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RS Recommends: The Best Gaming Chairs for More Immersive Gameplay

We review five feature-packed chairs that deliver a fun and comfortable gaming experience


Herman Miller

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Gaming and eSports culture have gained international acclaim over the years thanks to streaming sites like Twitch, and tournaments like the Fortnite Competitive.

If you’d like to emulate the pros or create a more immersive gaming experience, the right chair can help. You’ll still need to refine your skills (a lot), and keep up with the latest techniques and strategies, but there’s something to be said about being comfortable while you play.

Any distraction, no matter how small, can impact your overall performance by splintering your attention. To help you avoid suffering that terrible fate, we’re reviewing the best gaming chairs that can help you stay comfortable and focused during long practices, and big matches. They’re packed with fun features that put you in the middle of the action too.

What Are the Best Gaming Chairs?

There are many factors to think about when choosing the best gaming chair for you; below are the most important ones, which we considered while we were researching this list.

Ergonomics: The most important metric when judging any type of good gaming chair is its ergonomics. If you’re uncomfortable, or the chair you’re in doesn’t support your back, you may need to bend your back and neck unnaturally to compensate. We chose chairs that can help you avoid both of those problems, especially since gaming sessions can go on for several hours.

Tilt and Swivel: Every body — and every gaming setup — is different, so you don’t want to sit in a chair that’s not flexible. Our guide contains chairs with varying degrees of tilt, swivel, and height adjustment, so you can dial it in for maximum comfort.

Style: Gaming chairs vary in style more than office chairs do. Some look more or less like a typical work chair, but have extra padding in the back and neck for support. Other gaming chairs are set directly on the floor. You’ll want to choose a style that works for your space and decor scheme.

Extras: A big part of gamer culture is showing off flair, so we made sure to pick some chairs that look cool, and have extras like built-in speakers too. These little features go a long way toward making you feel like you’re part of the action.

1. AndaSeat Kaiser 3

Kaiser 3


We’ve had the chance to try AndaSeat’s Kaiser 3 for a few weeks, and have been surprised at its comfort and overall design.

The chair’s exterior is made out of durable PVC leather which we found to be super comfortable, even after hours of being continuously seated. The brand also says the material is both scratch and stain-resistant, and in the few short weeks we’ve had this chair, this seems to be true.

The head pillow attaches magnetically to the chair, allowing you to adjust its placement with ease. The lumbar can be easily adjusted as well, allowing you to move it higher or lower depending on which part of your back needs the most support.  We generally kept it between our tailbone and the middle of our spine.

You can adjust the back of the seat between 90 (good for office work) and 165 degrees (if you need a nap) — we kept it mostly upright — by pulling a lever on the side. The seat has a lever on the bottom to change its height, and smaller ones on the arm rests to raise or lower them.

The seat sits on a thick, steel frame and five wheels, giving you full control over your body’s position. Rolling and swiveling to and from a desk felt really smooth, even after regular use. The seat stayed stable, too, no wobbles.

Assembly was fairly easy too and there are multiple colorways to choose from, depending on your style.

If you want an office-chair style gaming seat that’s comfortable, solid, and good looking, AndaSeat’s Kaiser 3 is our pick.

Buy: AndaSeat Kaiser 3 at $499.99

2. Herman Miller x Logitech Embody Gaming Chair

herman miller chair


If money is no object, get the Herman Miller Embody Gaming Chair. Though it’ll put a significant dent in your bank account, the high-end price is easily backed up by the company’s extended 12-year warranty.

This ergonomic chair was designed with support in mind, so your back and shoulders will feel cushioned all throughout your multi-hour gaming sessions. The brand even claims that both pro gamers and ergonomic experts gave this pick their stamp of approval.

There’s Backfit adjustment, which the brand claims should automatically modify support to the shape of your spine. The armrests and are adjustable too for optimum comfort. You’ll even be able to set it in its typical upright position or set it to recline when you’re taking a much-needed break during all-nighters. Plus, the fabric upholstery comes equipped with copper-foam cooling technology which should keep you feeling cool even during the hottest summer months.

