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The Best Pool Cue Sticks to Step Up Your Shots

A steadier shot starts from the stick you’re using

best pool cue sticksbest pool cue sticks

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Pool, the informal American term for pocket billiards, has been around a lot longer than you might think. The first form of pool began in France during the 1340s, and it has evolved over time into the sport that we know today. The American version that we know today emerged in the 1800s and was a way for betters to pass time in between horse races.

The star of any pool game is, of course, the pool cue. So, whether you’ve been playing pool for years or you’re just starting out, having a pool cue stick that you feel comfortable playing with is extremely important. You’ll want to get a cue that fits with your height; standard-sized adults should look for a 57″ or 58″ cue, while shorter adults and children should get a shorter cue, anywhere from 48″ to 52″.

The weight of a cue is also an important aspect to consider because it will affect how your shot is. Heavier cues are great for breaking, but they don’t work as well for skill shots. Therefore, you don’t want it to feel too heavy in your back end, as you might not connect with the balls as solidly. Consider your height and how you play when choosing the weight of your cue.

If you’re in the market for a new pool cue stick, consider the following options, which are all well-made and well-balanced for a more consistent motion shot after shot.

1. AB Earth Pool Cue

This pool cue is made of fine Canadian maple that has been hand polished for a smooth finish and comfortable grip. The deflection shaft and tip meantime, are well-designed for easy striking of the billiard balls.

The top part of the stick features an ergonomic wavy design. This design increases the longevity of the pool stick and makes it more anti-slip. AB Earth says all the designs are hand-painted too.

This cue comes in a variety of different colors and sizes (ranging from 19 oz. to 21 oz.), which makes it ideal for players of all ages. It’s straight and well-balanced, so you’ll be able to break and run the table like a champ.

best pool cue stick


Buy: AB Earth Pool Cue at $62.99

2. CUESOUL Pool Cue

At 58” and 19 oz., this pool cue may come off as being on the lighter end. But, with its weight-adjusting bolt, you can change the weight to your preference—a neat and convenient feature.

The stick is made from authentic Canadian maple, with a linen thread wrap. It’s designed for a comfortable grip and easy, consistent striking.

This pool stick comes coated with nine different layers of varnish, so you can be sure your cue will stay safe against moisture and won’t warp. The set also comes with a joint protector and cleaning towel, but you can also choose the option that includes a case.

best pool cue stick


Buy: CUESOUL Pool Cue at $76.12

3. Iszy Billiards Store Hardwood Pool Cue

As opposed to our first two options, this pool cue is on the shorter end at just 48”. This makes it the ideal cue both for younger players as it will feel balanced in their hands. The shorter length also makes this work for tight spaces, where you may not have as much room to position yourself around the table with a long cue.

The satin finish on the tip half of the cue allows the cue to slide nicely over the table, and the full-size weight (either 18 oz. or 19 oz.) allows you to play your game like normal.

best pool cue stick


Buy: Iszy Billiards Store Hardwood Pool Cue at

4. Players Classic Pool Cue

If you’re stocking your game room or den with pool sticks, you can’t go wrong with this pick from Players. Available in blue, brown or red, this pool cue is the most similar to the ones the pros use, with a stainless steel collar, and a classic linen wrap, for a solid grip.

What’s more: this cue’s tip is pretty great. Made out of hard oak leather, this tip will hold its shape longer than most others and will allow you to play more consistently across games. And, if you’re picky about the weight of your cue, then this one’s for you; it comes in seven different weight options, ranging from 18 oz. to 21 oz.

best pool cue stick


Buy: Players Classic Pool Cue at $229.50

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