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10 Tools to Keep Your Home Office Organized — From $9 Cable Ties to a $199 Wireless Printer

Keep your home office tidy and free from distractions so you can focus on your work

Simple Trending Metal Monitor Riser StandSimple Trending Metal Monitor Riser Stand


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Having a messy home office can make it harder to focus on your work, especially if you’re used to going into an office each day.

Research cited by by Current Psychology found that “Clutter was the best predictor of procrastination as determined by multiple regression. Taken together, chronic procrastinators reported too much clutter (possessions, or stuff), and that clutter interferes with a strong quality of their lives.”

It’s easy for papers, Post-It notes, and cables to take over your desk, floor, any surface an arm’s length away. If you’re trying to clean up your home office, or are looking to start one from scratch, we’ve collected some gadgets and accessories that can help you stay organized.

1. Anker PowerWave 10

Anker PowerWave 10


One of the easiest ways to reduce cable clutter is getting as much wireless tech as possible. Anker’s PowerWave 10 is a wireless charging pad that can charge two devices simultaneously. It has a maximum power output of 10W (Watts), which means it can charge your devices at double the speed of most basic chargers. The PowerWave 10 comes with a power adapter (many chargers don’t), with a single cable you can run between the top of your desk and an outlet behind it.

Buy: Anker PowerWave 10 at $65.99

2. Logitech M557 Bluetooth Mouse

Logitech M557 Bluetooth Mouse


Logitech’s M557 has been my go-to mouse for several years because of its accuracy, small size, solid connectivity, and the option to customize some of its buttons. Unlike traditional Wireless mice, the M557 connects to your computer (Mac or PC) over Bluetooth, so you don’t need to plug a receiver into a USB port. It works perfectly fine out of the box, but you can download Logitech’s Preference Manager app (Mac or PC), and map certain buttons to different actions on your computer to save you time.

Buy: Logitech M557 Bluetooth Mouse at $24.99

3. Satechi Compact Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard

Compact Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard


Satechi’s Compact Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard is another totally-wireless accessory that can help keep your desk clean. It’s full-sized, which means it has a number pad on the right-hand side, but Satechi kept its length down to a desk-friendly 14.57 inches. The keyboard’s backlit keys will make it easier to type at night, and its Bluetooth buttons (located on the top row of the number pad), allow you to pair it with three different devices. This keyboard is compatible with devices running all the major operating systems (Windows, MacOS, iOS), so it’s convenient to use a keyboard that makes it easy to switch between devices with the push of a button.

Buy: Satechi Compact Backlit Bluetooth… at $79.99

4. Twelve South BookArc

Twelve South BookArc


If you’re a MacBook owner, Twelve South’s BookArc can save you a lot of desk space. The laptop stand holds your computer vertically, so you can easily keep it behind your monitor, or one side. The BookArc comes with interchangeable rubber spacers designed to fit each model of Apple laptop. The spacers will keep your machine from wobbling, and prevent it from scratching when you insert or remove it from the stand.

Buy: Twelve South BookArc at $41.09

5. Simple Trending Metal Monitor Riser Stand

Simple Trending Metal Monitor Riser Stand


If you’d like to make your home office setup more ergonomic, while also maximizing your space, we recommend Simple Trending’s Monitor Stand. It will elevate your laptop or monitor by 5.1 inches, bringing it closer to eye level and reducing neck strain. The stand has a pull-out drawer and four side pockets for additional storage, so you’ll have a designated place to put important documents and everyday stationary.

Buy: Simple Trending Monitor Stand at $23.97

6. The Anchor Under-Desk Headphone Stand

The Anchor Under-Desk Headphone Stand


Elevation Labs’ Anchor is a headphone stand that you can stick onto the bottom of your desk using a strong adhesive sticker. It has two thick hooks on each side, and a raised lip that will keep your headphones from sliding off the edge. I’ve used the Anchor for over a year, and the adhesive has remained strong, even when I used it with two pairs of large, over-ear headphones.

Buy: The Anchor Under-Desk Headphone Stand at $10.99

7. Easytle 5-Inch Plastic Black Twist Ties

Easytle 5-Inch Plastic Black Twist Ties


The goal of a clean home office is to eliminate cable clutter, but we don’t live in a totally wireless world. One way to keep cords contained is to measure them to the appropriate length, and tie the excess cabling together with twist ties. This pack of 100 5-inch twist ties should be enough to help you tidy up your entire house.

Buy: Easytle 5-Inch Plastic Black Twist Ties at $4.99

8. mDesign Adjustable, Expandable Drawer Organizer

mDesign Adjustable, Expandable Drawer Organizer/Divider


If your desk drawer has started looking more like a junk drawer, you can break it down it into different sections with mDesign’s Drawer Dividers. They’re 2.5-inches tall, and can be expanded between 13.25 and 20.75-inches long to fit the length of your drawer. Each divider has a tension lock, so you can make sure it doesn’t contract or spring back if you open or close the door a little more forcefully.

Buy: mDesign Adjustable, Expandable Drawer… at $20.49

9. Canon Pixma TR150 Wireless Mobile Printer

Canon Pixma TR150 Wireless Mobile Printer


Canon’s Pixma TR150 is a wireless printer that’s just 12.7-inches long and 7.3-inches wide. It can hold up to 50 sheets of paper in its rear tray, and print up to 7.4 pages per minute. The printer’s key feature is the ability to connect to your Wi-Fi network, which enables you to send print jobs from your phone, tablet, or computer without plugging in a cable. Printers are still an essential home office gadget, but the TR150 won’t take up half your desk, or require its own side table.

Buy: Canon Pixma TR150 Wireless Mobile… at $249.00

Bluelounge CableBox Cable and Cord Management System


Bluelounge’s CableBox is an accessory that fits over a surge protector to tidy up the part of your floor that’s typically full of various power cables. The box has cut outs on either side, which allow you to easily run power cables from the box to your various devices regardless of where they’re located. The CableBox is available if four different colors, so you can find one that matches the look of your home office.

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