You’ll also get this chair delivered fully assembled, which will save you some much-needed time while setting up.

Buy: Herman Miller x Logitech Gaming Chair at $1795

3. RESPAWN-900 Racing Style Gaming Recliner

Respawn gaming chair


If you’re looking for a chair designed specifically for gamers, with almost no compromises, RESPAWN’s 900 Racing Style Gaming Recliner is your best bet.

It’s a high-back seat with ample padding on the back, bottom, and arm rests for increased comfort. The pillow attached to the neck rest can be moved around to better support your neck and head.

Unlike the other chairs in this guide, the 900 Racing Style Gaming Recliner sits on a circular base. This means you can’t roll the chair around, but it does have 360-degree swivel, so you have total freedom to change the direction you’re facing.

This chair is also the only one in this guide with a seat rest, which can be controlled manually, so it won’t start popping up when you lean back. The chair reclines up to 135°, which should be comfortable whether you’re playing at a PC, or on a TV.

RESPAWN focused on optimizing for comfort, so its 900 Racing Gaming Recliner only has a couple of cool extras. There’s a cup holder on the left armrest, and a pouch for accessories hanging beneath it. These features aren’t as flashy as a built-in speaker system, but you’ll likely take advantage of them every day.

An independently-controlled foot rest and recline mode allow you to make adjustments to find your perfect level of comfort.

Buy: RESPAWN RSP-900 Racing Style Chair at $254.98

4. X Rocker Pro Series H3 Gaming Chair

X Rocker Pro


X Rocker says its Pro chair is designed to give you a “complete media experience,” and it’s got features to back up the claim.

The X Rocker Pro is a high-back style chair, which means its tall back can cradle your entire spine. It has an extra cushion in its headrest to keep your neck comfortable, and a flat back to provide lumbar support. This chair isn’t height-adjustable, but that’s by design. Instead of legs or a stand with wheels, the X Rocker Pro sits on a pair of short, curved rockers directly on the floor.

Rockers allow you to lean back freely, which is part of the immersive experience this chair is going for, but they may not be for you if you don’t have a dedicated gaming space. This isn’t a seat that can be repurposed for an office space, and it’s definitely aimed at console gamers and not PC gamers.

This chair’s standout feature is its built-in speaker system, which includes four speakers located on the top and bottom of the chair, plus a subwoofer out the back. This wasn’t an afterthought; the chair has two sets of RCA (red and white) inputs, a 3.5mm AUX input, headphone jack, bass adjustment, wireless band switch (to stream audio from your phone), and a volume knob.

There’s even a vibration dial, which allows you to sync up the bass in your music with motors in the chair for an extra punch. You can also connect a game console to the chair’s audio system to create a more immersive experience.

These features only work when you connect the chair’s audio system into an outlet with an included power cable, which does limit your placement options a bit. Still, the fact that it’s even an option helps the chair stand out in a big way.

The chair’s high-back design and additional neck cushion will help keep you comfortable, and its full 4.1 audio system should be taken seriously.

Buy: X Rocker Gaming Chair at $239.00

5. FDW Racing Style Gaming Chair



If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly gaming chair that doesn’t skimp on any important features, we recommend this one from FDW.

It has a thinner frame than some of the other chairs in our guide, but that’s the only major difference. This gaming chair has a neck and lumbar pillow, height adjustment, and four levels of reclining: 90 degrees (working), 105 degrees (gaming), 120 degrees (reading), and 135 degrees (napping).

FDW’s Racing Style Gaming Chair locks into place at each of those intervals, so you don’t have to worry about constantly leaning back. The chair sits on wheels, and has full, 360-degree swivel.

This seat doesn’t have height adjustable arms, but it does have a retractable footrest, which makes it even more comfortable when you’re reclining further back. This design choice is also the gaming chair’s best extra feature.

If you’re new to gaming chairs, and want one with a comfort-forward design, FDW’s Racing Style Gaming Chair is our pick.

Buy: FDW Ergonomic Gaming Chair at $129.99

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