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The Best Grilling Accessories for Summer

From wireless meat thermometers to perfect tongs, the best grilling tools can make a big difference in your BBQ skills

best grilling accessories toolsbest grilling accessories tools

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Grilling season is in full swing. However, for some of us, it may be more disappointing and stressful than fun and delicious. If you’re having the former experience, don’t worry: the problem may be a lack of the right tools — not your grill skills. Luckily, the best grilling accessories are here to help.

Part of the fun of grilling is its simplicity (just food and flame), which means you, for the most part, don’t need a whole kitchen full of tools. What you do need is a handful of accessories that will help streamline each step of the process. That means things like a basting mop for evenly lathering sauce, premium tongs for handling big cuts of meat, and a quality thermometer for nailing your desired level of done-ness.

Now, there are more grilling tools than ever, and they’re designed for all BBQ enthusiasts — whether you’re just getting started or making your millionth steak. Plus, they all make excellent gifts for any grill master in your life. Read on for some of the best grilling accessories to try right now.

The Best Grilling Accessories

1. Easy Function Wood Grill Scraper

wood grill scraper cleaner

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First, you’ll need to clean last weekend’s debris off your grill. But before you reach for an old brush, consider upgrading to a wood grill scraper such as this one from Easy Function. They’ve become a favorite with careful grill masters because they don’t have any bristles that can be left behind (and cooked into your food), and they don’t leave scratches on grates. Over time, wood scrapers also develop grooves to match your grill’s grate pattern, making the cleaning process faster and more effective at getting the sides of the grates.

Buy: Easy Function Wood Grill Scraper at $29.99

2. Misto Oil Sprayer

oil sprayer can

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This Misto oil sprayer evenly seasons food before it goes on the barbecue. Besides oil, feel free to use it for lemon and lime juice, vinegar or any other liquid dressing. Not only does the tool improve distribution, but it also keeps your hands clean and saves oil or juices by eliminating excess.

Buy: Misto Oil Sprayer at $9.99

3. Gaswatch Digital Tank Scale

Propane monitor gauge

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Few things are more annoying than prepping everything for the grill before realizing that you’re low on propane. This Gaswatch tank scale lets you view exactly how full (or empty) your propane tank is. The device’s digital scale shows tank percentage in remaining cook time — no need to do the math yourself. It’s obviously very handy for gas grilling, but can also be used for patio heaters or any other propane-powered appliances.

Buy: Gaswatch Digital Tank Scale at $37.66

4. Grill Hogs Basting Mop

basting brush mop grilling

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Chances are you’ve already got a basting brush, but, for big cuts of meat or extra sauce, you may want this Grill Hogs basting mop. At the end of the wooden handle is a beefy, mop-like brush that soaks up more sauce than a regular brush and handles thick barbecue sauces with ease. The mop head is also detachable and washer safe for easy cleaning. Plus, you can use the mop on a hot grill thanks to its 18-inch handle.

Buy: Grill Hogs Basting Mop at $14.99

5. Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter

charcoal lighter chimney weber

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If you grill with charcoal, a quality chimney starter such as this Weber Rapidfire is a must-have. The simple tool makes lighting briquettes much faster and safer than tossing lighter fluid on the charcoals. Just fill the Weber chimney with briquettes, ignite two lighter cubes on the grill grate, and then place the chimney over the flame until the briquettes are ashy. When you’re ready to pour the hot coals into the barbecue, a dual-handle design makes the transfer safe and easy.

Buy: Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter at $30.12

6. OXO Good Grips Tongs

grill tongs OXO large

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Solid tongs are perhaps the most important item in a griller’s tool kit. If your current tongs are feeling worn out, we recommend these OXO Good Grips. The spring-loaded tongs are made of durable, rust-resistant stainless steel. The head, meanwhile, is scalloped and angled for a secure grip on your food. Measuring 16 inches long, they’re also big enough to flip meats at a comfortable distance from the heat. It even features a built-in bottle opener — something the grill master and the bystanders will appreciate.

Buy: OXO Good Grips Tongs at $14.99

7. Weber Original Wide Spatula

large spatula grilling weber

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Regular kitchen spatulas often don’t cut it when grilling big, delicate foods like fish or pizza. As an easy fix, we suggest upgrading to this wide spatula from Weber. Like everything from Weber, it’s durable and cleverly designed for serious grilling or casual yard parties. An ergonomic handle and angled neck make the spatula easy to wield, even when working with large items.

Buy: Weber Original Wide Spatula at $26.94

8. New Star Foodservice Barbecue Fork

barbecue fork wood handle

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A sharp barbecue fork is another one of the most important grilling tools — second only to tongs. We like this one from New Star Foodservice because it boasts a comfortable, nice-feeling wood handle and a 21-inch length. It’s meant for carving and easily flipping large cuts of meat such as T-bones. If you need more dexterity, New Star Foodservice offers a 13-inch model as well.

Buy: New Star Foodservice Barbecue Fork at $13.99

9. Char-Broil Cast Iron Smoker Box

grill smoker box cast iron

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If you can swing it, we highly recommend trying out a dedicated smoker. However, you can also smoke meats right on your gas or charcoal grill using a smoker box like this one from Char-Broil. Fill the cast iron box with wood chips of your choosing, place it on the grill next to your meat (with the hood closed), and then enjoy flavorful, smokey BBQ. The box is quite small (measuring 8.12 x 5.13 inches) and features vents that direct smoke towards the food.

Buy: Char-Broil Cast Iron Smoker Box at $16.08

10. Meater Wireless Smart Thermometer

meat thermometer wireless meater

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This high-tech wireless thermometer, dubbed Meater, can turn anyone into a grill master. The sleek temperature probe goes directly into your meat while it’s cooking and sends information to the Meater app on your smartphone or tablet. And this app is fantastic: you can set timers and alerts for certain temperatures, see estimates for remaining cook times, and even connect the Meater to other smart devices over WiFi (I.e. “Hey Alexa, when will my steak be ready?”). We don’t suggest leaving the grill unattended, but, with the Meater, you could slip away to grab a drink, chat with people or walk the dog — all while keeping an eye on your food.

Buy: Meater Wireless Smart Thermometer at $99.00

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