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Tune Your Piano Like a Pro With These Tuning Kits

These professional-style kits make it easy to tune your piano at home, without needing to call in a technician

best piano tuning kitbest piano tuning kit


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It’s no secret that having your piano tuned professionally can get expensive. However, regularly tuning your piano is essential for upkeep and just good maintenance (not to mention keeping your keys sounding great). Since most piano manufacturers suggest that you tune the instrument twice a year at the very minimum, purchasing a piano tuning toolkit for your own use at home saves money and encourages more frequent tuning checks.

What Are the Best Piano Tuning Kits?

Whether you’re searching for a just-the-basics kit to get started or something with a few more added accessories, the best piano tuning kits should include a tuning hammer for making adjustments to the piano’s tuning pins and rubber (or felt) mutes that can be placed between unison strings so that each string can be individually tuned.

The tuning hammer is the focal point of the kit. Since piano tuning is a lengthy process that requires repetitive motions and great attention, you want to make sure that the hammer is built out of comfortable material and that the shape lends itself to an easy grip. Additionally, hammers with a longer lever are preferable when it comes to making small adjustments with the tuning pins. Levers typically measure from ten to fourteen inches, and anything longer than fourteen inches may be difficult to maneuver within the instrument.

Once you’ve grown comfortable with the essential tools, you may seek kits that include mutes of varying textures, handles, or clamps, depending on which is most comfortable for you to maneuver between the strings of your instrument. Tweezers, screwdrivers, and a second, smaller hammer are additional accessories that those operating on a more professional level will find helpful to any maintenance routine.

No matter your experience level, these tools – and their accompanying instructions – can help you restore your instrument’s sound when splurging on a professional tuning technician is not an option.

1. MiriamSong Professional Piano Tuning Kit

If you’re new to piano tuning, this is the kit to start with. The hammer is 12.5 inches long and is designed with a star-shaped head, which allows for universal use across piano tuning pins. The hammer’s handle is crafted from wood, giving you a solid, sturdy grip that won’t tire out your hand.

When it comes to mutes, this kit has variety: three rubber wedge mutes, one rubber mute with a handle, one felt mute, and a clamp. We also love this kit for its neatly organized carrying case.

Pros: Professional quality that is suitable for beginners.

Cons: Some may prefer a curved handle.


Buy: MiriamSong Professional Piano Tuning Kit at $44.99

2. Schaff Piano Tuning Hammer and Mute Kit

Schaff has been manufacturing piano tools since 1938 and has earned a reputation for dependability. This kit doesn’t go beyond the basics, but thanks to the craftsmanship of the tuning hammer and the provided selection of rubber mutes (wedged or with a handle), you won’t need more than this to care for your instrument.

The hammer is 12 inches in length and has a curved, wooden handle for increased comfort and support. Its nickel-plated steel shaft gives the tool added durability, ready for long-standing use.

Pros: Trusted brand, durable materials.

Cons: Fewer accessories.

Buy: Schaff Piano Tuning Hammer and Mute Kit at $81.99

3. YZNlife Professional Piano Tuner Kit

Not only does this kit have the standard tuning hammer and mutes, but it comes equipped with a tuning fork, two screwdrivers, tweezers, and an additional metal hammer of a smaller size. For those with piano-tuning experience, these extra tools offer a way to get further involved with your piano maintenance and get more precise with your tuning craft.

However, the basics are still essential. This tuning hammer measures 11.8 inches and has a thick wooden handle for maintaining a solid grip, while the shaft is made of stainless steel. The included mutes are of both the wedged and handle designs, granting you versatility.

Pros: Professionals will appreciate the added accessories.

Cons: Some may prefer a longer hammer.

Buy: YZNlife Professional Piano Tuner Kit at $41.99

4. COOLOOK Piano Tuning Kit

This nine-piece kit gives you all the essentials but in a compact size. While the hammer’s length (6.3 inches) is of a shorter length, its curved, form-fitting handle makes tuning your piano on the road a painless process.

The kit also includes four wedged rubber mutes and two rubber mutes with handles. We especially love this kit because all of these items are stored in a 3.94 by 11.81-inch storage bag, which you can easily toss in your backpack when you’re out traveling.

Pros: Smaller size is great for travel.

Cons: Some may prefer a longer hammer

best piano tuner


Buy: COOLOOK Piano Tuning Kit at

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