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RS Recommends: These Stylish Artificial Plants Help You Fake a Green Thumb

From leafy plants to desk-sized succulents, brands are making realistic looking fake plants for every space and style

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West Elm

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Not everyone is blessed with the gift of being able to take care of plants. It’s not a really job you can phone in either — between making sure they receive the proper amount of water, sunlight and attention, plants can be a lot of work. It doesn’t help that some plants, like orchids and bonsai trees, need more love than others. You may be allergic, or live in an area that’s not conducive to growing plants, whether because of the temperature or access to good natural light. They can, however, be the perfect way to give your living space a pop of style, but what is one to do if they unintentionally kill every plant they own?

Fake plants can be the perfect home decor accessory without the maintenance or upkeep a real one demands. There are plenty of different options: tall, short, large and small. Sometimes, a fake plant is all it takes to make your room a standout instead of an eyesore.

What Are the Best Fake Plants to Buy Online?

Here is our list of the most stylish fake plants that you can buy online, from leafy plants that fill your space to desk-sized succulents.

1. WestElm Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree



Fiddle Leaf trees are revered for their height and vibrant leaves, however that usually comes at a high cost and investment of patience and care. If you aren’t the most gifted, or you want to fast forward through all the watering and loving, this tree from West Elm could be the perfect answer. It looks every bit as lush and fetching as a real one, and looks perfect in the corner as an accent to the accompanying furniture. The ceramic planter included is available in serval colors and tones; it’s simple enough to blend into the existing vibe of the room, but stylish enough to catch someone’s eye.

Buy: WestElm Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree at $519

2. Phalaenopsis Orchid Floral Arrangement



Orchids are among the most beautiful flowers, but they’re also one of the trickiest to take care of. They require a very specific amount of sunlight, water and overall care; giving your orchid too much water could lead to root rot. Consider this fake option from Wayfair. Showcasing 12 lifelike white and yellow orchids and sitting in a lovely ceramic pot with deep green leaves, this faux plant is just begging to serve as the centerpiece on a dining room table or kitchen counter for a pop of color.

Buy: Phalaenopsis Orchid Floral Arrangement at $31.99

3. WestElm Faux Potted Green Trailing Succulent Plant 



Hanging plants can be a really nice way to add more personality and dimension to a room’s overall identity. These handcrafted hanging succulents from West Elm promise to look bright and lively throughout the year; they’re so convincingly made, with hand cut, silk-screened and painted leaves, you may even forget they’re not real at times.

Buy: WestElm Faux Potted Succulent at $21

4. Primrue 4-Piece Artificial Potted Succulent Set



They say that succulents are among the easiest plants to care for, but as someone who has killed some in the past it’s a lot harder than it sounds. This lifelike four-piece succulent set is perfect to put on the top of your fridge or arrange on an end table or shelf. Each succulent features a different plant design, but has the same pots offering an optimal blend of variety and consistency.

Buy: Primrue Artificial Potted Succulent Set at $18.99

5. Artflower 12-Piece Artificial Ivy Leaf Plant



Ivy is another gorgeous plant that requires a lot of work and attention to cultivate and care for, but just so happens to be a great home decor accessory. For those looking to step up their aesthetic without added work, these vibrant and lifelike faux leaves are the perfect option. 12 vines (80 leaves in total) are included in each package, measuring out to seven feet in length. And just because it’s artificial doesn’t mean it’ll lose its vibrant green color; on the contrary, these leaves won’t fade. They can be used indoors and outdoors, whatever the look you’re going for is.

Buy: Artflower Artifical Ivy Leaf Plant at $12.99

6. Primrue Aaron Artificial Monstera Tree



Monstera plants are another tall option that fit perfectly in the corner of a room, giving the room an exotic finish. This faux plant features the Monstera’s iconic giant split leaves and long branches, convincingly made and pre-potted so you can place it where you need to without a hassle. We recommend keeping it in a room with a lot of natural light to accentuate the rich green color. The high-quality craftsmanship will have you guests remarking impressive it is you’ve managed to care for such a beautiful looking tree, so much so it’ll surprise them when you break the news it’s artificial.

Buy: Primrue Aaron Artificial Monstera Tree at $153.99

7. Primrue Artificial Potted Snake Plant 



Snake plants boast a very unique design, always managing to catch someone’s eye immediately no matter what room they’re placed in. This artificial option from Wayfair is a perfect accent piece to a living room, bedroom or even a home office if you’re someone who doesn’t have luck with successfully caring for plants.

Buy: Primrue Artificial Potted Snake Plant at $137.99

8. WestElm Faux Potted Cactus 



Cactus plants are the perfect way to add that coveted and trendy rustic feel to your space. Although they’re easier to care for than a lot of other plants, they can still be a pain to maintain. We love this faux cactus from WestElm; its handwoven basket is a bold but very simple design piece that is bound to stand out wherever you house it. These faux plants are sold in a set of two, with each basket boasting a different design.

Buy: WestElm Faux Potted Cactus at $395

9. Hawesome 12-Stem Artificial Silk Flowers



Some things, like roses, never go out of style; they’re classic. They’re also hard to take care of, and unfortunately don’t last very long once they’ve been plucked, snipped and placed in a vase. Artificial roses ensure your roses look vibrant all year round; this long-stemmed bouquet is the perfect centerpiece decoration no matter where you place it. Available in a variety of gorgeous colors, from wine red to even royal blue, there’s an option for every room.

Buy: Hawesome Artificial Flowers at $16.99

10. Union Rustic Faux Aloe Pot Plant 



Aloe plants are generally easy to take care of. The problem tends to be that they grow fast, meaning that you end up with more than you started out with very quickly. If you’re not interested in housing an aloe farm, but still want to use their signature bluish green hues to add a bit of pop to the decor in your living space, this artificial option from Wayfair is the perfect accent piece. We particularly love the rustic pot, which makes it easy to stylishly display on a windowsill or end table.

Buy: Union Rustic Faux Aloe Plant at $77.99

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