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The Best Pure Spinach Powder to Help Elevate Your Diet

The benefits of spinach are concentrated and preserved in these powders for smoothies, shakes and healthy dishes

best spinach powderbest spinach powder

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If you’re looking for an easy way to add some nutrients into your diet, a little scoop of spinach powder could go a long way.

As its name suggests, the best spinach powder is made by grinding the ultra-healthy leafy vegetable into a fine green powder. This process retains much of spinach’s health benefits but offers an easier way to consume the veggie. Instead of frantically looking for recipes that include spinach (while it goes bad in your fridge) you can use spinach powder with a wide variety of foods — and smoothies. Plus, spinach powder has a much longer shelf life than leaf spinach.

What Are the Health Benefits of Spinach Powder?

As one of the healthiest foods around, the list of spinach’s benefits is extensive. Below are some of the most important advantages of eating spinach.

Eye Health: One of the foremost health benefits of spinach is it’s beta-carotene content. These carotenoids act as antioxidants, cleansing the body of harmful molecules called free radicals. Beta-carotenes (the kind of carotenoids found in spinach) have the added effect of improving eye health for better vision and less eye degradation due to age. Luckily, these beta-carotenes are maintained when spinach is turned into powder.

Iron: Spinach is probably most famous as a great source of iron. Just 100 grams of spinach contains about 2.7 milligrams of iron which is concentrated in powder form. Years ago, there was a myth that spinach contained far more iron, leading to spinach’s star role as Popeye’s food of choice. Now we know that it won’t make you grow massive biceps, but Popeye was onto something. Proper iron content in the body has numerous benefits such as more energy, athletic performance and better immune health.

Digestion: Because spinach powder is high in fiber, it’ll aid your body in digesting and expelling waste. Besides making your day a lot more comfortable (i.e. less constipation), this improved digestion can also help with weight loss and blood pressure.

Lower Cholesterol: While all leafy greens are good for heart health, dark leafy greens such as spinach work overtime to soothe the ticker. Again, you can thank the carotenoid content of spinach, as well as spinach’s lutein.

How to Use Spinach Powder

Spinach becomes much more useful once in powder form. It still has a mild spinach flavor that can upgrade a mellow dish or become nearly undetectable in other recipes. One of the most popular uses for spinach powder is in green smoothies and shakes, but you can also use the stuff in normal meals too. Throw some powder in homemade bread, pasta or eggs, add it to dips and dressings, or sprinkle a bit on cheese.

What to Know Before Buying Spinach Powder

Not all bottles of spinach powder are made the same. There are a few key differences to watch out for when picking up your new health-booster.

Flavor: Spinach powder has a noticeable flavor and, although it’s not strong, whatever you buy should taste good. This is especially important if you plan on making real dishes with the stuff such as adding it to scrambled eggs, or pasta.

Nutrition Facts: Spinach powder is straightforward. The best spinach powders have no extra ingredients or additives, but it’s still important to read the nutrition facts as they differ from brand to brand. Be sure to check the numbers for calcium, potassium, iron, and vitamins. Also, spinach powder does have some sodium. The lower the sodium the better, although most don’t have too much.

Package Size: If you’re a real spinach powder addict (that’s a good thing) you might want a larger bag.

Source Farm: When you buy fruits and veggies at the market, it’s always a good idea to note where they came from. The same goes for spinach powder. Some spinach is grown and processed in the U.S., but some brands outsource their farming to countries such as China.

1. Nutricost Pure Spinach Powder

Nutricost has become a big player in the supplement world, providing health food lovers with a range of pure products at an affordable price.

We like Nutricost’s spinach powder because it’s very pure and uses a small serving size to pack a big punch. In four grams you get 44mgs of calcium and 250mgs of potassium. Nutricost also ups the ante with a bit of protein – something most brands don’t have.

The taste of Nutricost’s product is also quite mellow. This, plus a very small 4mg serving size means you can use a small amount in recipes without disturbing the flavor.

PROS: Pure, high calcium and potassium content.

CONS: As with all supplements, not certified by the FDA.

spinach powder nutricost


Buy: Nutricost Pure Spinach Powder at $16.95

2. Hoosier Hill Farm Pure Spinach Powder

Hoosier Hill Farm’s spinach powder is one of the most popular sources, and it’s easy to see why. The main draw with this product is flavor. The powder tastes pretty great, making it ideal for pasta, veggie dishes, salads, and whatever else you can think of.

This spinach powder is pretty straightforward, save one detail: Hoosier Hill was able to keep sodium levels very low (just 20mgs per serving), which is a noteworthy benefit if you plan on using spinach powder often.

Another reason why we like Hoosier Hill Farm’s product is the brand itself. They’ve been around since 1999, producing high-quality goods from the U.S. They’re based in Indiana, but use a network of third-party distribution facilities to ensure freshness no matter where you’re located.

PROS: Great flavor, US-based, low sodium.

CONS: Not as much vitamin content as other brands on our list.

Spinach Powder Supplement hoosier hill


Buy: Hoosier Hill Farm Pure Spinach Powder at

3. SFL Spinach Powder

If you’re a serious spinach lover, this five-pound bag from Spices For Less might be the right pick. You can use it for weeks or months on end without needing a re-up. Part of the reason Spices For Less can offer such a large bag at a reasonable price is that they’re a wholesale company.

But don’t let the large size fool you. The stuff is potent and flavorful. Add a little bit to smoothies for some flavor and nutrients.

PROS: Large bag, potent.

CONS: Exact nutrition facts not specified. If taste is too potent, cut down from a scoop to a tablespoon.

Pure spinach powder bulk


Buy: SFL Spinach Powder at

4. Micro Ingredients Organic Spinach Powder

Micro Ingredients’ name says it all. This bag of spinach powder delivers in terms of nutrition. In a single serving, you get a healthy dose of Vitamin A and C, as well as calcium, fiber, and iron. Plus, the powder is made from organically-grown spinach.

These nutritious ingredients are all delivered with a nice taste, according to reviewers. This makes Micro Ingredients spinach powder a good option for healthy, spinach-infused dishes, smoothies and shakes.

Another reason why we like Micro Ingredients’ powder is that their spinach is grown in the U.S. As with any food, this just means that the product is well-made and ships faster that product coming from overseas.

PROS: Organic, good flavor, grown in the U.S.

CONS: Slightly high in sodium.

Organic Spinach Powder bag


Buy: Micro Ingredients Organic Spinach Powder at $21.95

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