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RS Recommends: Elevate Your Style With These Timeless Rings for Men

While rings have traditionally been seen as a ‘shiny object,’ the best rings for men are meant to be worn in and beaten up, like a good pair of jeans

mejuri black onyx-best rings for men-featued imagemejuri black onyx-best rings for men-featued image


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Your clothing and shoes aren’t the only pieces that can make a sartorial statement. How’s your accessories game? Rings add a luxe or edgy touch to any outfit, and outside of a wedding band, men do and should wear rings. 

How to Pull Off a Ring for Men

To be frank, it doesn’t matter who wears a ring. But for the men who don’t normally think to wear them, here’s why you should. 

According to the Gentleman’s Gazette, men’s rings were a status symbol throughout much of modern history–showcasing wealth, social class, and prestige. There’s an interesting history behind signet rings, too. These raised, engraved rings were a part of business and politics. They would have letters, numbers, symbols, or some type of image that was representative of the wearer. They could indicate a person’s family name, rank, job, or an organization. Men would use their ring to stamp documents, so they also made a signature or approval seal. 

Today, the best rings for men can mean more than just flashing your wealth or status. In a more modest but still bold statement, wear a ring simply for its style. Whether you want to be trendy or classic, there’s a ring that perfect for your hand — wear it on any finger and stack as many as you’d like. 

What Are the Best Rings for Men?

The best rings for men can either be a high-quality basic (think like a classic leather jacket) or a ring with an intriguing design. Men’s rings are typically wider and thicker than the more-delicate women’s rings, and the most popular men’s rings are usually made from materials like stainless steel, silver or gold. You don’t have to break the bank either, although we really love some of the luxury options available.

And while rings have traditionally been seen as a “shiny object,” the best rings for men are meant to be worn in and beaten up, like a good pair of jeans. The aging and patina on a ring adds to its appeal.

The most important thing: make sure you get the correct ring size. You can start with the most common size in the U.S. as your benchmark, which is a 10. Your best bet, however, is to measure your finger or try on rings at your local jeweler before shopping for your mens rings online. 

1. Mejuri Black Onyx Square Signet Ring

mejuri black onyx square signet-gold-best rings for men


Mejuri started as a jewelry brand for women, so their recent introduction into men’s jewelry was exciting. This Black Onyx Square Signet Ring is simple but still stands out, thanks to its clean design. The 14kt solid gold ring has lines for texture, and the square signet feels modern.

Buy: Black Onyx Square Signet Ring at $550

2. Manly Bands The Novelist Ring

manly bands the novelist-best rings for men

Manly Bands

The simplest of the bunch, The Novelist ring is available in cobalt chrome with a brushed matte finish. It’s just right for someone who wants a completely non-complicated band and prefers silver over gold. The 8mm wide ring is thick enough to make a statement that says you like rings, but you keep it sleek and clean. 

Buy: The Novelist at $325

3. HZMAN Stainless Steel Cuban Link Chain Ring

HZMAN mens cuban link chain ring gold-best rings for men


Maybe you don’t want to splurge on rings, or you want to test out how much you love them before doing so. We love this easy Cuban link chain ring in gold. It’s made out of stainless steel, so it won’t quickly rust or tarnish. And the classic link design adds a touch of sophistication to even the most casual outfit.

This ring measures 7mm on a wide band. Tip: To get the most out of its wear, keep it in its bag when you don’t have it on so it won’t rust or fade. 

Buy: HZMAN Cuban Link Chain Ring at $11.99

4. Konstantino Heonos Turquoise Ring

konstantino heonos turquoise-best rings for men


There’s something about a turquoise ring that feels infinitely cool. The color contrasts beautifully with silver. This ring by Konstantino also gets the gold treatment, with 18kt gold accents around a thick sterling silver band with finely-etched details. Take good care of this one, as it should not get wet or be used during physical activities. 

Buy: Heonos Turquoise Ring at $1,750

5. Alexander McQueen Skull Burnished Silver-Tone Ring

alexander mcqueen skull silver tone ring-best rings for men

Mr Porter

If you like dark or edgy motifs, Alexander McQueen’s signature skulls belong in your collection. This open shape ring isn’t too big, nor is its price unattainble. The silver-tone brass ring is bound to grab people’s attention. There are two design options: get the one that has the skulls facing one another, or the one that has them facing opposite sides. 

Buy: Skull Burnished Silver-Tone Ring at $290

6. HZMAN Gothic Double Snake Head Stainless Steel Ring

HZMAN gothic double snake head gold ring-best rings for men


Another strong piece by HZMAN is this double snake head ring. Like skulls and turquoise, a snake design also boasts a timeless appeal. The stainless steel is covered in gold with a vintage finish that makes it feel more special. It’s also available in silver. 

Buy: HZMAN Double Snake Head Ring at $13.99

7. LUIS MORAIS Eternity 14-Karat Gold Multi-Stone Ring

luis morais eternity multi stone ring-best rings for men

Mr Porter

The Eternity 14kt Gold Multi-Stone Ring by Luis Morais is our most expensive pick, but there is good reason. The ring is finely crafted in a geometric shape featuring multiple stones: turquoise, chrysoprase, onyx, malachite, tiger’s eye and labradorite. The multiple colors and retro design really make this ring stand out. 

Buy: Eternity 14kt Gold Multi-Stone Ring at $2,500


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