. The best teeth-whitening strips are one of the easiest treatments on the market – and a sure way to see results, according to dentists.

How Do Teeth-Whitening Strips Work?

Teeth-whitening strips are an affordable and easy way to rid your teeth of stains. The best teeth whitening strips are made from a flexible material coated with hydrogen or carbamide peroxide as well as an adhesive that keeps them in place once you apply the strip to your teeth. Once the hydrogen peroxide comes into contact with your teeth, it oxidizes. The oxidization bleaches your teeth and makes them appear whiter and brighter.

Carbamide peroxide works in a similar way. However, it contains a gentle acid, and the acid works to break up stains as well. Some brands use all-natural ingredients instead. Both methods are capable of delivering professional-quality results.

How Do You Use Teeth-Whitening Strips?

In order to see results, teeth-whitening strips are usually applied every night, either folded around your teeth or placed directly onto your teeth. As the name suggests, these are full, clear strips that can go across your top row and bottom row of teeth. Press gently to ensure that they stay on, and that the whitening formula is being transferred. Most of the best teeth-whitening strips only need to be left on your teeth for around half an hour.

With diligent use, most brands say you could start to see a difference in your teeth color within the first week of use. Whenever you are using teeth whitening strips, it is imperative that you follow the instructions that accompany the specific whitening strips that you buy. The instructions can vary from brand to brand, so it is important that you inform yourself on what your new teeth whitening routine will actually entail.

1. Crest 3D Professional Effects Whitestrips

When it comes to expanding upon your oral care routine, it makes sense to turn to one of the most widely trusted brands. The company says these whitening strips can remove 14 years’ worth of stains from your teeth when used for 30 minutes a day.

If used properly, you could notice your smile become whiter in as little as three days. This pack of whitening strips includes twenty full treatments plus two treatments of the “1 Hour Express Whitestrips,” which stay on your teeth for one hour and deliver same-day results. These whitening strips are made with no-slip technology for easy use and use the same enamel-safe whitening ingredient that dentists use.

best teeth whitening strips


Buy: Crest 3D Professional Effects… at $47.99

2. Lumineux Teeth Whitening Strips

If you are worried about your enamel’s sensitivity, try these certified non-toxic, coconut-flavored whitening strips for a comfortable teeth whitening experience.

Instead of hydrogen peroxide, these teeth whitening strips use Coconut Oil, Sage Oil, and Lemon Peel Oil to whiten teeth – which sensitive teeth will appreciate as it doesn’t contain harsh ingredients. However, just because these strips are made with gentler ingredients doesn’t mean they are less effective. These strips were designed by dentists who consulted with the brand on everything from style of strips to potency.

These teeth whitening strips should be left on for thirty minutes once a day. When used properly, the brand says you will notice results within seven days. This pack includes 42 strips, which equals 21 full treatments.

best teeth whitening strip


Buy: Lumineux Teeth Whitening Strips at $49.99

3. Fairywill Teeth Whitening Strips

If you are committed to your teeth whitening routine, this pack has everything you need to transform your smile quickly and achieve lasting results. This bundle includes fifty strips, which equals 25 treatments. The strips have a unique V-shaped design, which covers all your teeth and can be easily attached and torn off. You should see results after two to three uses, per the brand, and if the strips are used as directed, the results will last 120 days or more.

We especially love this bundle because it includes 21 delicate whitening treatments (which are to be left on your teeth for thirty minutes a day) plus four super whitening treatments that you can leave on your teeth for an hour for more instantaneous results.

best teeth whitening strips


4. Zimba Teeth Whitening Strips

Don’t let your preference for all-natural products keep you from a whiter smile. These teeth whitening strips are 100% vegan and are made with all-natural ingredients. This is helpful for those who experience enamel sensitivity.

When used properly, the brand says its teeth whitening strips can make your teeth six shades whiter after only 14 uses. This bundle comes with 14 treatments. The whitening strips must be applied to your teeth and left on for thirty minutes a day. They are made with advanced adhesive technology that not only makes the application process super easy but also helps to ensure a more even smile.

best teeth whitening strips


Buy: Zimba Teeth Whitening Strips at $24.99

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