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The Best Guitar Hangers For Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars and Basses

These easy-to-install hangers help keep your guitars organized and nicely displayed

String Swing Guitar Keeper Bundle with 5 Guitar HangersString Swing Guitar Keeper Bundle with 5 Guitar Hangers

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Keeping your instrument in a case is the best way to keep it totally protected when it’s not in use, but that also makes it less accessible. Leaving your instrument out makes it easy to grab at a moment’s notice, but increases the risk of it getting scratched, dented, or knocked over. Guitar hangers are a happy medium that keep your four, six, or 12-string at arm’s length without as much risk.

The best guitar hangers let you “hang” your instrument from the wall, similar to the way you would say, hang a jacket or bag. Rather than using hooks, however, guitar hangers use “arms” that grip and hold onto the neck of your guitar to keep it in place.

To install a guitar hanger, you’ll need to find a stud (we recommend using an electric stud finder that beeps, so you can find the center), and drill it in with the included screws. Once attached, the hanger will securely hold your guitar by the neck. To remove it, you can lift the guitar up — the neck is wider than the fretboard, so you can slip it out — or turn it, so the guitar is parallel with the hanger’s grips.

The guitar hangers we’ve chosen can hold acoustic guitars, electric guitars, and bass guitars, so you can use it with whichever instrument you like. We’ve also recommended a multi-instrument hanger, so you can hold all of them in one place. Beyond keeping your instrument safe, the best guitar hangers can also save you space. Guitar cases are big and bulky (for good reason), but hangers are extremely slim. Plus, they use vertical space, which is generally wasted. You can keep your pricey instrument off the ground, and also keep them neatly organized and displayed.

We did some research to find the best guitar hangers to meet the widest number of needs. If you’re a musician looking to clean up your recording studio or practice space, our guide can help.

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Guitar Hanger

There are many factors to think about when choosing the right guitar hanger for you; below are the most important ones, which we considered while we were researching this list.

Size: One of the biggest benefits to using a guitar hanger is saving space, so we made sure all of the ones we chose were as compact as possible. A multi-instrument holder will be larger than a single guitar hanger, but none of the ones we recommend are overly big.

Capacity: Our guide contains guitar holders and holder bundles for one, two, or five instruments. Solo musicians, bands, and instrument collectors will all find what they’re looking for here.

1. AmazonBasics Wall Mount Hanger Holder

If you only want to hang one guitar, we recommend getting the AmazonBasics Wall Mount Holder.

The hanger’s base is a 3.9-inch circle and its arm extends out 5.5 inches, which makes it the most compact option in our guide. The arm is padded to avoid scratching your guitar when you pick it up and put it back.

AmazonBasics’ guitar holder only requires three wall screws (they’re included) to install; the only tool you need is a drill or screwdriver.

There aren’t any notable extras, but this guitar hanger shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to install, and will keep your guitar sturdy on your wall.

Pros: Easy to install, understated look.

Cons: No extras.

AmazonBasics Wall Mount Hanger Holder

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Buy: AmazonBasics Wall Mount Hanger Holder at $10.72

2. Ohuhu Guitar Hanger 2-Pack

Musicians with a couple of instruments should consider this two-pack of Ohuhu’s guitar hangers.

At 6.3 inches tall and 4.3 inches wide, these hangers are pretty compact, and their dark wooden frame is very aesthetically pleasing. Their arm is padded, and adjustable stoppers on the end of each prong can be adjusted to keep your instrument from moving around or popping off.

Each hanger only requires two screws (included) to install, making this the simplest option in our guide.

Again, there aren’t any exciting extras beyond the hanger’s stoppers, but it remains an excellent choice if you want to hang two guitars (or basses) on your wall.

Pros: Stoppers to prevent your instrument from falling off the hanger, handsome hardwood construction.

Cons: No extras. Some may prefer a more traditional look.

Ohuhu Guitar Hanger

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Buy: Ohuhu Guitar Hanger 2-Pack at $12.99

3. String Swing Guitar Keeper Bundle

String Swing’s bundle is a little more complicated than the other guitar hangers we recommend, but it’s also a lot more versatile.

The hanger comes in two pieces: a 48-inch slat-wall rail, which you attach into your wall with screws (included) plus five hangers, which slide onto the wall rail. You can adjust the placement of each hanger individually, and add more later on if necessary. Each hanger has a padded arm, and you can change the angle to better accommodate your guitar’s neck.

Hanging five (or more) instruments may give you pause, but String Swing’s rail is made out of aluminum, and its hangers are made out of steel. If you install it properly, you shouldn’t run into any problems. The arms on each hanger don’t have stoppers, but there are end caps to prevent a hanger and guitar from sliding off the sides.

If you have a fair amount of space, don’t mind a slightly more involved D.I.Y. project, and want to hang a lot of instruments, this set is the best choice.

Pros: Allows you to hang five (or more) instruments, made out of sturdy materials.

Cons: Requires more space than our other recommendations, and may take a little longer to install.

String Swing Guitar Keeper Bundle

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Buy: String Swing Guitar Keeper Bundle at $139.99

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