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How to Set Up Your Home Office With 5 Pieces From The Home Depot

The Home Depot has thousands of items in its home office section — we found five pieces you should use to start yours

Motion Wise Rectangular Standing Desk,Motion Wise Rectangular Standing Desk,

The Home Depot

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Home offices have recently gone from a luxury to a necessity, whether that means converting a guest bedroom, or the corner of your kitchen. If you’re starting one from scratch, The Home Depot has a home office section with a wide selection of furniture and accessories you’ll need to construct an inspiring and productive home office setup that’ll get you through the next few years. There are hundreds of options across a number of popular categories — desks or office chairs, for example — which is great, because you’ll definitely find something you like.

The downside is that sifting through all of those options can take a fair bit of time, which is where we come in. We’ve looked through The Home Depot’s home office furniture section for you, and picked out the best pieces we could find. We still encourage you to do your own research because you know your tastes and space constraints better than we do, but we think you’ll be happy with our recommendations, which are simple enough to make a number of spaces and decor styles work – no pun intended.

1. A Hybrid Standing Desk

Motion Wise Rectangular Standing Desk

The Home Depot

If you’re going to design a home office, it’s wise to start with a good desk. Being home all day means you’re probably moving around less than you would in an office, which is why we’re recommending a hybrid standing desk from Motion Wise. The desk measures 48 inches wide, 24 inches deep, and 28 inches tall, but you can adjust its height to a maximum of 48 inches by pressing the up and down arrows on the keypad on its right side. Once you’ve found a comfortable height, you can save it as a preset by pushing the 1, 2, 3, or 4 buttons, so you don’t have to hunt around for the right position later on. The desk’s minimum height is in line with what you’d find from a standard desk, so you can certainly use it while sitting down, you just have the option to stand if you’d like to.

This desk is made out of medium density fiberboard covered in a vacuum-sealed laminate that Motion Wise says won’t warp when exposed to humidity or different temperatures. Its two feet are long enough to cover the depth of the desk, which will provide stability. This is important on a standing desk because tables with long legs have a greater chance of wobbling. Motion Wise’s desk has two more minor features you’ll probably use every day. First, the keypad has a USB port, so you can charge your device with your desk instead of getting a dedicated charger. Second, the desk has a thin, pull-out drawer for storage.

We chose Motion Wise’s desk over all others because of its flexibility (literally). If you’ve been curious about getting a standing desk, but still want the option to sit whenever you’d like to, this is the right choice.

Motion Wise Rectangular Standing Desk, $335.61, available at The Home Depot

2. A High-Backed Chair

BOSS OFFICE Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair

The Home Depot

Slumping over for hours at a time at work can eventually lead to back pain, which is why it’s so important to get a good office chair. The LeatherPlus Executive Chair from BOSS OFFICE gets our recommendation because of its minimalist look, materials, and size. We went with a full-backed chair, which will fully cradle your back to encourage you to sit up straight. The arms and base are made out of chrome, while the back and seat are made out of vinyl and faux black leather respectively. This look is timeless, and matches the style of our desk recommendation.

You can adjust the height of this chair between 19 and 22 inches by grabbing a lever underneath the seat, and swivel its seat a full 360 degrees. We’ve chosen a chair with wheels, so you can move around from one part of your home office to another without having to get up. A good chair is necessary whether you’re working at a nice desk, your kitchen table, or a nightstand, where it can help make or break your concentration based on your comfort. BOSS OFFICE’s LeatherPlus Executive Chair is a fine choice regardless of which surface you pair it with.

BOSS OFFICE Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair, $129.99, available at The Home Depot

3. A Filing Cabinet

Lorell 2-Drawer Black Commercial-grade Vertical Filing Cabinet

The Home Depot

If you’re working from home, there’s a good chance your job relies heavily on the digital world, but you’ll still need a secure space to hold important documents. Nothing beats the classic looks of this Lowell two-drawer filing cabinet, which measures 25 inches tall, 17.5 inches wide, and 31 inches deep. Each drawer can hold documents up to 15 inches wide, which means you’ll have no trouble fitting thicker materials like Manila envelopes or binders inside. The drawers are deep enough to store things like cameras, hard drives, books and chargers too.

The drawers are made out of heavy-gauge steel, and a single lock on the upper right-hand side can lock both of them. If you plan on keeping hard copies of ultra sensitive materials — tax, medical, or banking records — you’ll want to keep the drawers locked at all times. It may not be as exciting as a hybrid standing desk, but this filing cabinet replaces a piece of office furniture many of us don’t already have at home.

Lorell Two-Drawer Commercial-Grade Filing Cabinet, $123.86, available at The Home Depot

4. An LED Desk Lamp

Motion Wise Rectangular Standing Desk

The Home Depot

Staring at a screen in a dimly-lit room can lead to eye strain, which is why we’re recommending Hampton Bay’s 24-inch desk lamp. Although it’s not “smart,” the lamp does have a surprising amount of customizability features. Its touch-sensitive controls are built into its base, and allow you to adjust both the brightness and color temperature of the lamp’s LED.

Turning the color temperature down will create a more amber colored light, and reduce the amount of blue light the lamp emits. This will make it easier on your eyes when you work at night. Some studies have concluded that exposure to blue light can make it harder to fall asleep by “tricking” your brain into thinking the sun is out, but the science is still out on that belief.

Still, if working by the light of your computer screen deep into the night has been causing you trouble, getting this lamp could be a quick fix to the problem.

24-Inch Black LED Desk Lamp, $34.97, available at The Home Depot

5. An Open-Back Bookcase

The Home Depot

Casual Home 38 in. Mahogany Wood 3-shelf Folding Etagere Bookcase Most of the time you spend in your home office will revolve around work, but that doesn’t mean you should skimp on making it a pleasant place to be. If you have media — be it books or vinyl — you should store them on Casual Home’s 3-shelf bookcase. It’s 38 inches tall, 27.5 inches wide, and 11.5 inches deep, and its pieces are made out of solid wood. The open-back design is modern, but the bookcase’s look is subtle enough to fit in with any furniture you may already have.

We’ve chosen this bookcase because it has a modular design; you can stack a second bookshelf on top of this one to double its storage capacity (along with its size). If you need to move it to another space, the shelves flip up, and the sides fold in toward the center, which makes it compact and easy to carry. These design features aren’t very common with furniture, but we’ve prioritized flexibility because your home office situation can change suddenly, and the transition from the old spot to a new one should be as painless as possible.

Casual Home 3-Shelf Etagere Bookcase, $55.04, available at The Home Depot


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