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These Are the Best Swimming Goggles for All Types of Swimmers

Protect your eyes underwater with these top-rated goggles

best swimming googlesbest swimming googles

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Our eyes aren’t designed to see properly underwater. If you’ve ever opened your eyes in the pool or in a body of water, you know that in addition to unclear vision, you’ll also experience redness and irritation when you emerge. That’s why underwater swimmers of all levels need to wear swimming goggles.

When shopping for the best swimming goggles, you need to make sure that your new potential goggles will fit you. Goggles should be tight enough that they don’t slip off or out of place while you swim. However, they shouldn’t be so tight that they leave indented rings around your eyes or leave you with headaches after you use them. Therefore, make sure that you know your size and that the goggles you choose are also adjustable on top of being the approximate best size for you.

As you shop, you’ll come across a variety of extra features. Some swimming goggles are tinted and UV-resistant, which is extremely helpful if you plan to do most of your underwater swimming outside. Some goggles even have anti-glare or anti-fog protection, which can be helpful for both indoor and outdoor situations.

If you’re looking for extra comfort and customization, some of the best swimming goggles let you adjust the bridge to fit your nose more precisely.

Once you find the best swimming goggles for you, you can say goodbye to eye discomfort and hello to clear, underwater vision.

1. Phelrena UV Protection Swim Goggles

If you do most of your underwater swimming outdoors, you’ll need swimming goggles that have high-quality UV protection. These amber-tinted swim goggles protect your eyes from the sun while still letting your vision remain crystal clear. Plus, they have an anti-fog protective coating on the inside of their lenses. When it comes to fit, their silicone eye sockets and adjustable strap are soft on your skin while also being sturdy enough to stay firmly in place as you swim.

best swimming goggles


Buy: Phelrena UV Protection Swim Goggles at $11.89

2. Aegend Adjustable Swim Goggle

Having well-fitting goggles underwater is just as important as having clear vision. These swim goggles are highly customizable so that you can find your perfect fit. In addition to having an adjustable strap, these goggles come with three different interchangeable nose pieces that accommodate all different nose bridge shapes and sizes. These glasses are also made with an anti-fog coating and UV protection.

best swimming goggles


Buy: Aegend Adjustable Swim Goggle at

3. EverSport Anti-Fog Swim Goggles

Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, there’s nothing more frustrating than wearing swimming goggles that fog up or collect condensation. That’s why anti-fog protection is so important. These tinted swim goggles come in packs of two and have a strong anti-fog coating that helps you have a long-lasting, clear-eyed swimming experience.

The goggles have a flexible silicone frame that ensures no water leaks into your eyes. We also love these goggles for their easy-to-use clasp.

best swimming goggles


Buy: EverSport Anti-Fog Swim Goggles at $13.99

4. Braylin Adult Swim Goggles

Some swimmers prefer goggles with a wide view that don’t isolate each eye. If that sounds like you, try these swim goggles, which come with an adjustable and extendable headband. The wide frame puts minimal pressure on your eyes and has a soft silicone frame that feels comfortable on your skin and keeps water out. The tinted lenses help reduce any glare, and they also are outfitted with UV protection. If you like the look and feel of ski and snowboard googles, these ones deliver a similar experience underwater.

best swimming goggles


Buy: Braylin Adult Swim Goggles at $16.99

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