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The Best Grippy Athletic Socks Worth Buying

Stop slipping and sliding with a simple fix: socks with more traction. Here are our four favorites



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No matter which activity you’re doing, socks with extra traction on the bottom can help prevent your feet from slipping and sliding, giving you more control and stability. Though they do often cost a little more than regular socks, the difference is one you’ll feel right away. Before purchasing a pair, here’s everything you need to look for in the best socks with grip.

What Are the Best Socks With Grip?

From fit to the type of material they’re designed with, read on for our guide to purchasing the best pair of socks for you.

Fit: Your socks should fit tight, but they should still feel comfortable. You want them to be fitted under the arch of your foot and around the heel, while still letting you move your toes freely. On cheaper-made socks that don’t fit right, the material can bunch up while inside your boot or shoe, which can affect the way you walk, run and perform during a game.

Some brands focus their fit down to individual socks for both the left and right foot, which is a huge help when finding the right pair. Socks that come in different sizes, much like shoes, are another big advantage over a one-size-fits-all pair.

Material:  Lower-quality material is something you’ll feel right away. It’s scratchy, stiff, overstretches and can leave feet feeling sweaty and fatigued. To deal with things like sweat, heat and painful friction, companies often use a blend of different synthetic materials that can help wick away sweat, like polyester, nylon and acrylic. Lycra is another material to help with stretch, and can last a long time without losing its fit and shape.

For the grips, they’re often made from rubber, and can get stickier over time after multiple washes. Over time, the pads themselves can come off after heavy use. Overall, you should expect years of use for a well-made pair of socks with grip.

Traction and Grips: Most of today’s athletic socks feature traction in contact zone areas of your feet. Narrowing down the grips to where your toes and heel hit the floor (or even within a shoe) can streamline the stability right where it’s needed most. It’s not a dealbreaker, and a sock with grips all over will still get the job done. Some socks also offer grips on the inside as well as the outside, which is really helpful for sports where cleats are involved.

Cost: These are going to be pricier than regular socks, but they provide superior performance and better protection against sweat and blisters. We’ve selected four favorites for your feet below.

1. TruSox Unisex Cushioned Socks

For sports like soccer and lacrosse, TruSox take the top prize. These are not only plenty grippy, but also do an awesome job of preventing blisters. The socks’ pads provide a solid and steadfast grip, on both the outside and the inside. Whether your feet are on the floor or in a shoe, the pads allow you to confidently make sudden stops and change directions in an instant.

These full-length socks are the longest type that TruSox makes. They are wearable over shin pads, and they’re also really comfortable even off the field.

TRUSOX Unisex Cushioned Over Knee High Soccer Football Socks


Buy: TruSox Unisex Cushioned Socks at

2. Falke Unisex Grip Running Socks

Falke has crafted fashionable footwear and other clothing since 1895. Over a century later, that tradition continues with these comfortable, high-quality socks. The socks form to your feet, with individual cushioning designated for your right and left foot. They’re made with triple-layered, moisture-wicking fabric. But the real standout feature here is the silicone grip on each sock, letting you move freely without having to compensate for a loose or bunchy sock.

FALKE Unisex-Adult 4 GRIP Running Socks


Buy: Falke Unisex Grip Running Socks at $44.95

3. Lux Anti-Slip Socks

These stretchy socks fit most feet like a glove, and still provide the traction you need both on the inside and outside of your feet. The grips are thick and cushioned, and you can definitely feel them working when you wear them. While that might make it a little harder to put on a soccer cleat at times, they’re actually pretty ideal for activities like yoga or even hiking. They’re also comfortable, breathable and a reliable alternative when shopping on a budget.

LUX Anti Slip Soccer Socks


Buy: Lux Anti-Slip Socks at

4. Adidas Unisex Alphaskin Traxion Maximum Cushioned Crew Socks

Adidas Alphaskins feature comfy cushioning all around, but especially where you’ll need it most, like in your heels and toes. Combine that with its arch support and full footbed grip yarns, and you have socks that can handle it all.

These are specifically fitted for left and right feet, and are woven with moisture-wicking yarn to keep your feet dry when you break a sweat. Besides being great for athletes, these socks also have a cool aesthetic, with sleek Adidas stripes on the heel and a front logo.

Adidas unisex-adult Alphaskin Traxion Maximum Cushioned Crew Sock


Buy: Adidas Unisex Alphaskin Traxion Maximum… at $20.90

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