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Here’s Why Multitools Make Some of The Best Gifts

The best gifts actually get used every day – this is where Leatherman Multitools come in

best leatherman tools giftsbest leatherman tools gifts


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Far too often we find ourselves gifting – and being gifted – stuff that we never use. Sure, it’s the thought that counts, but how much better is a present that you use every day? Luckily, we’ve found a solution to this old problem: Leatherman multitools.

Most people know about Leatherman (even those of us who aren’t particularly handy or outdoorsy). The reason for Leatherman’s notoriety is pretty straightforward: founder Tim Leatherman invented the modern multitool. Back in 1983, Leatherman released the first multipurpose tool. It quickly became a hit, and since then, the brand has become a staple in the pockets of everyone from outdoorsmen to fishermen to urban dads.

Leatherman’s tools make some of the best gifts for a few key reasons. Most importantly, they’re just plain useful. When it comes to gifting, this is a big plus. Every time your recipient uses their Leatherman (which will be a lot) they’ll be reminded of you. The streamlined gadgets pack as many as 29 tools into one device, ensuring that your giftee can tackle any obstacle. And while they’re essential for survivalists, multipurpose tools are surprisingly handy in normal, everyday situations too, such as opening bottles or cans, fixing hardware, or cutting food at a picnic.

Leatherman tools are also instantly recognizable and well-known for their rugged quality. Ask any fisherman, outdoorsman or overall everyday carry pro about Leatherman and they’ll either know the brand or pull one out of their pocket. This means that your giftee will understand right away that they’ve just received a long-lasting multitool.

What to Know Before Choosing a Multitool

Even though the best multitools are meant to tackle any problem, there’s still a decent variety to choose from. Before making a purchase, think about how your intended recipient will use their new Leatherman. Below are a few considerations to help guide your shopping.

Type of Multitool: Although Leatherman is famous for their pliers multitool, they’ve got a few other types of multitools worth considering. If you want something small and easy for everyday carry, check out their pocket knife multitool. Plus, there are also a few specialized multitools, such as one that’s worn as a bracelet and another no-touch tool for staying sanitary.

Tools: No matter how your recipient intends to use their new multitool, one thing is certain: it’s always better to have too many tools than not enough. This is one of the reasons why Leatherman tools are so beloved. They pack a massive number of tools into one compact contraption. So, be sure to consider your recipient’s needs and pick a multitool that has everything.

Size: When it comes to multitools, size does matter. No one wants to overcrowd an already stuffed pocket or backpack, but, on the flip side, some users might need, say, a bigger knife or pliers. As a reference, the Leatherman tools on our list range from 2.5 to 5 inches when closed.

Opening/closing: The ability to easily access any tool in your device makes a big difference. Some of Leatherman’s tools feature upgraded opening/closing mechanisms, such as their new FREE collection which boasts a special magnetic architecture.

The Best Multitool Gifts from Leatherman

Below are some of the best multitool gifts from Leatherman. We’ve included something for every giftee’s needs – and every gifter’s budget – so you can handle this holiday season like a pro.

Leatherman promo codes: If you want to score some free stuff, we’ve got two great promo codes. Spend $35 or more and use promo code FREECROC to get a free Croc pocket tool. If you spend $139 or more, use promo code FREECRATER to snag a free Crater pocket knife (which retails for about $30).

1. Leatherman Free P4

This is Leatherman’s big dog: the FREE P4. As with the other tools in the FREE lineup, the P4 implements a first-of-its-kind magnetic architecture that makes accessing each tool much easier – especially with one hand. This new technology also offers better haptics with a distinct click sound when the tools are locked and ready for action.

The FREE P4 boasts a whopping 21 tools, providing just about everything that you or your giftee would need. You’ve got all the classics (pliers, a knife, scissors, screwdrivers, etc) plus a few upgrades such as a large serrated knife and saw. Despite this abundance of tools, the P4 is lightweight at just 8.6 ounces thanks to a high-quality 420HC stainless steel build.

If you go with the P4, be sure to make use of the promo code FREECRATER to claim a free Crater pocket knife.

multitool pliers leatherman

Courtesy Leatherman

Buy: Leatherman Free P4 at $139.95

2. Leatherman Free T4

If your giftee doesn’t need the pliers and the wealth of tools in the P4, the T4 is a great pick. It’s very compact with a 3.6-inch closed length, and it’s very lightweight at 4.3 ounces. You still get an impressive range of 12 tools, including a 420HC stainless steel knife, scissors, three screwdrivers and tweezers. This makes the T4 an ideal everyday carry for someone who just needs the basics, and then some (think city-dwellers, travelers and picnickers).

Because the T4 comes from Leatherman’s new FREE line, you get the considerable upgrade of their magnetic architecture, as in the P4 above. This means fast, seamless access to each tool and a satisfying click to let you know when a tool is locked.

pocket knife multitool leatherman

Courtesy Leatherman

Buy: Leatherman Free T4 at $59.95

3. Leatherman Free K2

The FREE K2 is essentially a high-quality pocket knife that’s been upgraded with several extra tools. In addition to the capable 3.3-inch, 420HC knife, you get seven tools including three screwdrivers, an awl and a bottle opener. These tools are all packed in a sleek design that fits nicely in any pair of pants and has a removable pocket clip to fit your stashing preference.

