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RS Recommends: The Best Gloves for Drawing and Taking Notes on Your Tablet

Don’t let smudges and streaks ruin your creation or slow you down — these gloves prevent your palm from grazing the screen, and work well for art, gaming, and notes



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At first glance, drawing gloves appear like something you might wear for treating hand pain. Instead, the best drawing gloves allow you to comfortably and naturally rest your hand without interfering with the project on your tablet’s screen.

With a glove on, you’re free to press down on the screen and use as much force as you’d like, freeing you up to use a stylus pen as intricately as if you were drawing on paper. If you’re searching for the best one to buy for your next project, here’s what you need to know.

Buying Guide: What Are the Best Drawing Gloves?

These simple drawing gloves are a game-changer for artists, illustrators, and designers, but work great for anyone using a tablet too. Here’s what to consider before getting yourself a pair.

Size and Fit: Most of these are “one-size-fits-all” and are labeled for right-handed people, but don’t let that deter you. Lefties can usually use these just as well when flipped around, and the fit can be easily tailored too. However, if you do want specific sizes, there are gloves available, but also keep in mind in how many fingers they cover. What’s going to be best for you depends on your natural drawing style and how you hold the stylus pen. Take a look at what your hand does when you’re working and go from there. For example, if your three fingers keep brushing up against the screen, a three-fingered glove is the best bet.

Material: The best gloves are designed to minimize friction, while still being stretchy and, of course, comfortable to wear for long periods. For users of newer iPads, keep in mind that Apple’s devices already have a built-in palm rejection feature, which needs to feel your whole hand on the screen in order to know which part to ignore. For artists working with non-digital materials like pens and markers, these gloves can still be a big help, preventing your palms from accidentally smudging things, and keeping your skin ink-free.

Movement: If you’re drawing on a screen or tablet that isn’t stationary (or heavy enough to hold itself in place), you may want to adjust your setup before buying one of these gloves. The added pressure of leaning your palm against the screen can push it backwards, or all around the table if it’s a tablet. Having a weighted stand will put a stop to this. You can also add a surface underneath like rubber, or mounting it on an adjustable stand.

What Are the Best Drawing Gloves for Tablets?

Like any new tech, there’s going to be a learning curve to getting used to drawing with these on. However, we found them easy to use during our testing. Here are our top picks, which will help make illustrating, creating, and touchscreen use feel more comfortable.

1. Huion Artist Glove

Huion’s two-fingered glove is light, airy, and comfortable against your skin. The soft lycra and nylon-based material is breathable and flexible, and can be used for digital illustration or physical ink creations too. It’s best for preventing accidental brushes of your hand against the screen, but can still respond if pressed down hard enough. Though it’s labeled as a right-handed glove, this actually works well for left-handed artists as well.



Buy: Huion Artist Glove at $8.99

2. AKX Palm Rejection Artist Gloves

If you’re finding that most of these gloves are too big, and either uncomfortable to wear or causing issues like bunching up, AKX offers an extra-small size that’s an ideal fit (along with three other sizes too). Two sets come with each package. The gloves’ thick material helps prevent smudging and accidental marks. It also glides smoothly on your device’s screen, reducing friction for a more natural feel.

AKX Palm Rejection Artist Gloves - 2 Pack


Buy: AKX Palm Rejection Artist Gloves at $14.99

3. OTraki Artist Gloves

OTraki’s exceptional artist gloves let you comfortably draw for hours without worry of accidents. Four are included with every pack. If you want to be on the safe side, you can wear two gloves at once, thanks to the comfortable material’s excellent elasticity. They also come with a small carrying case to prevent them from being lost after you’re done.

OTraki 4 Pack Artist Gloves


Buy: OTraki Artist Gloves at $7.29

4. Articka Drawing Glove

This elastic glove comes in three sizes, and performed well against accidental brushes and smudges on all tablet screens, Wacoms, and paper with little friction. The material is breathable, preventing sweaty hands, and the gloves are interchangeable between right and left hands. However, after intense full-time usage, the seams started to give a little during our testing, making it a better choice for casual hobbyists.



Buy: Articka Drawing Glove at $7.99

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