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RS Recommends: These Luggage Scales Will Help You Avoid (Over) Packing Stress

Ensure that your baggage is fit for takeoff with these portable luggage scales



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Packing for a trip is, in a word, stressful. Depending on how long your trip is and where you’re going, you may need to bring more with you, which means being smart about what you pack and how you pack it. There’s nothing worse than showing up to the airport thinking you’ve done everything right, only to get hit with an unexpected fee because your bag is too heavy.

That’s where a luggage scale can be helpful; you won’t be left guessing as to how heavy your bags are, sweating bullets and hoping they’re light enough as the attendant goes to weigh them.

Luggage Scale Buying Guide

Though they’re pretty simple devices, here are some things to look for when shopping for the best luggage scales online.

Weight Capacity: Bags that are 50 pounds or less are typically fine for most airlines, but things get tricky the closer you get to 100 pounds; some airlines will actually refuse bags that are too heavy. It’s best to have a scale with a higher weight capacity of at least 100 pounds so that you can be sure you’re in the clear.

Display: It’s one thing to weigh your luggage, but can you actually read your scale? Look for a digital scale so that you can read the weight clearly — even better if it has a light up screen. And if you’re an international traveler, make sure it can weigh your bags in both pounds and kilograms.

Weight Lock: This is a nifty little feature that can save you a headache; the weight of the scale is locked so that you have more time to see how much your bag weighs.

Low Battery Warning: Batteries have a habit of dying at the most inconvenient times, so make sure that your scale gives you a heads up before the juice is gone.

What Are the Best Luggage Scales?

Below is our round up of the best luggage scales you can find online right now.

1. Etekcity Luggage Scale 



With more than 24,000 five-star reviews, it’s easy to see why many people have chosen this luggage scale from Etekcity as their designated packing companion. It’s got everything you’d want in your perfect luggage scale (accurate weighings, digital display, weight lock) as well as a thermometer sensor, energy conservation mode and an overload sensor just in case you’ve truly packed too much.

Buy: Etekcity Digital Luggage Scale at $16.37

2. FREETOO Luggage Scale 



We love this luggage scale’s LCD display that demands your attention, allowing you read the screen clearly no matter how light or dark the room you’re in is. It also automatically locks the weight of your bag(s), resets the scale to zero and turns off after 60 seconds of inactivity; all you actually have to do is attach the scale to your bag via the durable handle.

Buy: FREETOO Portable Luggage Scale at

3. Fosman Digital Luggage Scale 2-Pack

Fosmon-Digital-Luggage Scale-2-Pack-Digitial-LCD-Display-Amazon


They say two is better than one, and with this two-pack luggage scale set that couldn’t be truer. Whether you’re a particularly forgetful person or you’d just feel more comfortable knowing you have an extra on hand, these scales will prevent any bag weight related packing woes. The ergonomic design makes them easy to use and the LCD screen makes it easy to read, whether you need to weigh in pounds, kilograms or even ounces and grams. You’ll be the envy of the check-in line at the airport.

Buy: Fosman Two-Pack Luggage Scale at $15.99

4. Etekcity Multi-Use Digital Scale 



If you’re looking for a little more bang for your buck, this digital scale is a multi-hyphenate; not only can it weigh your luggage, but packages, camping gear, fish and too. No matter what it is you’re trying to measure, you’ll be able to do so clearly, accurately and easily thanks to the LCD display and non-slip handle. It can measure up to 110 pounds in four different units: grams, ounces, pounds and kilograms.

Buy: Etekcity Portable Measuring Scale at $12.99

5. EatSmart SmartGrip Digital Luggage Scale 



This scale’s nylon strap and heavy duty buckle make it extremely durable and ready to weigh your suitcases, backpacks and bags of all sizes with ease and accuracy. Simply loop the strap on the handle of your bag and lift using the handle. This scale actually beeps when it’s ready for you to release the bag and locks the weight so you have a chance to make note of it and know you’re getting the most precise weight.

Buy: SmartGrip Digital Luggage Scale at $19.99


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