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RS Recommends: The Best Kneeling Chairs for Your Office

A good office kneeling chair can help improve your posture as you work from your desk



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It’s no secret by now that spending our workdays in front of our desks is bad for our posture and our health. While some people address this problem with ergonomic office chairs or standing desks, there’s also an under-explored third option: kneeling chairs.

What Is a Kneeling Chair?

An office kneeling chair is a type of desk chair that facilitates healthy posture. The seat itself is similar in design to a stool, meaning there very often is no built-in back support. Instead, the seat connects to a separate platform where you place your shins.

Kneeling Chair Benefits

There’s a logic behind the kneeling chair’s unusual design. Pressure is shifted away from your lower back and you’re able to rely more on your core and your shins. Kneeling chairs engage your muscles, so even though you’re sedentary, you’re not disengaged from your body. Additionally, kneeling chairs help your spine maintain its natural curvature, which means it’s easier for you to sit with good posture.

Contrary to what many may think, a kneeling chair can actually be quite comfortable. Not only does it align your spine correctly, an office kneeling chair gives you a better, more natural position at your desk, making it easer to type and write without leaning too far backwards or forwards.

What Are the Best Office Kneeling Chairs?

There are a number of good kneeling chairs for the office, but finding the best kneeling chair for your office space will depend on a couple of things.

First, know that kneeling chairs are often split into two different designs: some have a rocking chair-like base and fabric seats and shin bolsters. These kneeling chairs have a pleasing aesthetic that wouldn’t be out of place in your home office. Others have a more clinical design, with a wheeled base and leather seats. These kneeling chairs are a great fit for your workplace.

If you’re worried about the lack of built-in back support, you’re not out of luck – you can find models that accommodate this need. These are great hybrid options for people who are unsure about making the kneeling chair switch but still want to commit to a healthier seating arrangement.

1. Varier Kneeling Chair

Designed by Peter Opsvik in 1979, Varier’s kneeling chair is the original. Premium materials bring this modern classic to life and ensure long-term durability. Its rocking-chair base helps you improve your balance. By design, the chair tilts your pelvis forward which encourages good posture at the office and engages your core muscles while relieving pressure from your back and spinal discs.

best kneeling chair


Buy: Varier Kneeling Chair at $299.00

2. Predawn Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Made with a beautiful birch wood base and linen-covered seats, this office kneeling chair has a clean, cozy aesthetic that will fit right in with your home. It has a rocking-chair base that helps you adjust your center, and the base is also built with a crossbar that helps strengthen the frame. Rather than having two separate shin platforms like many kneeling chairs, this kneeling chair has one large base made from comfortable sponge.

best kneeling chair


Buy: Predawn Ergonomic Kneeling Chair at $159.99

3. VIVOHOME Adjustable Kneeling Chair

This ergonomic, adjustable kneeling chair is the perfect replacement for your current office chair at work. Its solid iron frame and faux-leather cushions have a professional look while still retaining comfort. The seat and leg rest are four inches thick for your support. Not only is this kneeling chair comfortable in and of itself, but it also helps relieve back pain and reduce neck fatigue.

best kneeling chair


Buy: VIVOHOME Adjustable Kneeling Chair at $119.99

4. DRAGONN Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

This kneeling chair has all of the features that we look for in the best kneeling chairs, while also offering additional support for your back. If you’re struggling with back pain, this extra support can help you feel comfortable as you develop better posture. It also helps you engage and strengthen your abdominal muscles. It’s the best model if you’re eager to try a kneeling chair but are still hesitant to make such a dramatic shift away from your traditional office chair.

best kneeling chair


Buy: DRAGONN Ergonomic Kneeling Chair at $149.99

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