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Men Are Busting Out These Sex Toys to Conquer Quarantine Fatigue

Guys are shedding the taboo of sex toys in an effort to make staying at home more enjoyable, whether with a partner – or solo

best male sex toys

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Sex is changing. Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve been inundated with news of evolving workplaces, schools and social lives. But the worldwide shift in sexual activity is less publicized. While dating remains risky and some couples are quarantining apart, many people are trying to stay sexually satisfied by investing in the best sex toys.

This recent restriction on sex lives – and subsequent rise in sex toy sales – comes at a time when guys are finally shedding the taboo of male sex toys. Dudes have been realizing that sex toys are really just an upgrade for your oft-used hand. Because of this shift in perception, brands have been releasing some of the best sex toys for men that we’ve ever seen. Ridiculous blow-up dolls are being replaced by high-tech masturbation sleeves and sophisticated toys for elevating intimacy with a partner. And even mainstream sites like Amazon are now carrying a whole range of the best sex toys for men.

This renaissance of male sex toys satisfies a range of needs. If you’re stressed or lacking sexual release due to stay-at-home procedures, a quality sex toy is one of the healthiest and most effective ways to relax (fun fact: orgasms release an immune-boosting hormone called oxytocin). And if you’ve been cooped up with your partner for months, try spicing things up with a couples’ sex toy.

What Kind of Sex Toys Do Men Use?

Before diving into the male sex toy world – or picking up a new one – there are a few types of toys to get acquainted with. Below are the three types of sex toys for men that you’ll find in our roundup.

Masturbation Sleeve: The most popular type of sex toys for men are masturbation sleeves. They’re straightforward in concept (just insert and enjoy) but there’s a huge variety including straightforward strokers, motor-powered sleeves and stretchy masturbators. Our roundup includes a few types of masturbation sleeves for all pleasure preferences.

Prostate Massager: Straight dudes are finally coming around to butt play. The truth is, your prostate is a nerve-ending-packed pleasure center that, when stimulated, helps achieve some of the best orgasms ever (hence its nickname, the male G-spot). The best way to explore your own backside – while masturbating or with a partner – is to invest in a great prostate massager.

Couples’ Toys: Sex toys aren’t just for alone time. Some toys are designed to elevate hetero sex as well by stimulating both parties. It’s a great way to spice up your sex life (particularly if, say, you’ve been quarantined together for months).

What Are the Best Sex Toys for Men?

Whether you’re looking for a way to de-stress solo or want to switch things up with a partner, we’ve rounded up six of the most popular sex toys for men that you can discreetly purchase online right now.

1. TENGA Easy Beat Egg

These discreetly packaged eggs from Japanese firm TENGA have become a massive success. Inside the outer shell, you’ll find a stretchy, textured masturbator that slides over your shaft for surprising pleasure without any bulky equipment. Each of the six eggs in the carton feature a unique texture, lending a different sensation with each egg. They’re great for once-in-a-while sex toy users or any couple looking for upgraded foreplay.

egg sex toy tenga

Courtesy Amazon

Buy: TENGA Easy Beat Eggs at 32.99

2. Fleshlight Pink Lady

Fleshlight is probably the most well-known name in male sex toys and is now synonymous with masturbation sleeves (like Band-Aid to adhesive bandages). As the name implies, Fleshlights are masturbation sleeves disguised as flashlights, scoring points in terms of discretion. The inside is far more exciting than a lightbulb, sporting a like-life entrance and a tight, ribbed interior. It’s a straightforward, no-frills sex toy for dudes, making it great for beginners and occasional sex toy users.

fleshlight sex toy realistic

Courtesy Lovehoney

Buy: Fleshlight Pink Lady at $99.99

3. Satisfyer Heat Masturbator

This vibrating masturbation sleeve from Satisfyer bumps up realism with one clever upgrade: heat. The device features three levels of warmth up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit (don’t worry, it’s safe) for a comfortable, realistic feel. It also boasts ten vibrating functions and seven speeds, plus a waterproof build for use in the shower or tub. USB recharging makes the Satisfyer easy to use, and an hour of active playtime should be enough for almost any session. It’s on the small side at 5.5 inches long, making it quite discrete although not ideal for well-endowed gents.

men's sex toy heated masturbator

Courtesy Ella Pardis

Buy: Ella Pardis Satisfyer Heat Masturbator at $49.95

4. LELO Hugo Prostate Massager

LELO is known for sleek, high-quality toys that look almost as good as they feel. This prostate massager is a prime example. The massager itself is designed for men with a curved, dual-motor build (one motor in each tip) that leads to serious stimulation inside and out. A remote control makes the Hugo easier and more fun – especially with a partner. It’s a powerful orgasm-inducer for alone time, but the remote makes it great for couples of any sexuality.

prostate massager men's remote LELO

Courtesy LELO

Buy: LELO Hugo Prostate Massager at $186.15

5. MysteryVibe Tenuto

Most people think of sex toys as a tide-me-over for the real thing, but some of the best sex toys are actually experience-enhancers for sex with your partner. Case-in-point is this Tenuto couples toy from MysteryVibe.

The Tenuto, although a bit confusing at first, is cleverly designed to stimulate your shaft, your perineum (a.k.a taint) and your partner’s clitoris all at the same time. Six vibrating motors are dedicated to each of these areas with controls on the device as well as a companion app for easier adjustment during the act. Plus, the Tenuto’s stretchy fit makes it suitable for any sized manhood.

couples sex toy vibrator tenuto

Courtesy Mysteryvibe

Buy: Mysteryvibe Tenuto at $135.99

6. LELO F1s

The LELO F1s is probably the best, most high-tech masturbation sleeve around. The sleek device houses an array of orgasm-inducing features such as two motors, heating, ten sensors and, best of all, LELO’s SenSonic technology. This SenSonic tech upgrades the standard vibrating masturbator with sonic wave pulses that stimulate your whole member instead of individual nerve endings. This tech, along with a ribbed interior, combine to create a truly impressive sensation.

The F1s can be controlled with quick-access buttons on the top, but the Bluetooth-connected LELO app gives much more extensive control and even performance tracking. Overall, it’s a great pick for newbies, couples and certified sex toy enthusiasts alike.

men's sex toy masturbator lelo

Courtesy LELO

Buy: LELO F1s at $151.20

7. Prolong Device

This isn’t a sex toy per se, but rather a “training” tool designed to help men last longer during sex. Prolong is the world’s only FDA-cleared device to help address premature ejaculation. It works using a gentle vibrating device (and a little lube) to promote a “start-stop” technique that helps control your climax. Unlike other treatments, there is no pill to take, no painful sprays and no prescription needed. The handheld device is discreet and easy to use. Prolong says users have reported an increase of more than nine minutes of playtime before climax, and you can train yourself to hold off for even longer. Still unsure? Prolong offers a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with results.

prolong premature ejaculation device


Buy: Prolong Device at $269

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