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RS Recommends: The Most Comfortable Keyboard Pads for Better Wrist Support

Alleviate pain from typing with these ergonomic accessories



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If you have a desk job, you know how uncomfortable your body can feel after sitting in front of your computer all day. For starters, this can exacerbate back pain. However, being sedentary isn’t the only risk factor here. Typing all day can be harmful to your wrists. That’s why you need the best keyboard pads for wrist support during your day.

Keyboard Pad Buying Guide

When you type without wrist support, you usually end up titling your wrists at an angle with your wrists being lower than the base of your hands. This is not an ergonomic typing position and can cause discomfort over time.

Instead, your hands and wrists should be level with each other. It’s hard to maintain this position without support, especially if you’ve developed alternate typing habits. Keyboard pads offer a solution by giving you a place to rest your wrists at the correct position.

The best keyboard pads for wrist support are made from memory foam. Ergonomic designs make these accessories attuned to your body’s needs, and the memory foam offers an extra element of comfort. Keyboard pads should also have no-slip bottom surfaces so you’re not having to constantly adjust your setup.

Selecting the best keyboard pad will depend on your office setup. If you work on a laptop and use its trackpad instead of a mouse, then all you’ll need is a classic keyboard pad. If you use a mouse, however, you’ll want to choose a bundle that offers both a keyboard pad and a mouse pad — both of which should offer ergonomic wrist support.

The Best Keyboard Computer Wrist Rest Pads

Here are the most comfortable keyboard pads to add to your office today.

1. Gimars Keyboard Wrist Pad

If you work from a laptop, this keyboard wrist rest pad can help relieve wrist tension throughout the day. Made with high-density memory foam, this wrist rest pad feels soft and comfortable as it keeps your wrist in an upright, ergonomic position. It has a non-slip bottom and weighs only 4 ounces, so you can turn just about any surface into your new ergonomic workspace.

best keyboard computer wrist rest


Buy: Gimars Keyboard Wrist Pad at $10.98

2. Gorilla Grip Soft Gel Wrist Rest

Having wrist support while you type is a must — and you need it when you use your mouse, too. Whether you’re working from a classic desktop or pairing your laptop with a handheld mouse, this is the ergonomic wrist support set you need. It comes with the traditional keyboard support pad, plus a smaller wrist support pad to use while you operate your mouse. Both pieces are made with water-resistant memory foam and have slip-resistant rubber bases.

best keyboard computer wrist rest


Buy: Gorilla Grip Soft Gel Wrist Rest at $14.99

3. Weirdbeast Keyboard and Mouse Pad

Sometimes it’s easier to do your best work when you’re in a space that reflects your personality and sense of creativity.  This ergonomic wrist rest set features both a keyboard and a mouse pad, both of which sport whimsical wildflower designs. These wrist pads will liven up your desk while alleviating your wrist pain at the same time. The pads are made from slow-rising memory foam and environmentally friendly non-slip silicone. Plus, you get a matching coaster.

best keyboard computer wrist rest


Buy: Weirdbeast Keyboard and Mouse Pad at $14.99

4. Vagau Keyboard and Mouse Pad

Even as more offices open back up, remote work is still here to stay for many people. If you have two work setups, this keyboard and mouse wrist rest pad set will fit your needs because it comes with two of each accessory. That way, you’ll have ergonomic support no matter where you’re working. These wrist rest pads are made from premium memory foam for extra comfort. Plus, they have rubber anti-slip backs so your desk space stays orderly while you type.

best keyboard computer wrist pad


Buy: Vagau Keyboard and Mouse Pad at $22.99

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