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The Best Way to Display Your Jerseys and Merch is in One of These Frames

Your sports jersey display case should be decorative, but more importantly should keep your jersey safe

best jersey display cases framesbest jersey display cases frames


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Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to spend as much on the hanging display case as you did on the prized jersey you’d like to display. You can purchase a perfectly serviceable sports jersey frame display case on Amazon, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind before you do.

Look for frames, cases, or shadowboxes that are well-constructed from sturdy materials and come with hanging hardware included. Jerseys can be finicky to arrange neatly within a frame no matter what frame it is, but getting a frame designed specifically for clothing items and merch makes things a lot easier. Before you attempt to arrange your jersey, be sure to steam it to make sure it lays flat and smooth, and we’d recommend having an extra hand to help you position the jersey so it stays put on the glass.

Things to Consider When Buying a Jersey Frame or Display Case

The best jersey frames offer a little extra gap between the backing and glass, compared to say, a poster frame or photo frame. This allows the excess fabric of a jersey to still sit flat without looking overly compressed or bunched up. The best jersey cases should also protect your memorabilia, so look for things like a UV coating on the glass, and a locking latch to prevent theft. Here’s what else to look for:

Pins vs. Hanger: Most frames come with hanging mechanisms included, either with a hanger that attaches to the back of the frame or with pins that you can use to secure the jersey to the backing. Many include both.

UV Protection: Over time, exposure to sunlight can cause your jersey to fade, which is why it’s important that the glass or acrylic cover has some kind of coating that prevents UV rays from penetrating. Nothing will be 100 percent effective, especially over time, so we’d still advise you to keep your display out of the direct sunlight.

Padding: Display cases should include some kind of protective padding or backing, generally felt or velvet-like in texture, which keeps the jersey protected from damage.

Hardware: Ideally, display cases will come with hardware for hanging on the wall included, saving you at least one step.

1. Jersey Display Frame Case

We like that this frame comes with everything you need to fit the shirt and hang it up, including a foam insert, hanger, pins, and mounting hardware to attach to the wall. The frame fits pretty much every size jersey, and has a slim, classic design.

jersey display frame case


Buy: Jersey Display Frame Case at $72.95

2. Jersey Display Case Shadowbox Wall Mount

You’ll be impressed with the quality of the construction and hardware on this display cabinet. The brass latches and screws are sturdy and everything fits nicely together when shut, unlike other shadowboxes which can be a little warped or uneven. The wood grain finish makes for a warm, retro touch in your home decor.

jersey display cabinet finished


Buy: Jersey Display Case Shadowbox Wall Mount at $114.99

3. Jersey Display Frame Case

Getting your jersey to fit nicely in the frame can be a struggle no matter what display case you buy, which is why we like that this hardwood case makes it easy to insert your shirt. This case also comes pre-assembled, knocking another step off your installation to-do list.

uv protection jersey display frame case


Buy: Jersey Display Frame Case at $77.95

4. Lockable Jersey Display Shadow Box

The manufacturer advertises the grade A acrylic material of this frame’s front, which is both easy to see through and offers 98 percent UV protection. It’s more shatter-proof that glass too, which makes this a safer pick for your walls and home.

lockable jersey display shadowbox


Buy: Lockable Jersey Display Shadow Box at $89.99

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