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RS Recommends: The Best Luggage Tags to Ward Off Your Baggage Claim Anxiety

The luggage carousal is overwhelming but these tags can help you easily identify your bag



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Even if you’re never traveled by plane or frequented an airport, you are probably familiar with a baggage claim horror story. Airports are already chaotic enough, never mind having to be tasked with identifying your luggage along with an uncomfortable amount of other people rushing to do the same. Add in some paranoia about someone else taking your bag by mistake (or not) or the airline losing it and you’ve got a recipe for an anxiety hotspot.

With a set of luggage tags, you can outfit your luggage with your contact information should something happen to it. Not to mention there are tags that can imbue even more of your personal style and aesthetic to your bags so that they can be more easily identified in a sea of luggage.

What Are the Best Luggage Tags?

We rounded up our list of the best luggage tags by assessing them on the following criteria.

Design: Let’s face it, the luggage carousal is overwhelming. Not only is your luggage dumped with everyone else’s, but it’s spinning. You want to be able to easily, and accurately, identify your bags. Having tags that feature a striking color or pattern can help your bags stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Durability: You want to make sure your luggage tags are as durable as your luggage, and built to last.

Price: Travel is expensive enough you don’t have to break your wallet to find a set you like and that makes your luggage easily identifiable.

1. Samsonite Neon Luggage Tags



These bright and bold luggage tags are the definition of efficient. Not only are they made from a very durable ABS plastic, but the nifty pull-out tray protects your contact information from shady characters and from the elements. You don’t need to worry about the ink smudging or fading over time. Sold in sets of two.

Buy: Samsonite Neon Luggage Tags at $9.00

2. Madewell Leather Luggage Tag



If you happen to prefer a more classic look, you can’t go wrong with these imported leather tags. Not only are they elegantly designed, but they keep your information safe and unscathed whenever it needs to be accessed. Available in english saddle brown and a sleek black.

Buy: Madewell Leather Luggage Tag at $29.50

3. Weewooday Passport Covers and Luggage Tags



This set comes with two tags as well as two matching passport covers for an irresistible bargain. You need to protect your passport as well as your luggage. The durable faux leather, privacy cover and belt buckle keep everything secure and fastened, while the interior keeps your documents from folding or tearing over time from being moved or taken out. They’re also available in a variety of eye-catching colors.

Buy: Passport Cover Luggage Tag Set at $14.99

4. Lifetime Creations Monogrammed Luggage Tag


Lifetime Creations

These luggage tags from Lifetime Creations offer a more personalized approach, by allowing you to monogram your initials via a high quality laser, which prevents them from fading over time. You even get your own choice of font! Your contact information stays safe and secure thanks to the adjustable buckle, while the tags themselves are made of a durable vegan leather.

Buy: Lifetime Creations Luggage Tags at $12.99

5. Talonport Indestructible Luggage Tags



These luggage tags promise to be the last ones you’ll ever buy. Made from a high quality stainless steel with a reinforced edge, each tag is also outfitted with a unique serial number that you can register to yourself. If the unthinkable happens and your baggage is recovered by someone else, you’ll receive an alert while the finder gets a reward. It’s a win-win. Nine colorful inserts, including one that glows in the dark, are also included for added personalization and easier identification. These tags are sold in two and four packs.

Buy: Talonport Luggage Tags at $45.77

6. Tile Slim Bluetooth Luggage Tracker 



Whatever tag set you do settle on, it’s not a bad idea to invest in a little added security. This Tile Bluetooth tracker is slim enough to fit in luggage tags, and can be paired with any Android, iOS or Smart Home device to locate your luggage if you lose it during your travels. Boasting up to 250 ft/76 m Bluetooth range, the Tile’s most recent location can be accessed via the Tile app when it falls out of range. Should a Good Samaritan find your missing luggage, they can scan the QR code to reach you.

There’s also a Premium Plan available for added insurance; if your missing item cannot be located, you’ll receive a reimbursement for your troubles.

Buy: Tile Slim Bluetooth Tracker at $29.32


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