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Stressed Out or Have Anxiety? Here’s Why You Should Pick Up a Fidget Ring

Forget fidget spinners – companies are introducing fidget rings for a more discreet way to control your nerves and anxiety

Best Fidget Rings-AmazonBest Fidget Rings-Amazon


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You or someone you know likely has a thing you do to cope with the anxious moments in life. Or, you have a go-to item you reach for when you’re restless and just need something to do. But you want to drop the habit of nail biting, pulling your necklace, spinning your pens or whatever you do to calm your nerves and pass the time, companies are now introducing fidget rings, that allow you to fidget in a subtle way without doing damage.

What is a Fidget Ring?

As the name suggests, a fidget ring is a ring you wear around your fingers with an element of spinning, twisting or tapping that lets you “fidget” with it. The best fidget rings (also sometimes referred to as “spinner rings”) provide a more subtle and discreet way to engage your restless fingers over say, a large fidget spinner or even the popular fidget cubes.

Some people will twist their regular rings, so a fidget ring is a more soothing alternative to this anxious habit. Some of the most popular fidget rings also include a moveable band, attached to the fixed band, that allows you to smoothly “spin” your ring. It’s usually made out of metal or a hard plastic, though there are other materials used in fidget rings too.

The best part: because they look like regular jewelry, the best fidget rings are also super easy to wear as an everyday accessory, that does double duty as a stylish ring and something to help ease anxiety.

Do Fidget Rings Reduce Anxiety?

According to Calm Clinic, fidget rings could be used to help reduce anxiety. Fidget rings are not exactly a magical cure, but awareness of why you wear one and its purpose can help you. When you start fidgeting with the ring, you know it’s for the purpose to soothe nerves, so you’re aware of your anxiety and current preoccupation. Wearing a fidget ring can help you be more present, and give you a positive association by equating the action of spinning your ring with relaxation. Naturally, fidgeting is also calming, so using the ring is an effective way at keeping nerves in check.

Are Fidget Rings Worth It?

In a time when anxiety’s been exceedingly high, we recommend fidget rings. From constant work and the stress of the pandemic, a fidget ring is worth having around if you need to relieve stress, turn your mind off, or focus on something else for a few minutes aside from your daily grind. It’s certainly not a germ-y habit to spin a ring; plus, some styles work for everyday wear. And unlike the one-size-fits-all approach to a fidget spinner, the best fidget rings come in sizes and designs for every taste and personality. We rounded up our favorite fidget rings below.

1. FIBO STEEL 6-Piece Stainless Steel Spinner Rings

Best Fidget Rings-Fibo Steel-spinner ring


This unisex six-piece set comes in silver 316L stainless steel, a popular stainless steel used in watches and jewelry thanks to its durability. It also has a lower amount of carbon, making it more resistant to corrosion. These rings have a variety of designs and width, so switch them up depending on your style that day.

Buy: FIBO STEEL Stainless Steel Spinner Ring at $12.99

2. Mr. Pen Spiky Sensory Rings, 10-Pack

Best Fidget Rings-Mr. Pen-Spiky-Sensory-Rings


The spiky sensory rings may not be the traditional fidget ring, but they provide massaging relief. The spikes help promote blood circulation around the finger. Reviewers have said it helps them to stop biting their nails, focus, and offers a soothing massage. These aren’t stylish for normal wear, but they’re great for working from home or lounging around. The “spikes” aren’t actually dangerous – think of them like the tip of a pen or end of a match.

This set gets you ten rings in multiple colors. The rings are made of a stretchy metallic material that fits most finger sizes too.

Buy: Mr. Pen Spiky Sensory Rings at $6.99

3. Nanafast 3-Piece Fidget Spinner Ring

Best Fidget Rings-Nanafast-3pc-Fidget-Spinner-Rings


Nanafast’s three-piece ring set has a more grungy appeal. Made out of hypoallergenic stainless steel, these fidget rings also do not rust or fade, according to the manufacturer. Two rings are two-toned in silver and black, and the other is all black with a grainy pattern that resembles asphalt. They each have a different width, so you get versatility in both design and size.

Buy: Nanafast Fidget Spinner Ring at $9.99

4. NOVICA .925 Sterling Silver, Copper and Brass Spinner Ring

Best Fidget Rings-Noiva-.925-sterling-silver-copper-brass-spinner-ring


Novica produces rings with ethical standards and all of their creations, including this tri-tone meditation spinner ring, which is certified fair-trade and handcrafted by artisans. This particular one incorporate real sterling silver, copper and brass, and looks more like a beautiful piece of jewelry than a fidget ring, although the movable “spinning” parts let you use it for anxiety and stress relief too. Reviewers praised this ring for its artistic design, but because of its thickness, you may want to size up.

Buy: NOVICA Tri-Tone Meditation Spinner Ring at

5. ALEXTINA Stress Relief Stainless Steel Spinner Ring

Best Fidget Rings-Alextina-stress-relief-spinner-ring-animal-cat-band


For the cat lovers, this funky design might add to your anxiety-relief. The 316L stainless steel ring is available in rose gold or silver. It won’t rust, and it’s also scratch-resistant. Plus, it’s safe to wash with soapy water if it gets dirty.  What we like: the beautiful finish looks like genuine jewelry, but the etched cat print and the spinning band makes this a fu fidget ring as well.

Buy: ALEXTINA Stainless Steel Cat Spinner… at $12.49


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