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Yes, Adults Deserve Inflatable Pools Too

From swim ‘lounges’ to blow-up pools for groups, these are our picks for inflatable pools that will keep you cool all summer

Minnidip PoolMinnidip Pool


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Unless you want to spend the whole summer cranking up the AC and running your electric bill, or schlepping a bunch of gear to the beach, you’re going to want to consider a pool. But not all of us have the space (nor the dough) to install an in-ground pool, and above-ground pools can be a nightmare to set up and maintain. If you’re looking for a simple way to chill out fast, allow me to present: the inflatable pool.

The best inflatable pools hit the sweet spot of being quick to set up and quick to take down, so you can relax without the fuss. You may not be able to practice your laps or kick back on a full-sized pool float, but you’ll still be able to keep cool as the temperatures rise. These pools are great for splashing around in the comfort of your home, for less than the price of a seasonal beach pass — no travel necessary, either. Just slather on the sunscreen, crank some tunes on your speakers (waterproof, please) and get to lounging.

What Are the Best Inflatable Pools

This guide covers the best inflatable pools for adults. While kiddie pools are great for little ones, a number of brands are making larger inflatable pools that can comfortably accommodate 4-5 full-sized humans too.

Before you get to firing up the hose, cracking open a cold one, and dipping a toe in, there are some things you need to consider when you invest in an inflatable pool for adults. Here’s what you need to know.

Ground Area: To avoid some unfortunate tilting (and precious water spillage) out of your inflatable pool, check the ground area you’ll be setting up on is level. A flat surface can help make sure that the whole structure, and the floor, of the pool are supported.

Size: It’s obvious that kiddie pools are a popular summertime activity for, well, kids. This may sound redundant, but make sure you check the listing of that pool you’re buying to see that it’s above 30 x 30 inches, and that it explicitly says “for adults” or “family size.” You don’t want to accidentally get stuck with a pool only Fido could splash around in.

Air Pump: If you’re investing in a good inflatable pool, you’re also investing in an air pump. Since most pools won’t come packaged with an electric air pump, you’re probably going to have to get one separately (this one gets the job done). Look for a pump that can be more versatile than just blowing up pools, and also inflate mattresses, inflatable boats, and pool floaties, especially one with a few nozzle attachments.

Drainage: While some inflatable pools come with a built-in drain plug, some you’ll have to spill out onto the grass yourself. It’s important to drain your inflatable pool every time you use it, first, for easier deflation, clean-up, and storage later, and second, so that you don’t get a breeding ground of mosquitos around the still water.

So come on in, the water’s fine with our top picks for the best inflatable pools.

1. Bestway Fast Ground Pool Set


Bestway Fast Set Inflatable Pool


The speed and ease of setup for Bestway’s inflatable pool is the main selling point here, but it’s the little touches that take it over the end to being just a truly great pool, full-stop. You only need set it on level ground to start the assembly, an air pump (not included) will inflate the pool in less than 10 minutes, and it’ll only take an hour to fill up with water. What more can we say?

Well, unlike other inflatable pools, which are meant for a few days here and there over the summer, this is a pool that’s really built to last. It’s made from a durable, yet lightweight PVC material that’s tear-resistant, and won’t fade from UV sun exposure, making it last for years to come. This pool set also comes with a unique 530 gallon filter pump and filter cartridge, so it’ll stay clean for real instead of just “hose the dirt off” clean.

When you’re done for the season (or just the day), just attach a hose to the pool’s drain valve and drain away all the water fast. At 13 feet x 33 inches, it’s got enough room for a family to swim around comfortably, or for one adult to lounge out completely. Either way, Bestway should be your go-to if you want a low-fuss inflatable pool for adults that you’ll want to keep around for next summer.

Buy: Bestway Fast Ground Pool Set at $92.99

2. Homech Inflatable Swimming Pool


Homech Inflatable Swimming Pool


Whether it’s an oddly-shaped backyard landscape, or you want to really be able to stretch out and float on your back, circular pools aren’t for everyone. Weak-walled pools are also for no one, but Homech’s inflatable pool is as sturdy as they come.

Not only is a decent size for splash-fights and or just lounging out, it’s incredibly durable to boot. According to the brand, the pool’s PVC material is 50 percent thicker than most in the market, reducing the risk of punctures or tearing from a particularly intense pool noodle fight (or regular wear and tear).

The pool also features three individual air chambers, which helps withstand the weight weight while preventing air and water leakage so you’re pool will stay full-functional all summer. You won’t get a sunburn standing around waiting for it to drain either, since the two curved water valves nearly double the drainage speed.

This Homech pool, at 118″ x 72″ X 20″, can comfortably fit at least two adults or 3-5 kids, proving that you don’t need the traditional shape to get a ton of space. Spacious, sturdy, and with a quick clean-up time, Homech’s inflatable pool is the way to go if you’re looking for a pool that can take a couple dings.

3. Intex Swim Center Family Lounge Inflatable Pool


Intex Swim Center Family Lounge Inflatable Pool


Do you want to lounge in an inflatable pool, or do you want a lounge? Intex’s Swim Center Family Lounge is the best of both worlds, with a design that resembles more of a relaxation station you’d take out on a lake or out on a river than one you’d find in your backyard.

But that’s a good thing, since the Intex comes with four built-in seats, complete with backrests for maximum comfort, and enough room in the  90 x 6 x 26 inch space to not knock feet with your other pool guests. It’s definitely on the larger size, so it might not work well for tight spaces.

There are also two drink holders so you can either kick back and crack open a good beer or fight with your friends over who gets to wrestle their soda can in there. More practically (although cupholders are a necessity), it also comes with a drain plug for easy clean-up, and a repair patch for if your pool party gets a little rally. Intex’s inflatable pool is really for anyone that wants to make their backyard a destination rather than just a space for a quick cool-off.

Buy: Intex Swim Center Family Lounge at $57.99

4. Minnidip That’s Banana Leaves Pool


Minnidip That's Banana Leaves Pool


Then again, sometimes you just need a party for one, and there’s no better pool for a solo dip than Minnidip’s That’s Banana Leaves Pool. Boasted as  the “original adult kiddie pool”, it measures at 66 x 66 inches, making it the perfect size for just one adult, or up to three people comfortably.

The pool’s design is by far the most fun we’ve seen, with a fun banana leaf and gingham print that looks like the wallpaper at an extremely trendy tiki bar. Not only does it look good, it feels good too, made from premium soft-touch, non-toxic vinyl. Bring the tropical vibes anywhere you want to go, since the compact size will fit in backyards, patios, even rooftops.

Another neat detail is that the walls stand at 1.5 feet tall, which clearly has adults in mind. An electric air pump’s not included but the good news is that because of its size, you can even inflate it with a hairdryer set to cool. For a quick tropical getaway in your own home, break out a fruity beverage and take a dip in this stylish Minnidip pool.

Buy: Minnidip That's Banana Leaves Pool at $42.99

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