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The Best Microphone Stands For Musicians, Broadcasters and Podcasters

Keep your mic secure while you sing, talk or record your next masterpiece

AmazonBasics Microphone Stand

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Unless you’re storming around the stage like the lead vocalist in a rock band, chances are, you’re going to need a microphone stand to hold your mic while you sing, play an instrument, or record a podcast.

Even if you already own a mic, most broadcast microphones have a built-in stand, but they don’t allow you to adjust their height or positioning, so you have to remain still while you record. This can be uncomfortable over time, and limits its appeal.

Our guide to microphone stands includes options for a wide range of uses. Each one can work both dynamic and condenser microphones of different shapes and sizes. There’s a chance the mic you use may require an additional adapter to be attached to the microphone stand (the Rode Procaster I use does), so make sure to check your mic’s product page. Again, these stands can work with any mic, and most will fit right out of the box, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Whether you’re a musician ready to record your first album, or a podcaster who’s putting the finishing touches on an in-home studio, you’ll find the microphone stand you need in our guide.

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Microphone Stand

There are many factors to think about when choosing the right microphone stand for you; below are the most important ones, which we considered while we were researching this list.

Size: Musicians and broadcasters need different types of microphone stands, so we made sure to include both boom (tall) and tabletop (short) options to suit both needs. Our suspension boom microphone stand can work for vocalists, musicians and broadcasters.

Flexibility: It’s uncomfortable, or potentially even painful, to keep your head in the same position for an extended period of time, so we chose microphone stands that are height and tilt-adjustable. This lets you set them up before your recording, but move them as necessary to accommodate different positions (standing to sitting, seat adjustment, etc).

Durability: All of the microphone stands on our list are made with sturdy, durable materials, so they sit firmly planted on the ground, on your desk, or securely clamped to your table. The last thing you need when you’re performing or recording is for your stand to fall — and for your mic to take a tumble with it.

1. AmazonBasics Tripod Boom Microphone Stand

Sometimes the simplest choice is the best one, and that’s definitely true when it comes to microphone stands.

This boom-style stand comes in three parts: a tripod, which balances the microphone stand, the midsection, which is height-adjustable, and the arm, which can be moved up or down.

The upward position is good for recording vocals, which require the singer to stand up straight to use their full lung capacity. When faced down, the microphone stand allows you to record instruments like an acoustic guitar.

When fully extended, the microphone stand is 86 inches tall, which means it can accommodate vocalists of any height, or be used to record ambient noises, like birds chirping.

Microphone stands don’t usually come with extras, but this one includes a cable holder, which will slightly reduce clutter in your studio. It doesn’t come with a microphone clip, though, so you’ll have to get one separately to attach your mic to the stand.

Its bigger size makes it better suited for a musician than a broadcaster, so if you’re recording podcasts, or voiceover work for videos, you should look elsewhere. Beyond that, this simple microphone stand can easily become one of the long-lasting workhorses of your studio.

Pros: Tall, two levels of height adjustment, cable holder reduces clutter.

Cons: Not the right choice for broadcast use, you need to get a microphone clip separately to use it.

AmazonBasics Microphone Stand

Courtesy Amazon


Buy: AmazonBasics Tripod Boom Microphone… at $22.29

2. Moukey Adjustable Desktop Microphone Stand

If you’re a podcaster who’s looking for the right desktop microphone stand, this is a solid pick for you.

It’s height-adjustable between 7.09 to 10.43 inches, and can rotate a full 180 degrees, giving you a lot of control over the position of your microphone. It comes with a non-slip clip, which allows you to slide a standard-sized dynamic microphone onto it without any additional accessories.

The stand sits on a tripod, which keeps it level, and has sponge pads on each foot to prevent it from slipping. It has a maximum load of 2.2 pounds, which shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re trying to pair it with a really big microphone.

Although it’s small in general, the legs on this microphone stand can be folded up, and the mic clip can be folded down for easy storage. Its short height means it’s not a great fit for musicians, but broadcasters should seriously consider this stand.

Pros: Good height and rotation adjustment options, includes a microphone clip, non-slip feet keep the stand from slipping.

Cons: Not the right choice for musicians.

Moukey Desk Mic

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Buy: Moukey Adjustable Desktop Microphone… at $11.99

3. TONOR Adjustable Suspension Boom Scissor Mic Stand

Both vocalists and broadcasters can use this microphone stand, and it can be used to record acoustic instruments in a pinch.

Rather than sitting on top of a desk or floor, this microphone stand sits on a boom arm, which can be clipped onto the side of a desk. The arm can be articulated in any direction, to change its direction or height.

None of the other microphone stands we recommend give you quite as much flexibility. This is the type of microphone stand professional broadcasters and many at-home musicians use when recording live-streams (if they’re using a professional mic rather than a phone).

But there is a caveat: because it’s designed to be clamped to a desk, this isn’t a microphone stand you’re going to break down and put up every single time you use it. Adjusting where it’s clamped is easy enough, and you can fold it if need be, but this is an accessory you’ll probably want to keep ready at all times as setup can take a few minutes.

I use a similar type of boom arm when recording podcasts and music demos, and I’ve been very happy with the performance. The ability to get the microphone right up to my mouth, whether I’m leaning toward my desk, or extended backward while stretching is really helpful.

This microphone stand also comes with four table ties to reduce clutter, a pop filter to reduce popping and sibilance (the annoying sound you hear when someone says a word with the letter “S”), and a microphone clip.

There’s no perfect hybrid solution for musicians and broadcasters, but this microphone stand gets the closest.

Pros: It allows you to mic yourself with pinpoint precision. Its extras help improve both its ease of use, and the quality of your recording.

Cons: It’s not meant to be moved very often.

TONOR Adjustable Suspension Boom Scissor Mic Stand

Courtesy Amazon


Buy: TONOR Adjustable Suspension Boom… at $36.99

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