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The Best Reusable Coffee Filters for Every Brewing Method

Skip the disposable filters for these easy-to-reuse options for your Chemex and any other coffee maker



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When it comes to making your home more eco-friendly, every little bit helps, from conserving energy to replacing disposable paper products with reusable versions —  including coffee filters.

The best reusable coffee filters come in a variety of materials and sizes for different coffee-making tools, from your Chemex to your coffee maker. Here’s a breakdown of what’s available.

Reusable Coffee Filter Buying Guide

Whichever type of coffee maker you have (yes, including single-use pods), you can find a filter that fits. Just keep in mind how much work it’ll be to clean after using, and how many your household will likely need at once. It’s also important to double-check if the filter you’re buying works with your preferred coffee maker.

Cloth: A simple cotton filter allows the oils from the coffee beans to pass through just as a paper or metal filter does, which is what gives your coffee its crisp, distinct flavor. And unlike a metal filter, a cloth filter won’t let any stray grounds seep through. However, they can be slightly more of a hassle to brew with, as they must be thoroughly rinsed and completely dry before each new use.

Stainless Steel: A metal, basket-style coffee filter also allows all of the beans’ oils to pass through as you brew, though you do run the risk of some extra-fine grounds making their way into your brew. (On the other hand, not everyone considers this a downside as it can make for a more robust cup of joe.) The other big advantage to metal filters is that they are generally dishwasher-friendly.

What Are the Best Reusable Coffee Filters?

Below, we’ve picked some of the best filters for every type of brewing method, from pour-over and Chemex, to drip coffee makers.

1. CoffeeSock Reusable Filters

The CoffeeSock has earned a dedicated fan base thanks to the quality of materials and its ease-to-use design. The brand makes reusable cotton filters for a variety of brewing methods, including drip coffee makers, Chemex and even cold brew coffee. We also like that the cotton itself is certified organic. Cleaning is pretty straightforward too: just dump, rinse, and hang dry. To use it with a Chemex, for instance, simply place it on the top of a clean Chemex maker, grind your fresh beans and start brewing.

coffeesock reusable filters


Buy: CoffeeSock Reusable Filters at $13.99

2. GOLDTONE Reusable Basket Coffee Filter

If you’d prefer a reusable filter that’s dishwasher-friendly (and who doesn’t?), we like this stainless steel mesh basket-style filter, which has a flat bottom. This one is designed to fit an 8-12 cup drip coffee maker, like a Mr. Coffee machine. The steel mesh is BPA-free and produces a full-flavored cup of coffee, too, just as your standard paper filters do.

goldtone reusable steel mesh coffee filter


Buy: GOLDTONE Reusable Basket Coffee Filter at $7.89

3. Reusable K Cups For Keurig

The good news for anyone who prefers single-cup brewers is that you don’t need to keep buying the individual pods — which can be wasteful, not to mention pricy. Instead, you can use small, reusable filters like these, which are made of steel mesh and come with a basket shape. This set works with some Breville and Mr. Coffee models, plus many of the latest Keurig models (though you should check if it works with your model before purchasing), and it comes in a pack of four.

reusable steel k cups


Buy: Reusable K Cups For Keurig at $8.95

4. Reusable Permanent Cone Coffee Filters

Like other steel mesh filters, these are non-toxic, safe to load in the dishwasher, and they allow the full flavor of coffee to come through in the brew. This filter is cone-shaped so it suits other models of drip brewers, from some Hamilton Beach to Ninja models. The sturdy form makes it easy to keep clean in between uses, too, whether you want to wash it off in the sink or put it in the dishwasher.

reusable permanent cone coffee filters


Buy: Reusable Permanent Cone Coffee Filters at $12.99

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