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RS Recommends: The Best Gaming Desks

Whether you’re a hardcore gamer, e-sports athlete or want a desk designed to hold your gear, these are ideal for any setup



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If your gaming setup is growing and needs more space, or even if you’ve already got your gear on a regular desk or table, now’s a great time to upgrade to a gaming desk.

Why Do You Need a Gaming Desk?

Gaming desks differ from traditional tables in a few different ways. They’re designed specifically to hold a setup that includes multiple monitors, speakers, and cutouts for cables, often with increased stability and weight limit to protect your expensive stuff. Here are a few points we’d recommend checking out before going all-in on your new gaming desk.

What Are the Best Gaming Desks?

There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for the best gaming desk online. Here is the criteria that should be on your gaming desk buying guide.

Material: The strength of a desk and the materials it’s made from are a major thing to look for. This is going to be holding thousands of dollars worth of your equipment, and should be a solid like hardwood. It may be tempting to spring for the cheapest desk and put that money towards your gaming gear, but it just isn’t worth it in the long run if possible. Low-end gaming desks are often constructed out of cheaper material like banded cardboard, and risk collapsing under too much weight. A laminated top and material like carbon fiber can be waterproof, plus it feels nice to the touch and is easier for a mouse to slide around on.

Legs: Metal legs with a strong frame are generally pretty sturdy, and having adjustable height settings help get the ergonomics right for use as a sitting or standing desk, either with a pneumatic or manual lift. Adjustable feet can also be useful when trying to get a level surface on an uneven floor.

Weight: A gaming desk should support at least 100 pounds, and that’s just for your the weight of your setup. Take into account that you’ll also probably be leaning on this — or slamming a mouse down on it in those frustrating moments. A steel beam or frame plays a huge part in supporting extra weight safely. As for the weight of the desk itself, 40 pounds is among the lightest we found, so expect it to have some bulk.

Extras: Cable management systems like hooks and holes keep things neat and orderly, while also protecting from accidentally snagging or tripping on one and damaging anything. A spot for a drink and headphones, a rack for gaming controllers, and a cutaway for you to scoot closer are all really nice to have. RGB lighting may not be necessary to increase performance or ergonomics, but it does give your gaming nook a cool glow. A built-in control box that comes wired into the desk can offer up easy access to ports for things like USB plugs, headphones, mics and additional monitors.

For both newbie and experienced gamers looking to comfortably play for long sessions, we’ve selected four to support your growing gaming battle-station.

1. Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Desk 60″

Eureka’s 60-inch desk has more than enough space to hold multiple monitors, tower, speakers, a keyboard and mouse, with room left over and the ability to support up to 400 pounds.

There’s a place for everything here, including four USB ports, and designated spots for your headphones, cables and even a drink.

For e-sports or any other type of gaming, this is a solid and sturdy choice. The carbon fiber desk is supported by a slim steel bracket that won’t hit your knees when swiveling around, and it also comes with a mousepad that covers the entire tabletop surface.

Buy: EUREKA ERGONOMIC Gaming Desk 60" Home… at $209.99

2. Vitesse VIT 63-Inch Ergonomic Gaming Desk

The solid metal frame and T-shaped legs on this carbon fiber desktop can hold up to 260 pounds with very little wobble. A desk-sized washable mousepad is included, as are cable pass-throughs and a management tray to keep them organized and out of the way.

A cup holder and headphone hook are within easy reach, and the rack charger with four ports on both sides keep all your wireless devices fully fueled.

VIT 63 Inch Ergonomic Gaming Desk


Buy: Vitesse VIT 63-Inch Ergonomic Gaming… at $139.99

3. FlexiSpot Height Adjustable PC Gaming Desk

For gamers who want the option of standing up and sitting down, this FlexiSpot goes between low and high in just 10 seconds, remaining quiet as it moves, all at the touch of a button.

The surface is an inch thick, and crafted with an environmentally friendly chipboard. The desk itself holds steady when moving up and down, and even when bass from speakers booms. An extra-wide base and strong steel frame provide support without the need for a crossbar, meaning you can comfortably push your chair all the way in when sitting.

FlexiSpot Height Adjustable PC Gaming Desk


Buy: FlexiSpot Height Adjustable PC Gaming… at $339.99

4. Casaottima L-Shaped Gaming Desk

This L-shaped desk is super efficient when it comes to utilizing space in a small room, nestling nicely into the corner. There’s a moveable monitor stand, and adjustable leg pads allow you to alter the height to your preferred level. The X-shaped frame holds about 150 pounds. Hooks are included for cable management, and it’s simple to assemble out of the box.

Casaottima L Shaped Gaming Desk


Buy: Casaottima L-Shaped Gaming Desk at $99.99

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