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The Best Finger Cots

Whether you’re repairing electronics, assembling models, or painting, these slip-on cots help keep your fingers protected

best finger cots what are theybest finger cots what are they


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Latex gloves are hardly known for being comfortable, especially when you’re toiling with small parts on time-consuming projects, be it designing architectural models, repairing electronics, or building model planes. When you need to keep the oils on your fingertips away from your craft materials or protect your skin from what you’re handling, finger cots offer a more convenient alternative that gets the job done without limiting your dexterity or sacrificing comfort.

What Are Finger Cots and How Do They Work?

The best finger cots help create a sturdier grip, while protecting your skin and the materials you’re touching from coming into contact. Keep in mind, the best finger cots do not have to be worn on every finger in order to be effective. Their thickness can range from fractions of a millimeter to four millimeters thick.

If you’re using the cot to protect your skin while you work, then a thicker, more durable design will give you peace of mind. However, thinner cots help maintain the feeling of nimble movement while still keep the harmful oils from your fingertips away from the project at hand.

Most cots are made from latex and are therefore flexible enough to fit varying finger types. However, depending on your specific needs, there are additional features to look out for. Those who have more sensitive skin may prefer cots that are made of natural latex and without any added powders. If you plan to use the cots to protect your skin, you will want to select cots that are made with medical-grade rubber. Having anti-static latex is a safety plus when handling electronic parts.

The best finger cots are a simple alternative for times when a full glove seems unnecessary. If you regularly work on craft projects, it’s wise to keep your workspace stocked with a package of cots so that you are always prepared to keep your fingers and your craft materials safe from damage.

1. Grafco Latex Finger Cots

These finger cots are only .08 millimeters thick, giving you a protective covering for your fingertips without adding a clumsy barrier between you and your craft materials. The thinness makes these cots excellent for handling tiny pieces that belong to model plane kits or architecture models; the latex allows you to retain your ability to maneuver even the smallest pieces while also reinforcing your grip. Plus, any sweat or oils on your hands won’t transfer to the model’s surface.

best finger cots


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2. G2PLUS Latex Finger Cots

When it comes to repairing electronics, these anti-static finger cots keep your skin safe while also making sure that the oils from your fingers don’t interfere with the workings of the device that you are handling. These cots are also made out of medical-grade rubber; if you have a cut on your skin, these can protect you from contaminating the wound while also allowing you to continue working on your project.


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3. Bertech Latex Finger Cots

If you’re looking for durability and protection, these are the cots to keep in stock. They are made from all-natural latex and are free of powders, which makes them particularly useful if your skin is sensitive or if you have a cut on your skin. They also measure four millimeters thick, giving them extra durability and increasing their ability to protect your skin. These cots are all-purpose and are especially useful for automotive or electronic repairs.

best finger cots


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4. Tifanso Latex Finger Cots

Made of natural latex and without any powders, these cots act as a clean barrier between your fingertips and harmful substances. Artists working with paints or glue are free to work closely with the materials without having to worry about contaminating the skin.

Unlike latex gloves, they don’t restrict the whole hand. Artists only have to apply them to the fingers that risk contamination, and since they are easily disposable, the cots can be replaced as you go on working with different paints, ensuring that you don’t track unwanted residue across your project.

best finger cots


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