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RS Recommends: The Best Mesh Drumheads for Practicing

These picks help provide a bouncy feel that’s easy on your hands and great for hours of practicing

best mesh drum headsbest mesh drum heads

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Whether you’ve just invested in a new set or you’re looking to convert your current acoustic kit into one with the option of electronics, mesh drumheads may be the way to go. These provide a similar feel to an acoustic drumhead without the loudness, allowing you to practice in private — even in crowded living spaces. Mesh heads are crafted with layers of woven material, and the soft sound may surprise you if you’ve never played them before.

Buying Guide: What to Know About Mesh Drumheads

Drumming is endlessly fun to learn at any level, especially when you can play near-silently indoors, but consider these points before selecting the right mesh drumhead for you.

1, 2, and 3-Ply: Every mesh head has either one, two, or three layers, and that’s going to significantly affect everything from sound and tone to feel and bounce-back. One-ply mesh heads can also have two varying versions: thin and thick. Two-ply are going to be the safest bet for most drummers. They generally have a nice mid-range, and are comfortably bouncy. Three-ply heads are tough to categorize since there’s a wide array of results across the board, but they’ll usually deliver a nice combination of low bounce and low volume.

Noise Levels: The big difference is that thin sounds quiet (with a bouncier rebound). Thin one-ply heads also don’t last as long, may wear out sooner, and can require more messing with the drum’s trigger since it’s prone to move around with each hit. Thicker options noticeably reduce bounce-back, but are also louder. These can also be a big help if you have an electronic kit but want to tamp down the acoustic volume to not disturb the people around you. That said, you’ll still have full audio through your headphones.

Rebound: These mesh drumheads are ideal for providing a more realistic rebound effect than rubber. Mesh drumheads also help diffuse each hit, and can keep you playing longer comfortably.

Other Types: There are also mylar heads, which more traditional drumheads are made from. Though they often have an additional layer of foam behind them, dampening the tone, they still end up being quite loud. We recommend giving mesh a try first.

What are the Best Mesh Drumheads?

Here are our top picks for the best mesh drumheads to try right now.

1. Roland PowerPly Mesh Head

Roland invented the mesh drumhead, and the company still crafts high-quality gear decades later. These trigger extremely well, deliver a high bounce, and look great on your kit, whether in a practice space or on stage.

Roland PowerPly MH2-12 Dual-Ply Mesh Head, 12-Inch


Buy: Roland PowerPly Mesh Head at $60.98

2. Remo Silentstroke Drumhead

Remo’s SilentStroke lives up to its name. The one-ply mesh makes it a fit for dorms or living spaces where other people might be disturbed by your late-night drumming practice. They’re available in a wide array of sizes, and can be played acoustically or with an external electronic hookup.

Remo Silentstroke Drumhead


Buy: Remo Silentstroke Drumhead at $14.95

3. Pearl 8-Inch Mesh Head

At just .28 pounds, Pearl’s black mesh drumheads provide a realistic rebound and overall response, while remaining quiet enough for practicing in small living spaces. These are a great replacement head for any other brand of kit that’ll fit too. Users said they still hold up after years of use.

Pearl 8" Mesh Head


Buy: Pearl 8-Inch Mesh Head at $12.99

4. Evans SoundOff Drumhead

Another reliable and well-known manufacturer in the drumming world, Evans’ cleverly named SoundOff mesh material is single-ply, and noticeably knocks down volume. It’s compatible with all drum triggers, and designed and produced in the United States. 

Evans SoundOff Drumhead 18 inch


Buy: Evans SoundOff Drumhead at $27.50

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