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The Best Heavy-Duty Trash Bags for Spring Cleaning

These 55-gallon bags help you quickly and efficiently dispose of trash in one go

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Between clearing out the garden to make way for new flowers, picking up last year’s debris in the lawn, and sorting out the many contents of the garage, you’ll likely find yourself in need of a way to dispose of bulky materials. Rather than going through a whole roll of trash bags fit for a small, kitchen-sized trash bin, it’s best to have extra-large, durable trash bags on hand for all of the things you want to get rid of that aren’t yard-sale eligible.

The best heavy-duty trash bags let you dispose of everything from household goods, to outdoor waste, to heavier items like small objects and furniture too. While the trash bags that you typically use in the kitchen hold about 12-16 gallons, cleanup from an outdoor home improvement or contracting project will require a much larger capacity. The best 55-gallon trash bags let you clean up more efficiently by using fewer bags. The increased capacity also allows you to bag and transport bulky items that would otherwise exceed the standard capacity. 

When buying jumbo trash bags, it’s important to make sure the material is flexible and puncture-resistant, especially if you plan on using the bags for outdoor use.

If your project requires handling of damp materials or if you simply want to use the bags for disposing of food waste, a bag made from leak-resistant materials will keep the mess safely contained. 

Whether you’re a professional contractor or just handy around the house, these 55-gallon trash bags can help you finish the final stage of any improvement project: the cleanup. 

1. ToughBag Trash Bag

When it comes to removing rough debris such as fallen twigs and branches, these 55-gallon trash bags help you get the job done right. Not only does their size accommodate hefty loads, the puncture-resistant material can hold twigs, objects with nails, and even broken glass without tearing.

The bags are 1.5 millimeters thick, which gives them their durability.

This set gets you a box of 50 bags.

Pros: Strong and flexible.

Cons: Will require a jumbo trash can if used as a liner.


trash bag


Buy: ToughBag Trash Bag at $22.99

2. Reli Heavy-Duty Contractor Bags

Leak-proof, tear-resistant, and perforated (for easy dispensing from a roll), these 55-gallon bags are sturdy enough to handle professional-level projects by home contractors and office janitors alike. Plus, they come in six, 25-count rolls, which is useful for businesses that are likely to go through more 55-gallon bags than the average family.

Plus, we love this bag for its unique, star-shaped seal design on the bottom, which gives it added support for high-capacity loads. Of course, if it’s good enough for the pros, it’ll more than serve its purpose for home use as well.

Pros: Leak-proof material, extra-reinforced bottom.

Cons: This is a large bulk order and customers may not have room to store 150 bags.

best trash bags


Buy: Reli Heavy-Duty Contractor Bags at $49.99

3. Veska 55 Gallon Trash Bags

These 1.5 millimeter-thick, 55-gallon trash bags are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. The tear and leak-resistant plastic gives you peace of mind when completing landscaping clean-up while the flexibility of the material makes these bags ideal for storing bulky objects taking up space in the garage or shed.

Not only do these bags have the capacity to store your belongings, but the material can protect your items from the elements as well. The bag won’t crack or lose its structure, even if left outside, and your stuff won’t get wet.

Pros: The flexible, waterproof material makes these great for outdoor storage.

Cons: Will require a jumbo trash can.

best trash bags


Buy: Veska 55 Gallon Trash Bags at $24.97

4. Tasker Large Trash Bags

Measuring 36 inches wide and 55 inches tall, these 55-gallon trash bags are great for transporting large loads such as leaves, recyclables, or debris from the lawn. Not only are they handy for outdoor projects thanks to their size, but they are large enough to fit multiple, smaller bags of trash inside, helping you transport your waste to the dump or keep pesky animals from getting into your garbage.

Pros: Resistant and flexible, great for outdoor and indoor use.

Cons: Tie-flaps are not built-in.

best trash bag


Buy: Tasker Large Trash Bags at $26.97

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