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The Best Portable Workout Equipment to Stay Fit in Small Spaces or On the Go

Pack these portable sets up for your next trip — and use them at home in the meantime

hyfit gear 1 reviewhyfit gear 1 review

Gilad Kavalerchik

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If your travel plans take you away from your favorite gym, you don’t have to miss your workout regimen as well. With portable workout equipment sets, any space – from a hotel room to a stretch of beach – can be transformed to support your fitness routine. However, the best travel workout sets don’t need to be stowed away with your luggage. They can enhance your at-home workouts too, without consuming precious space.

What’s the Best Portable Workout Equipment?

Selecting the right portable workout equipment will depend on both your fitness preferences and space allowance. Basic sets — such as a collection of resistance bands — are an efficient solution to staying toned without giving up significant space in your carry-on or living room.

However, if working out on the go is habitual for you, Bluetooth training devices that track your progress and create personalized workouts can help you meet long-term goals, no matter where you are geographically.

If you prefer to work out without your smartphone handy and have the ability to dedicate a bit more space for your routine, a durable resistance-training device will please even those that feel most at home surrounded by weights at the gym.

We found six unique workout accessories that are great to travel with, or to use at home. They’ll challenge you more than a basic jump rope but are equally portable, lightweight and easy to store when you’re done. The best part: whether you’re a fitness fiend or you just want to adopt some healthy habits, our selection of portable workout equipment will help you meet your goals even when there’s no gym in sight.

1. BodyBoss 2.0 Full Portable Home Gym

BodyBoss 2.0 System


If you want to simulate the kind of workout you’d get with gym machines, but only really have the space to do bicep curls in an office, or squats in a hotel room, the BodyBoss 2.0 is an all-around solid workout kit.

With 9 pieces of equipment that weigh 15 lbs altogether, you can get the same amount of tension and weight you’d get at the gym, but will less square footage. The whole set comes with fold-up base, a collapsable resistance bar, two grip handles, two wrist and ankle straps, two resistance bands, and a door anchor.

The kit also comes with a free trial of BodyBoss’ workout program if you want to get acclimated to using the equipment at home. But we like that the set is so versatile that you can pretty much come up with your own weight routines.

When you’re done, the whole set folds up compact with easy carrying handles, and while it’s not exactly lightweight, you can get a lot out of this on-the-go workout system.

Buy: BodyBoss 2.0 System at $179

2. TRX All-In-One Suspension Training System

TRX All-In-One Suspension Training System


With just a few simple straps, you can get a surprisingly efficient full-body workout from this lightweight TRX All-In-On Suspension system.

The set comes with two different anchors, so you can easily secure it to any door, tree branch, rafter, beam for a great multipurpose indoor and outdoor workout. The whole thing weighs in at just 1.7 pound too, so it’s great to take with you to a park, or throw in your bag while traveling.

There’s only five items to the whole set: a suspension training strap, a suspension anchor, a door anchor, a 35-page workout guide, and a small mesh travel pouch for portability. The suspension training strap is the basis for the workouts, which use your body weight to perform upper body moves, and support your feet for lower-body ones like lunges.

Overall, the TRX is a creative workout solution if portability is your main concern.

Buy: TRX Suspension Training System at $166.50

3. OYO Personal Gym

best home workout

With OYO Fitness’ portable set, you don’t have to sacrifice the intensity of your workout just because you’re away from the gym. Thanks to SpiraFlex technology (which has been used by NASA) and smooth-action stainless steel cables, this set offers up to 25 lbs of resistance without actually utilizing weights. This allows for smooth, linear motions that are comparable to the experience of using free weights, rather than resistance bands.

Hang the unit on a door to get a tricep or lat workout in, or use it on the floor to strengthen legs and glutes. You can also use it for your chest, back and arms, or for Russian twists and other ab exercises. The OYO Personal Gym offers multiple configurations for all workout styles and skill levels.

Buy: OYO Personal Gym at $169.95

4. TheraBand Resistance Bands Set

best resistance bands

Not only do these latex-free resistance bands help increase strength, flexibility, and balance, but they are a lightweight alternative to dumbbells and free weights that can effortlessly be stored around your home and packed up for a trip.

Both beginners and those with advanced experience can benefit from this professional-grade set. Plus, we love the included hard-handles that make for an even more comfortable gripping experience.

We all know to use resistance bands tucked under your feet for pull-up exercises, but try using them behind your back to strengthen your lats, core and triceps too. These bands are also great for pilates and stretching.

Buy: TheraBand Resistance Bands Set at $13.99

5. Activbody Activ5 Handheld Isometric Strength Training Device

This pocket-sized isometric strength training device is a must-have for both traveling athletes and anyone who enjoys mixing up the scenery of their workouts. The Bluetooth-enabled device pairs with an exclusive Activ5 Trainer App to give you more 100 customized exercises for every muscle group. Plus, its high-precision pressure centers help to track your progress and measure your workout data for quantifiable results.

Hold the device in your hand or squeeze it between body parts. You use your body as resistance, so there’s no gym equipment required. The Activ5 add will guide you through five-minute workouts in the seated or standing position, with options for all ages and skill levels.

Buy: Activbody Activ5 Isometric Strength… at $121.60

6. Hyfit Gear 1

hyfit gear 1 review

Gilad Kavalerchik

We’ve been raving about our Hyfit Gear 1 since we first got our hands on the smart resistance training system a few months ago. Essentially a set of super high-tech resistance bands (or straps), the ultra portable and modular system hooks onto any doorway, heavy object or base (I.e. bottom of your stair railing) to create an all-in-one workout.

Use it like a regular set of resistance bands, to work out your arms, glutes and back. Attach it to the door frame and pull the straps together for an effective chest fly workout. Strap it onto your legs using the included ankle straps for a good stretch or ab workout. You can really workout any number of ways (500 exercises in total, the company says). Built-in resistance sliders let you increase or decrease

What makes the Hyfit Gear 1 stand out though is its smart monitoring system. The Gear 1 has sensors embedded within the resistance bands that connect to your phone. Use the Gear 1 app to monitor your workout and see stats like number of reps, resistance used and speed. It’s become almost addicting for us to check our stats to track our progress. Not sure how to get started? The app also includes guided videos led by expert Hyfit trainers.

Buy: Hyfit Gear 1 at $199

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