The K2 also features easy-access and smooth locking thanks to the FREE magnetic technology. Plus, four handsome colors make it extra giftable.

multitool pocket knife leatherman

Courtesy Leatherman

Buy: Leatherman Free K2 at $79.95

4. Leatherman Signal

Shopping for a serious outdoorsman? Go with Leatherman’s Signal. The classic multitool setup provides needlenose and regular pliers, a very effective knife, a saw and even a built-in hammer (great for, say, tent stakes). The Signal also has some specialized survival tools such as a safety whistle, a fire-starter ferrocerium rod and a diamond sharpener. All-in-all, you get 19 tools packed into a compact 4.5-inch gadget.

Like some of Leatherman’s other multitools, the Signal has the added benefit of both closed and open access to the tools. This means quick, easy access at all times. And once you’re finished using this multitool, a carabiner lets you quickly hook it onto a belt or backpack.

pliers multitool leatherman

Courtesy Leatherman

Buy: Leatherman Signal at $119.95

5. Leatherman Wave+

The Wave+ is Leatherman’s international best-seller that’s been elevated with replaceable, durable wire cutters. The gadget’s 18 tools are enough to tackle anything and, thanks to outside-accessible features, you can grab most of the tools when the contraption is closed or open. Leatherman’s locking technology ensures that each tool (besides the plier head) remains locked in place while you work. Some of the highlights on the Wave+ include two 420HC knives (one regular, one serrated) and a saw.

silver pocket knife leatherman

Courtesy Leatherman

Buy: Leatherman Wave+ at $99.95

6. Leatherman Raptor

These Raptor shears might look like odd scissors, but they’re actually a highly effective tool for uniformed response professionals. Leatherman developed the Raptor shears with input from EMTs, special operations medics and fire professionals in order to craft a tool for safety emergencies.

The result is a streamlined multitool with the essentials for emergency scenarios, such as strap cutters, an oxygen tank wrench and a carbide glass breaker. The shears also include a utility holster for quick access. Obviously, this is a great gift for emergency professionals, but they also make a great addition to any civilian emergency kit.

multitool scissors leatherman

Courtesy Leatherman

Buy: Leatherman Raptor at $79.95

7. Leatherman Skeletool

If you’re looking for something lightweight and minimal, go with the Skeletool. The streamlined multitool packs pliers, a stainless steel combo blade, a bit driver and a carabiner bottle opener. It’s certainly parred-down, but the attractive trade-off is an incredibly light five-ounce weight. It’s everything a regular Joe needs and nothing else.

Pro tip: the Skeletool’s price tag makes it a great opportunity to snag a free Croc pocket tool. Just use the promo code FREECROC so you and your giftee can both get a present.

multitool pocket knife skeleton

Courtesy Leatherman

Buy: Leatherman Skeletool at $64.95

8. Leatherman Clean Contact Carabiner

Now more than ever, sanitary measures are a part of daily life. This Clean Contact no-touch tool from Leatherman adds an extra layer of protection against viruses, germs and bacteria by reducing your physical contact with common shared surfaces. The clever tool lets you safely navigate everyday risks by opening doors, punching keypads and pressing elevator buttons without touching anything.

The tool itself is made of antimicrobial 260 copper alloy and designed to be kept on a keyring or clipped to your pocket. It’s a great gift for anyone in 2020, but it’s especially thoughtful for immune-compromised loved ones.

no touch tool door opener

Courtesy Leatherman

Buy: Leatherman Clean Contact Carabiner at $149.95

9. Leatherman Tread

Some people have no room for a multitool in their pocket, which is where the Tread comes in. The bracelet looks like a stylish piece of rugged jewelry, but each stainless steel bracelet link houses multiple tools such as Allan wrenches, screwdrivers and box wrenches. The size is fully customizable, as is the overall setup depending on your most-used tools. It’s the functionality of a Leatherman tool, re-worked for access at any time. Plus, the Tread is TSA-compliant, making it a great gift for travelers.

multitool bracelet leatherman

Courtesy Leatherman

Buy: Leatherman Tread at $149.95

10. Leatherman Micra

If you’re shopping for a hobbyist, angler or anyone in need of a super-portable mini-tool, go with the Leatherman Micra. It weighs in at just 1.8 ounces and measures 2.5 inches when closed, fitting easily on a keychain or in any everyday bag, purse, tackle box or sewing kit. But as you’d expect from Leatherman, less bulk doesn’t mean less usefulness. The mini-tool features an impressive ten tools, including a knife, spring-action scissors, tweezers, a nail cleaner and a bottle opener.

multitool mini leatherman

Courtesy Leatherman

Buy: Leatherman Micra at $29.95


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