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RS Recommends: The Best Mattress Protectors for Every Type of Mattress

The best mattress protectors are washable, waterproof and hypoallergenic — check out our favorites

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Brooklyn Bedding

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Many of us do more than just sleep on our mattresses. Sometimes we snack while binging our favorite TV shows or allow our furry friend to come and take a nap with us. If you’re anything like me, you probably also take your morning coffee or tea while you’re still in bed.

All these activities have one thing in common though: stains. If you’ve ever dropped a sip of wine or coffee on your new mattress, you know how easy it is for a stain to seep into your mattress and ruin it forever. That’s where mattress protectors come in.

Mattress protectors help keep your mattress clean and sanitary, and free of any liquid stains over time. They can be easily removed, are washable, and will even protect your bed from allergens and dirt. Below we’ve rounded up the best mattress protectors you can shop for right now.

Mattress Protector Buying Guide: How to Shop

There are a few things to look out for when shopping for the best mattress protectors online; here are our recommendations.

Size: Make sure you’re buying a mattress protector that will fit your mattress — you don’t want to buy a queen-sized mattress protector for a king-sized bed, for example. You might also be able to choose the depth of your new mattress protector, depending on how much protection your new mattress needs.

Machine-washable: Every mattress protection we’ve recommended below is machine-washable, making them easy to clean.

Hypoallergenic: If you’re worried about dust mites, bacteria or allergens you need a hypoallergenic mattress protector. We’ve included some top-rated mattress protectors below that are allergen-free, making your mattress more durable over time.

Extra Features: Every mattress protector mentioned below is waterproof, so it can sustain light spills from your drinks. The best mattress protectors can even block bed bugs, so you never have to worry about an infestation again.

Another thing to look out for is whether your mattress protector has cooling features. Mattress protectors tend to trap body heat making it uncomfortable for hot sleepers. If that sounds like you, choose one of the cooling mattress protectors below.

1. SafeRest Waterproof Mattress Protector

Best Overall
SafeRest Mattress Protector


This waterproof mattress protector is available in six sizes from twin to California king and fits on your mattress exactly like a fitted sheet.

It’s got a soft cotton terry surface and is fully waterproof, protecting against spills, sweat and even urine — this makes it a great option if you’ve got pets or kids. It’s also hypoallergenic, keeping you and your family safe from bacteria and allergens and the brand even claims this mattress protector won’t change the ‘feel’ of your new mattress.

It’s also super breathable if you sleep hot and machine washable, meaning you can dump it in your laundry with the rest of your sheets every week.

Buy: SafeRest Waterproof Mattress Protector at $33.99

2. Brooklyn Bedding Cooling Mattress Protector

Best Cooling Option
Brooklyn Bedding cooling protector

Brooklyn Bedding

If you’re a hot sleepover, the Brooklyn Bedding cooling mattress protector is for you.

It’s available in every mattress size and can easily be removed or put on your mattress thanks to its fitted sheet style. It’s hypoallergenic too, designed to protect against dust, bacteria and even bed bugs, according to the brand.

It’s made from a super conductive material, which Brooklyn Bedding says draws heat out of your body to keep it feeling cool. It’s completely waterproof too, allowing you to easily clean it if there’s ever a spill.

And, at the time of writing, it’s on sale, allowing you to grab this mattress protector at a discounted price right now.

Buy: Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Protector at $74.25+

3. Coop Home Goods Bamboo Mattress Protector

Most Reliable
coop home goods mattress protector


Coop Home Goods has made a name for itself with its plush pillows, so you know their mattress protector will be worth your money too.

This one is available in multiple sizes, is waterproof, and is machine washable as well. The brand also claims that this mattress protector is both soft and breathable, making this a great fit for hot sleepers.

Plus, it’s OEKO-TEX Certified meaning it’s made from no harmful materials. You’ll even get a 100-day trial to see if it’s a good fit for you and a five-year warranty so you know it’s built to last.

Buy: Coop Home Goods Mattress Protector at $46.99

4. HOSPITOLOGY PRODUCTS Mattress Encasement 

Best For Bed Bug Protection


If you’re looking for a mattress protector that’s bed bug proof, get this one from Hospitology Products.

You can customize the depth of your mattress protector as well as choose the size that best fits your bed. Like every other option on this list, it’s also waterproof and machine washable.

It’s made from a soft polyester knit that the brand says shouldn’t trap heat, keeping it feeling cool and breathable. Since it’s zippered on three sides, it will also hold any bed bugs or other organisms and keep them from entering your mattress.

Buy: HOSPITOLOGY PRODUCTS Mattress… at $39.00

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