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The Best Rain Ponchos For Festivals and Travel

These pre-packaged ponchos should also be part of any emergency or survival kit


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The movies may make it seem romantic, but let’s be honest: nobody likes being caught in the rain. Whether you’ve planned a family getaway, a festival trip or a camping weekend, the last thing you want is for your plans to be thwarted by wet weather. That’s where these disposable rain ponchos come in.

What You Need to Know About Rain Ponchos

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right ponchos for you; below are the most important ones, which we considered while we were researching this list.

Raincoat vs. Rain Poncho: Unlike raincoats, which have full sleeves and often have buttons or a zipper closure, rain ponchos are worn more like a cape or shawl, with an opening for your head and a loose, baggy fit. Raincoats are sized like regular jackets (think XS to XL) but ponchos often come as a one-size-fits-all deal. They’re designed to hang loosely over what you’re wearing and, because of their shape, can often cover your backpack or purse (if you’re wearing one) too. Keep in mind a rain poncho is just to keep you dry; unlike a jacket, a poncho won’t provide warmth or insulation.

Design: Like we mentioned above, most ponchos are designed to drape over what you’re already wearing, similar to a cape. Unlike a cape, the best ponchos are also designed with built-in hoods, to keep your head and hair dry as well. Most of the ponchos on our list are longer in length; depending on your height (say, under six-feet), the ponchos should cover you to your ankles. Taller people will find that the poncho covers them to their knees. We’ve also found ponchos with drawstring hoods and elasticized cuffs, which prevents wind and rain from seeping in through openings.

Materials: Most rain ponchos are made from a plastic material. People often joke that ponchos look like plastic bags, and there’s no denying the similarities. Unlike plastic bags (or garbage bags), however, the plastic material used for ponchos is lightweight, thin and won’t feel suffocating. Look for breathable materials to prevent that dreaded “sauna effect.”

Usage: The best disposable ponchos on our list are durable enough to be reused, but they’re really designed for one-time use. They won’t be as effective as an actual raincoat, but to stay dry in a pinch, they’ll do the trick. All of the poncho picks on our list come individually-wrapped, so you can easily tuck one into your bag to stay prepared.

Whether you are going to an outdoor concert, a football game, camping or an amusement park, keep a disposable poncho on you so you can enjoy your outdoor activities in all weather conditions. These ponchos are also an essential part of an emergency kit, keeping you dry if you suddenly find yourself stuck outside in the rain.

1. Lingito Rain Ponchos (20-Pack)

This family pack contains 20 ponchos, with ten sized for adults and ten for children. With five colors in total, there’s a raincoat for everyone.

The adult poncho measures approximately 50 x 40 inches, while the kids poncho measures 30 x 30 inches.

What we like: each poncho is individually-wrapped, making them easy to store and pack. Keep one in your backpack when traveling, or one in your car for when you’re accidentally caught in a storm. The notebook-sized pouch also tucks easily into a coat pocket.

Unlike some rain ponchos, which can make you feel hot and stuffy under the material, these ponchos are lightweight and breathable. The material is thinner than others on our list, but the company says it’s 100% waterproof.

PROS: Unlike some ponchos which are loose and baggy, this one has more of a snug fit, sealing out the rain. The odor-free material doesn’t give off a cheap plastic smell.

CONS: Thinner material; best for one-time use only.

best poncho for kids

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Buy: Lingito Rain Ponchos (20-Pack) at $17.99

2. Hagon PRO Disposable Rain Ponchos (5-Pack)

If you’re stuck in heavy rain, you’re going to need a heavy-duty rain poncho to keep you dry. This one is made from a 0.035 mm thick PE plastic that won’t rip or tear.

This adult poncho measures 50 x 40 inches. The unique diamond-shaped design means the poncho will fit almost any body shape, and it’ll even fit over a backpack (if you’re wearing one).

This set gets you five individually-packed ponchos. Each pack measures just 4 x 6 inches — the same size as a postcard or photo — making it easy to tuck into your bag or pockets.

PROS: The thickest poncho on our list.

CONS: Some say the hood has trouble staying up.

best disposable rain ponchos

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Buy: Hagon PRO Disposable Rain Ponchos… at $12.99

3. Living Better Outdoors Drawstring Poncho (6-Pack)

Basic, baggy ponchos will do the job in a pinch, but to really keep out the wind and rain, we like these ponchos, which feature a unique drawstring design to keep you dry.

The poncho is slightly more tailored, and longer than some of the other models on our list, ensuring more coverage. A drawstring hood stays put on your head, while the sleeves have elastic cuffs, to seal out water.

This set includes six individually-wrapped ponchos in assorted colors.

PROS: Keeps out rain and wind. Comfortable, breathable material.

CONS: The snug fit may not fit larger-sized bodies.

best drawstring poncho

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Buy: Living Better Outdoors Drawstring… at

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