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10 Puzzles to Challenge Your Mind and Keep You Entertained

It’s up to you to put the pieces together



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If you’re looking for an easy way to clear your mind, or want a contained project to share with your family, it’s hard to beat a puzzle. The best puzzles these days are available in many shapes, sizes, and difficulty levels, and there’s always something satisfying about hearing two cardboard pieces fit perfectly between one another.

Puzzles aren’t just for kids anymore either. These days, brands are also coming up with more intricate puzzles, from fully 3D models, to optical illusions that make you do a double take as you try to slot the pieces together. We’ve also included some blank puzzles that can either be assembled as is, or customized with your own fonts, drawings and designs.

To help you plan your next game night, time indoors, or rainy day activity, we’ve collected 10 of our favorite puzzles to get right now. Whether you’re a music fan, super creative, or want to tackle a new challenge, we’ve got you covered.

1. A Small Blank Puzzle

Inovaet Puzzle

Courtesy Amazon


Inovart’s puzzle may not have that many pieces, but key is that each piece has a blank face. It’s up to you to create the puzzle’s design. You can draw on the pieces with oil and water-based paints, inks, watercolors, markers, pencils, or crayons. This is the perfect weeknight project for budding artists or a family with kids.

Each puzzle has 28, medium-sized pieces. This package contains 24 blank puzzles for you to fill in and assemble.

Inovart Puzzle-It 28-Piece Blank Puzzle, $11.79, available at Amazon

2. A 3D Puzzle of Notre Dame

CubicFun Notre Dame

Courtesy Amazon


CubicFun’s 293-piece 3D puzzle lets you create a replica of the famed French church in your own home. Many of the Notre-Dame’s etchings and details have been replicated in this 3D model, and the pieces are made out of foam board and puzzle sheets for durability. When it’s done, the puzzle measures 23 x 8.7 x 17.3 inches.

CubicFun 3D Notre Dame Puzzle, $60.99, available at Amazon

3. A Carnival Puzzle

Circus Jigsaw Puzzle

Courtesy Amazon


This 100-piece puzzle depicts a classic circus scene, and measures 10 x 15 inches when it’s complete. The puzzle comes with a poster for reference.

Carnival Circus Puzzle, $19.99, available at Amazon

4. A Village Scene Puzzle

Edward Binkley Village Scene

Courtesy Amazon


The design of this 309-piece puzzle is based on a piece of artwork from the fantasy illustrator Edward Binkley whose work has been featured in books from Lucasfilm Ltd. and Wizards of the Coast. Richly-illustrated with wonderful textures and details, this is a puzzle worth framing after you’re done.

Edward Binkley Village Scene Puzzle, $82, available at Amazon

5. A Space Puzzle

Printworks Puzzle

Courtesy Amazon


If you’re looking for a challenge, Printwork’s 500-piece “Night” puzzle will keep you busy for a long time. Its design shows a galaxy amidst a starry sky, but the consistent, dark hues will make it difficult to see where the pieces go.

Each piece measures approximately one-inch, with just subtle differences in color and shading. This is definitely on the higher end of the difficulty scale. The puzzle measures approximately 15 x 20.5 inches when finished.

Printworks Puzzle, $25, available at Amazon

6. A Large Wooden DIY Puzzle

Blank Wooden DIY Jigsaw Puzzle

Courtesy Amazon


If you’re a serious artist who wants to make a unique present for a friend or family member, this 300-piece blank puzzle set is a great choice. These pieces are made from wood, so you can customize them with traditional art mediums like colored pencils and markers, or go in an arts and crafts direction with glue and glitter.

Blank Wooden Puzzles DIY Jigsaw Puzzles, $14.30, available at Amazon

7. A Sunset Over the Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Sunset Puzzle

Courtesy Amazon


This 1000-piece puzzle features an illustration of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge at sunset. The design was created by Andrew Farley, a well-respected artist in the U.K.

Golden Gate Bridge Sunset Puzzle, $15.71, available at Amazon

8. A David Bowie Earthling Jigsaw Puzzle

David Bowie Earthling Jigsaw Puzzle

Courtesy Amazon


This set includes two 256-piece LP-sized puzzles that show the front and back of David Bowie’s 1997 album Earthling. Both come in a large tin case, and can be displayed in a vinyl record frame.

David Bowie Earthling Jigsaw Puzzles, $29.99, available at Amazon

9. A Beatles American Flag Puzzle

Beatles Flag Puzzle

Courtesy Amazon


The Beatles’ 1964 trip to America took the country by storm. This 1,500 piece puzzle features an iconic picture of the group who changed music forever.

Beatles American Flag Puzzle, $31.99, available at Amazon

10. A John Lennon War Is Over Puzzle

War Is Over Poster

Courtesy Amazon


This 252-piece puzzle allows you to recreate the famous War Is Over If You Want It billboard placed in Times Square by John Lennon and Yoko in December of 1969. It includes an 8 x 10-inch reference photograph, which is suitable for framing once you’re done putting the puzzle together.

John Lennon War Is Over, $25.10, available at Amazon

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