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The Best Keyboard Cases to Keep Your Instrument Safe

Protect your full-sized piano keyboard from the hazards of travel and keep it safe in storage with these durable cases


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If you’re a keyboardist that’ll be playing gigs around town or on the road, there’s no way around it — you’re going to need a good piano keyboard case.

This is also especially true if you’ve just bought a brand new keyboard, found one at a garage sale, or rediscovered an old model you had from years ago. A case of some sort will offer protection and an organized look, whether it’ll be played frequently or neatly packed into storage.

And that’s where it can get overwhelming, as there are a ton of differently sized and stitched bags and cases out there, and it’s a huge pain to finally get the one you’ve had your heart set on – only to find out it doesn’t fit (and then having to send it back).

What Are the Best Piano Keyboard Cases?

External Material: Always assume your case is going to be mishandled and roughed up while traveling, even if it’s not. But in the likely scenario it’s tossed around, it needs to be tough. For soft-shell cases, thick nylon can take some wear and tear, and additional rough buffer padding on the sides and edges will reduce chances of damage, but a hard shell is still the best protection against damage to your keyboard.

Internal Material: Don’t forget about the inside of your keyboard case either. Having a soft lining will help keep your keyboard cushioned and scratch-free, while extra internal straps can lock it in place even further. Soft foam padding and wedges can fill up any gaps left inside if your case is a bit too big, ensuring your instrument isn’t getting knocked around inside.

Storage: When you’re toting a keyboard around, you’re inevitably going to have some extra gear with you. A storage pocket (or two) can be a massive help to keep everything in its right place. Even if all the electronic gear is already at your gig or practice spot, storage pouches are still great for sheet music, cleaning materials, stands, or anything you can stuff into them. Soft-shell cases are also great for small spaces, since they can fold up and be hidden away when not in use.

Handles: A full-sized piano keyboard is going to be heavy, and though a case adds protection, it also adds bulk that’s awkward and uncomfortable to carry. Having a simple and strong handle can make loading and unloading infinitely easier, especially when you’re unloading it out of your trunk or the back seat. Some even have two or more handles, with cushioning, as well as backpack straps to free up your hands to carry more gear and cut down on trips back-and-forth.

Shape: Not all keyboards are sized equally, and neither are cases. Some have a nice square-edged boxy shape, others slim or rounded. Take careful measurements of your keyboard’s corners when searching for a case — it’s always best to overshoot and have it be a little too big than too small.

Weight: Since your instrument is already going to weigh you down while on the move, a heavier case (though it may offer greater protection) adds even more pounds on top of that. For cases that’ll be stored in your house or car trunk, a heavy-duty one isn’t that big of an issue because you’re only moving short distances. But for hard shells that need to be carried for long distances, wheels are an absolute necessity.

1. Gator Cases Molded Flight Case

Soft-shell cases get the job done for safe storage and local travel, but if you’ll be flying or touring, go for this absolute beast of a case from Gator. Maybe its best feature of all: the recessed inline wheels. It may seem like a simple add-on to include, but it’s a lifesaver when moving it long distances, like when your’e in a major airport trying to reach your gate.

The case’s exterior is molded with extremely tough polyethylene, and its interior is padded throughout, creating a comfy space for your keyboard to fit. There’s also adjustable big foam pads to secure it even more, and give it some cushioning in case of drops. You can even adjust the inner space with soft wedges and blocks to fill it in, and keep your keyboard from shifting around.

It has a soft grip padding under the spring-loaded, rubber-grip tow handle, with a capacity of 130 pounds to accommodate even the bulkiest keyboard.

This is available in eight sizes that are sure to fit your model – from 49-note to 88, slimline to extra deep. When you’re ready to play, crack it open with the easy-release latch.

Gator Cases GTSA-KEY88D) Molded Flight Case for Deep 88-Note Keyboards 


Buy: Gator Cases Molded Flight Case at $529.99

2. Harmony 88-Note Keyboard Case

Harmony’s case looks like it could survive a nuclear blast. This case is rugged and ready to deflect all kinds of accidental dings and drops, including being tossed around in the baggage claim. Inside, a soft foam-lined interior keeps your keyboard in place, with eggshell foam on the lid to hold it steady without scratching it up.

Chrome-finished hardware and a recessed latch keep it secure from the outside, and rounded ball corners cut down on damaging either the case or whatever it hits. Note that while this is a great case, it’s still on the heavy side at about 55 pounds, even before putting your keyboard in. It does have wheels, but still takes some muscle to lug around.

Harmony 88-Key Keyboard Case


Buy: Harmony 88-Note Keyboard Case at $439.95

3. Gator Cases GKB-88 Padded Keyboard Bag

Gator’s soft-shell GKB series is ready for the road, no matter the size of your keyboard. The entire line has sizes for 48 up to 88 keys, with an exterior built from thick nylon construction.

The big Velcro straps inside provide a secure extra buffer, and hold your instrument in place with soft padding, preventing it from ever falling out. There are two zippered storage compartments big enough to hold everything from books and cables to pedals and even music stands.

For a full-size case, this is lightweight too, at just over 6 pounds – grab it by the reinforced, riveted and durable carry handle and you’re good to go.


Gator Cases GKB-88 Padded Keyboard Gig Bag, Best Full Size Keyboard Case


Buy: Gator Cases GKB-88 Padded Keyboard Bag at $109.99

4. Yamaha Soft Case

This foldable case is designed for a Yamaha P125, but users say it can still fit a wide range of piano keyboards (just make sure to measure yours first).

The inner lining is super soft to prevent scratches, and it’s the lightest of the bunch here in terms of weight, at only 3.5 pounds. The exterior is water-resistant, contains an extra large front pocket with two compartments, and can fold up when not in use. While it’s very professional-looking, this is also great choice for light and low-impact travel, or storing away under the bed.


Yamaha Soft Case for 88-Key P-Series Digital Pianos


Buy: Yamaha Soft Case at $169.99


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