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These Outdoor Bug Zappers Let You Finally Be Free of Mosquitos, Flies and Gnats

These high-powered outdoor bug zappers ensure some bite and buzz-free peace in your backyard

best outdoor bug zappersbest outdoor bug zappers

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It could be sunny out, but depending on where you live, warm or humid weather might bring too many bugs out for you to actually enjoy that sunshine. The best outdoor bug zappers are here to help, eliminating pesky insects so you can comfortably sit outside – even with food and drinks – without bug bites or buzzing.

Outdoor bug zappers are the most efficient means of clearing out mosquitos, flies, gnats and other insects. These zappers typically look like an outdoor lamp but feature a UV light to attract and kill insects. Some of the best outdoor bug zappers also utilize an Octenol chemical attractant to lure mosquitos, which are often difficult to attract with UV light alone.

Bug zappers offer two benefits over cheap chemical traps: coverage and disposal. Unlike small chemical traps, a single UV bug zapper can cover more than an acre of property, clearing out any bugs in the vicinity. Plus, once the bugs are zapped, they fall into a neat collection tray or onto the ground without any chemical contamination. In short: fewer bugs and less cleanup.

What Are The Best Outdoor Bug Zappers?

Coverage: The best outdoor bug zappers will cover about an acre of bug-infested property, but some high-end options can cover as much as an acre and a half. If your property is over an acre, figure out how much coverage you’ll need (say, how much of your yard gets used).

Durability: Not all outdoor bug zappers are made equal. Some will last years in sun, wind and summer rains but others might not fare so well in the long term. You can figure out a zapper’s durability by checking the build materials and picking a bug zapper from a reliable brand.

Ease-of-use: Setting up your new outdoor bug zapper should be easy. The best bug zappers will have plenty of options for hanging and long cords to reach the nearest outlet. Some outdoor bug zappers also require that you empty a catch tray of executed insects, which should also be as easy as possible.

Noise: No one wants a loud bug zapper that just replaces the annoying buzzing of insects. Chances are, your outdoor bug zapper will be near your alfresco dining area or lounge spot, so we’ve looked for zappers with low noise levels to keep your yard peaceful.

If you’re ready to beat the bugs, read on. Below are three of the very best outdoor bug zappers currently on Amazon, plus some tips for picking the right zapper.

1. Flowtron BK-80D

Flowtron is an outdoor products brand that specializes in top-of-the-line outdoor bug zappers. This BK-80D is their most hardcore insect exterminator, boasting an incredible acre and a half of bug-killing coverage.

The zapper is made of a rugged polycarbonate that resists cracking, rust and fading while exposed to the elements. The Flowtron also features an Octenol attractant to target mosquitos and, unlike most zappers, doesn’t have a catch tray that needs emptying. Combine this coverage, durability and mosquito luring ability with a non-clogging grid and you have the best outdoor bug zapper on the market.

best outdoor bug zapper flowtron

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Buy: Flowtron BK-80D at $80.39

2. BLACK+DECKER Outdoor Bug Zapper

Another high-voltage, durable outdoor bug zapper is this one from BLACK+DECKER. As with all of BLACK+DECKER’s products, the UV zapper is very well-made and capable of getting the job done. With half an acre of coverage, it should be sufficient for keeping backyards and patios free of pesky insects, although not ideal for covering extra large properties. The zapper is very quiet as well. Plus, unlike most outdoor bug zappers, this unit looks decent too, meaning it won’t interfere with a well-manicured yard.

bug zapper outdoor black+decker

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Buy: BLACK+DECKER Outdoor Bug Zapper at $53.72

3. TBI Pro Bug Zapper

If you’re looking for a smaller bug zapper that works indoors as well as outside, check out this one from TBI Pro. It isn’t as powerful or well-made as the other two outdoor bug zappers on our list, but it does have some attractive benefits.

Most prominently, the TBI can be placed on a table or the ground as well as hung. The bug zapper also includes a few R-Octenol attractant pads for getting all the mosquitos in the area, plus an easy-to-clean catch tray. The only downside with this zapper is a questionable coverage area, as TBI lists the coverage as both one acre and (more likely) half an acre.

bug zapper indoor outdoor

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