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The Best Starter Trombones for Beginners

An easy way to get into the popular brass instrument

best beginner trombonebest beginner trombone

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If you’re looking for the best trombone to learn on, finding a serviceable instrument doesn’t have to be a huge headache.

Trombones, like many horned instruments, come in a variety of sizes and types, commonly straight-tenor, trigger-tenor, and bass. The most important components of the trombone to consider are the bell type and bore style, sometimes including specialized hardware called the F-attachment. In general, student learners find the best results with smaller trombones, while quality construction is essential to make sure the instrument lasts out the year.

What to Consider When Buying a Beginner Trombone

Beginners need something that’s easy to play, while considerations like variances in tone and style come into play as the musicians grows in skill. Here are how the trombone’s main components affect its playability and sound.

Bell Type: The trombone’s bell is probably the most recognizable feature of a trombone, and its size and material can greatly affect the sound. Yellow brass is the most common bell material, and sizes vary depending on the type of trombone. Generally, larger bells produce a deeper tone and smaller bells produce a higher one.

Bore: The bore refers to the inner diameter of the inner slide, and it ranges from .500 to .562 inches. The size of the bore affects the depth of the trombone’s tone as well as its resistance. Small bores, which produce brighter tones, are generally recommended for students, as they also create more resistance than larger bores and are therefore easier to produce a good tone.

F-Attachment: This optional piece of equipment can add complexity and extend the instrument’s low range. It can also provide additional ways to play certain passages. In most cases, it’s a good idea for students to wait until they’ve reached a decent proficiency before advancing to the F-attachment.

1. Vincent Bach Prelude TB711F Trombone

Student musicians as well as their parents and teachers, approve of the superior tone produced by this Bach trombone. The slide and F-valve work smoothly, while the larger bore helps create the rich, full tone trombone players are looking for. This is a classic trombone that graduates nicely with the player. It’s easy to hold and pick up right away as a beginner or soloist, but is handsome and loud enough to be used in larger band settings as well.

We love the beautiful yellow brass construction and the bright lacquered finish. This set includes a protective trombone case and a Bach 12C mouthpiece.

vincent bach prelude trombone f attachment


Buy: Vincent Bach Prelude TB711F Trombone at

2. Jean Paul Trombone

Musicians note the smooth valve action of this Jean Paul tenor trombone, which makes the instrument easier to play and is therefore ideal for students. We’re also partial to the instrument’s beautiful yellow brass body and silver accents, which make it an attractive trombone as well as a nice-sounding one.

jean paul trombone


Buy: Jean Paul Trombone at $399.95

3. Mendini by Cecilio Bb Tenor Slide Trombone

This Mendini trombone makes our list for the quality of accessories and extras it comes with as well as the quality of sound, which is comparable to our other picks. Musicians note the impressive case, which includes shoulder straps as well as carry handles, making it easier to travel with. This set also includes a chromatic tuner, a music book, a pair of white gloves (so you don’t smudge your instrument while taking it in and out of the case) and a cleaning cloth.

medini cecilio trombone pocketbook


Buy: Mendini by Cecilio Bb Tenor Slide… at $299.99

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