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The Best Guitar Stools for Playing at Home or On the Road

From minimalist wooden stools to seats with ergonomic support, these are the guitar stools to pick up for your next gig


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Whether you’re jamming at home or taking the stage, form is everything, and not just in your fingers and wrists. The way you sit while you play guitar can directly impact your sound — and your comfort. To ensure that you’re keeping the ideal posture for playing the guitar (and always have somewhere comfortable to sit), pick up a guitar stool and play from there. Here’s what you need to know in order to find the best guitar stool for you.

Guitar Stool Buying Guide

Many guitar stools look just like bar stools, and in a lot of ways, they aren’t much different. The classic bar stool height is actually the same desired height for stools that promote correct posture when you’re seated and playing the guitar. Many guitar players hold a lot of tension in their shoulders and back, and if they’re seated in a poor position — like on the floor or a couch — it’s easier to make the mistake of hunching over the guitar. The stool design encourages sitting up straight with correct posture.

Style and Comfort: While some will love the simplicity of a classic, wooden barstool, other guitarists may want a little extra comfort and cushioning from their new stool. If that sounds like you, there are other features to look out for when you’re shopping for the best guitar stool, including padded seat cushions and seat height adjustment.

How long will you be sitting on the stool? Keep this in mind when choosing your next seat. Some of the best guitar stools have padded cushions, which come in handy if you’re performing a lengthy acoustic set. Other guitar stools have ergonomic backrests, which are super helpful for those who want to keep correct posture but can’t manage sitting without support for too long.

Durability: Like any musical gear you buy, your guitar stool should be durable so it can handle constant use and the wear of the road. In this guide, there are a range of stool styles to choose from, all of which are durable, sturdy and built to last you through many jam sessions.

What Are the Best Guitar Stools?

We’ve rounded up four of the best guitar stools that won’t let you down, whether you’re jamming at rehearsals or performing up on stage.

1. Industrial Stool With Adjustable Height

It’s not often that you find a wooden bar stool that’s also adjustable. That’s why we love this industrial, wooden-seat barstool: Its twist-screw design lets you raise the seat from its standard height of 15.2 inches to up to 21 inches. This comes in handy if you have another musician jumping in on your jam, or if you find yourself in a new setting that requires some size adjustments. This stool is made for long-term use, too. It weighs a sturdy 17.21 pounds and is made from real pine and iron.

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Buy: Industrial Stool With Adjustable Height at $141.99

2. Taylor Barstool

When it comes to picking out the best music gear for you, it’s never a bad idea to stick with brands that have already been reliable. Musicians love Taylor for their high-quality, classic guitars.  But whether you own a Taylor Guitar or not, you’ll appreciate the brand bringing the same high standards to this guitar stool.

It stands 24 inches tall, weighs a sturdy 12 pounds, and has a built-in foot ring to further promote proper form while playing. If you’re looking for extra comfort, you’ll enjoy this stool’s padded cushion – which features the brand’s iconic logo on the vinyl finish.

best guitar stool


Buy: Taylor Barstool at $129.99

3. Gator Frameworks Guitar Seat

Need extra back support? Then this is the best guitar stool for you. Measuring 27 inches tall, it comes with a padded, ergonomic backrest. Even though the backrest is removable, you’ll probably want to leave it on once you get used to its helpful, comfortable support. The seat itself is padded, too, and has both a footrest and a place to hold your guitar while you take a break. This guitar stool is perfect for touring thanks to its collapsable, 13-pound frame.

best guitar stool


Buy: Gator Frameworks Guitar Seat at $82.21

4. D’Addario Wooden Stool

With no bells and whistles, this model is your classic wooden guitar stool. While it looks like a regular bar stool, the rung placements were positioned with the guitarist in mind. The first wrung below the seat is positioned so that if you rest your foot there, you can achieve the 90-degree angle needed to properly position your guitar while playing. The second wrung can be used as a footrest.

Since the stool is 24 inches tall, you can still choose to forgo the footrest and tap your foot on the floor if you prefer. Even though the stool is super lightweight, it has a sturdy, dependable build.

best guitar stool


Buy: D'Addario Wooden Stool at

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