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RS Recommends: The Best Portable Karaoke Machines to Take the Party on the Go

Turn your living room, backyard, or anywhere else you can imagine into the concert stage of your dreams

African American woman holding microphone and singing while partying with her friends at nightclub.African American woman holding microphone and singing while partying with her friends at nightclub.

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Whether you have the voice of an angel, or try to go for volume over substance, belting your heart out at karaoke night is the great equalizer. While karaoke venues have opened their doors back up with private rooms, sometimes all you’ve got to work with is a scrappy karaoke night at your local bar (and there’s nothing that brings on the stage fright faster than getting up in front of a bunch of strangers).

If you want to take the party with you to your backyard, or stay in the living room where no one can judge you but your close friends (or your pets), the best portable karaoke machines give you the freedom to pass up on the awkward crowds and give the performance of your life wherever you want.

What Are the Best Portable Karaoke Machines?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best portable karaoke machine for you; below are the most important ones, which we considered while we were researching this list.

Size: If you’re trying to transport your karaoke machine to a party or event, you don’t want something that weighs a ton. We’ve selected machines that are either equipped with a handle, wheels for easy rolling, or shoulder straps so you can carry them on your own.

Set-Up: You don’t need to have been in the AV club to figure out these karaoke machines. Our picks are purposefully easy to set up with minimal wires, so you can get to your fifth rendition of “Shallow” as soon as possible.

Bluetooth Connection: Due to copyright and music licensing issues, your portable karaoke machines might sacrifice the kind of built-in songbook you’d find at a lounge so you can use it at home. Look for either a direct wired connection, or Bluetooth support, so you can stream music wirelessly from your phone or table.

Stands vs. No Stands: One of the benefits of having a karaoke machine with a built-in stand is that you don’t have to be looking at a karaoke app on your phone to read the lyrics. This makes some machines slightly less portable, so consider how important it is for you to have your hands free while you belt out a tune.

Ready to queue up the next song? These top-rated karaoke machines may not make you sound like Mariah, but they’ll save you a couple bucks on hourly lounge fees.

1. TONOR PA System Karaoke Machine

best karaoke machine


With the best and biggest bass, even when you crank it, the TONOR PA System karaoke machine proves that more is sometimes more. Two three-inch tweeters and an eight-inch subwoofer make this the most powerful speaker on our list, but it doesn’t sacrifice an ounce or portability.

You’ll get everything you need to take the party mobile, with durable swivel wheels and a pull rod design. It’s easy to carry, but the massive speaker still delivers a whopping 250W of sound. The set also comes with two wireless microphones that let you dance and move around the room without fussy wires, and give some of the best sound we’ve seen from karaoke mics (it’s no wonder reviews say this machine is also handy for conferences and conventions).

There are multiple ways to play your favorite tunes, from a USB flash drive, or via Bluetooth through your device of choice. A built-in RCA cable also lets you plug into your TV. With a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, you’ll get 12 hours of sweet, sweet music (if your voice holds out for that long).

Buy: TONOR PA System Karaoke Machine at $299.99

2. EARISE T26 Portable Karaoke Machine

Earise T26 Karaoke Machine


If you’re going to be putting on a show at the beach or bringing your tunes into the great outdoors, the EARISE T6 is the karaoke machine you’re going to want by your side. Not only is it highly portable, it can stand a couple hits, too — the whole body is sturdy, and the built-in carrying handle means you can grab it and go, no wheels required.

The remote control can also be conveniently stored at the back of the machine, and it offers Bluetooth 5.0 with a fantastic range of 33 feet (as well as AUX and TF/USB input). You can record your greatest performances with a TF/USB card (though you may not want to relive that). Uniquely useful for the outdoors, the machine can even double as a power bank to recharge your smartphone or tablet.

The rechargeable battery gets you up to four and a half hours of non-stop music, even with the volume cranked up all the way.

Buy: EARISE T26 Portable Karaoke Machine at $59.99

3. VeGue Portable Karaoke Machine

VeGue Portable Karaoke Machine


Unleash your inner sound mixer with the VeGue Portable Karaoke Machine, which sounds just about as impressive as it looks. Built with old-school boombox sensibilities in mind VeGue’s machine is equipped with a 6.5-inch subwoofer that gives it a crazy bass boost. You’ll get stereo-level sound reproduction, thanks to two, 3-inch tweeters and multi-functions for full-range audio.

While it may look hefty, the speakers have a durable shoulder strap, so you can hang it, carry it, or hoist it over your shoulder. It’s as versatile in its portability as it is with its sound — some machines only give you silly echo effects, but these speakers actually allow you to control the EQ settings of your music, from treble to bass and guitar.

Want to accompany your music? The machine’s got enough connections for instrument jacks, and can even record the audio of your performances. The battery can run for six hours when fully charged, and comes with two wireless microphones as well as a remote control.

Buy: VeGue Portable Karaoke Machine at $219.99

4. JYX Karaoke Machine

KYX Karaoke Machine


The sleek and simple design of JYX’s karaoke machine stands out from other bulkier models that look more like they were built for a rave than your living room. Despite the more compact size, its still packed with two speakers: an 6.5-inch woofer and 2-inch tweeter. This gives you a clarity of sound across all frequencies, from thumping bass and crisp highs.

The combination of a handy shoulder strap and a carrying handle makes it a breeze to carry around no matter when you set up the party. It comes with two wireless mics, each with their own independent treble, bass, and echo control, giving your voice  some real fine tuning. The Bluetooth 5.0 connection lets you use your favorite karaoke app over your smartphone, TV, tablet, or PC.

You won’t get any bright lights or disco balls here, but the functional design serves a dual purpose. Whenever you’re done singing (or if you’ve lose your voice), you can relax and tune into your favorite radio station with built-in FM radio.

Buy: JYX Karaoke Machine at $115.99

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