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RS Recommends: The Best Pipes to Order Online (and How to Order Them)

These modern pipes are sleek, well-made, and ship directly to your door in discreet packaging

best pipes for smokingbest pipes for smoking

Smoke Cartel

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If you haven’t picked up a new pipe in a while, you’re in for a treat: the best pipes are now sleek, discreet, and even artful pieces of smoking paraphernalia. In other words, pipes have grown up to become tasteful accessories worthy of our coffee tables, home bars and decor shelves.

Better still, some of the best pipes can now be ordered online (no need to visit that suspicious smoking shop). Online headshops — and even Amazon — now carry high-quality hand pipes, spoons, and one-hitters for all occasions, and they ship right to your door with discreet packaging.

Buying Guide: What Are the Best Pipes for Smoking?

New to the world of smoking pipes? Here are a few things to think about while shopping for the best pipes online.

Material: While tobacco-specific pipes are made of briarwood, meerschaum, or corncob, the other kind of pipes are typically made of glass, ceramic, or metal. Glass is the most common, lending a smooth hit, good flavor, and often interesting design work. If you go with glass, borosilicate is considered the gold standard for pipe glass.

Size: If you plan on tucking your pipe away when not in use, look for something small. However, if you don’t need to hide it, pipes should be about hand-sized for easy lighting and a smooth, comfortable draw.

Cleaning: Pipes get dirty, but some are easier to clean than others. The best pipes either disassemble or feature an easy-to-clean design, which is a big advantage for any smoker.

Design: We think the best pipes should look good. You’ll probably have it out at home, or transport it to parties and friends’ houses, so try to find a pipe that’s as stylish as it is functional.

The Best Pipes to Buy Online

We’ve rounded up some of the best pipes to buy online based on design, quality and ease of use. All of these can be easily purchased online for convenient and discreet home delivery.

1. Eddie Parker Ghost Peach Pipe

cool glass pipe clear

Eddie Parker Flower

This Ghost Peach pipe from Eddie Parker is stylish enough to be standalone decor — even if you never use it to smoke. Made of high-quality hand-blown glass, the pipe is shaped like a peach and, thanks to its crystal-clear construction, it blends in with the background when not in use. Eddie Parker makes a few other fruit-shaped glass pipes as well (such as this Cherry pipe) if you want to start a collection.

Buy: Eddie Parker Ghost Peach Pipe at $95

2. Higher Standards K. Haring Pipe

cool pipe spoon

Higher Standards

Spoon pipes, such as this one from Higher Standards, are some of the easiest and most portable pieces. This one has a wide bowl for packing plenty of material, and an even wider base that keeps the pipe standing when its placed on a surface. It’s made of rugged borosilicate glass and features artwork by the renowned graffiti artist Keith Haring.

Buy: Higher Standards K. Haring Pipe at $40

3. Marley Natural Spoon Pipe

bob marley pipe

Marley Natural

Part of the Bob Marley estate, Marley Natural offers some of the best pipes around. The brand’s spoon pipe is made of thick, hand-blown borosilicate glass, lending durability and a premium feel. We’re big fans of the pipe’s design work too, which showcases a smokey tint and a gold stripe as a nod to Marley’s native Jamaica.

Buy: Marley Natural Spoon Pipe at $52

4. Genius Pipe

genius pipe metal

Vaporizer Chief

If you’re hunting for something discreet, the Genius might be the best pipe for your smoking box. The compact pipe uses metal ridges to filter and diffuse the smoke for smoother, cleaner hits while a three-piece design allows disassembly for easy cleaning. It measures six inches long, which isn’t the smallest pipe around, but because it’s so thin and doesn’t actually look like a pipe, we think it’s one of the best pipes for low-key seshes.

Buy: Genius Pipe at $89.95

5. Screwpop Hit-Kit

lighter pipe attachment


Another great pipe for discreet smoking is this Hit-Kit from Screwpop. The small gadget slides onto a standard Bic lighter, and measures around the same size, making it easy to stash in a pocket or bag. Plus, the lighter is fully functional while attached to the Hit-Kit. On the kit, there’s a cache for storing extra goods, as well as a built-in bowl. The whole thing also disassembles for easy cleaning.

Buy: Screwpop Hit-Kit at $29.95

6. Session Goods Travel Spoon

travel pipe with case

Smoke Cartel

This sleek, compact spoon pipe from Session Goods includes a silicone case, which is a very convenient addition that you don’t see too often. Also featuring a carabiner clip, the pipe is ideal for traveling, hikes, picnics, or beach days. The pipe’s design and build quality are both excellent as well with a durable borosilicate glass construction and a pyramid shape that stands upright on its own.

Buy: Session Goods Travel Spoon at $40

7. Solopipe Elektra Self-Igniting Hand Pipe

self lighting pipe vape


Here’s something high-tech: this Solopipe Elektra is self-igniting. Inside the ceramic bowl is a heated coil, which is lit using a button on one side. Once ignited, the smoke travels through a cooling glass stem before you inhale. The mouthpiece is removable for cleaning, and there’s even a built-in poker/packer tool. Despite all these features, the Elektra is still very small at just 3.5 inches long.

Buy: Solopipe Elektra Self-Igniting Hand Pipe at $129.95

8. SensiLight Subscription Box

smoking subscription box


This SensiLight subscription box offers a monthly treat for any smoker, and often includes a high-quality pipe. Each monthly package brings around five to seven (or more) items including gear, glass pieces, accessories, and even munchies — all delivered in discreet packaging. It’s great as a treat for yourself, and even better as a gift for any smoker loved ones.

Buy: SensiLight Subscription Box at $20.50

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