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The Best Face Masks For Festivals

Help protect yourself from Covid-19 variants (as well as dust, wind and the sun) at your next festival with these outdoor-ready face masks

best face masks for festivalsbest face masks for festivals

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Heading to an outdoor venue and looking for something to protect your face at your next music festival? A good bandana or other flimsy face covering can only do so much. To really protect your yourself while jamming in a crowd of thousands at a festival, even while vaccinated, you’ll want to pick up a face mask.

The best face masks for festivals are versatile enough to be worn for an entire day, whether disposable afterwards, or as a reusable covering you can rock for an entire weekend event (just be sure to toss it in the wash afterwards). Unlike a bandana or neck gaiter, which is typically a simple piece of cloth, these face masks are made from multiple layers of protective fabric, can bend and shape to the contours of your nose for a tight seal, and won’t make you sweat under the hot sun while outdoors.

When worn, these face masks help shield your face from not just airborne viral particles, but dust, air pollution, wind and the harsh rays of the sun. The best face masks will cover your face without restricting your breathing, thanks to lightweight fabrics that stretch and move naturally with you. The latest face masks are also made with moisture-wicking materials to keep sweat away from your skin, and many come with built-in UV protection, too.

Great for music festivals, off-roading, a paintball game, or just casual errands, think of a face mask like a pair of good earplugs. They still let you experience your big game or concert, but help to filter out unwanted bacteria (just as a pair of earplugs filters out unwanted noise). With the rise of the Delta variant, it’s more important than ever to make sure you stay safe while you’re rocking out, too.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite face masks to pick up this festival season. Keep one in your bag for your next outing and another one in your emergency kit for when you head into large crowds. These popular face masks are well-made, well-designed and protective, so you can put your best face forward.

1. BlueBear ProSport Nanotec Mask


Blue Bear ProSport Reusable Mask

Blue Bear

When you’re trekking to the next stage and trying to beat the pack, breathability and comfort are going to be at the top of your list for a face mask. We’ve sung the praises of this reusable face mask from Blue Bear, which was created specifically with hot weather (and therefore, sweating) in mind.

The ProSport Nanotec mask is lightweight, and stand out due to its hypoallergenic material that’s gentle on the skin, so you won’t feel suffocated in the middle of a concert crowd. You’ll breathe a little easier next to hundreds of people, knowing their replaceable Nanotec Filters come with three layers of protection, made to last up to 12 hours at a time.

Don’t sacrifice comfort for security either, since the contoured design and adjustable ear-loops will stay in place all weekend long, and yes, even while you’re moshing. Great for crowded, dusty music festivals or outdoor events, this face mask also gives you an extra layer of protection on hikes, runs, paintball games or casual yard work, too.

Buy: Blue Bear ProSport Reusable Mask at $16.99

2. WiseGuise 4-in-1 Mask


wiseguise face mask review


If you don’t want a mask that looks clinical, this flexible 4-in-1 mask is one of the most creative face coverings out there right now, and one of our top picks based on sheer versatility alone. Designed (and madee) in Los Angeles, the multi-use design lets you wear this mask as a bracelet, neckband or headband when it’s not covering your face.

No only is this a handy way to keep a mask on you at all times, but it’s also doubles as a way to wipe that sweat away while you’re in an unreasonably long line for a food truck. Made with breathable and comfortable materials (100 percent cotton), the mask won’t pull at your ears, or sit too tight against your head, thanks to the secure neck wrapping (it also helps with the sunglass fog too from that tighter seal).

You’ll also get both physical protection and an electrostatic barrier from the double-layer design, so potentially harmful germs and particles don’t stand a chance. The mask is also machine-washable and safe for re-wearing.

Buy: WiseGuise 4-in-1 Mask at $24.95

3. VIDA KN95 Masks

VIDA KN95 Face Masks


VIDA’s KN95 Masks are the best to keep in your festival emergency kit — they’re FDA-registered and filter up to 95 percent of airborne particles 0.3 microns or larger. Filtration is key here, and if you’re making a flight or traveling on public transport to the festival, and care about environmental impact, than these KN95 masks are the way to go.

The company says the face mask is made from five protective layers, but thankfully, they don’t look terribly industrial, coming in a variety of minimalist colors. The nose clip and sealed fit also means you won’t be touching your face every few seconds to pull the mask back up.

What we like about VIDA is that every time you order a mask, you’ll also receive a prepaid return label so you can send back your used masks for recycling sustainability. Right now, you can also get 30% off their selection of masks before your next festival with the promo code ROLLINGSTONE30. 

Buy: VIDA KN95 Masks at $26.60+

4. är Small Logo Black Self-Cleaning Face Mask

är Small Logo Black Self-Cleaning Face Mask


Sleek and protective, är’s “Self-Cleaning” mask is meant to last longer without a machine wash than the competitors. Not to mention, it checks all our boxes in terms of secure fit and overall coverage for a mask that you’ll want to have in your festival go-bag.

Each mask comes with an included Nanofilter that has three layers (two layers non-woven material, one layer nanofiber) for maximum particle filtration, all while while remaining super breathable. Worried about your sweat levels at any given event? This mask has you covered with “Eco Acqua Zero” technology, which helps repel water by bringing any moisture from inside the mask to the top, where it eventually evaporates away (just like your cash at the merch table).

You can forget about tossing away disposable masks or having to constantly switch them out, since this mask’s Nanofilter lasts for up to 40 hours of continuous wear before needing to be replaced. The mask is also treated with a “ViralOff” coating, which the company says kills more bacteria, reducing the number of times you’ll have to clean it in between uses. The only thing that’ll power through a festival more is an energy drink.

Buy: är Small Logo Self-cleaning Face… at $29.90

5. Fedciory Cloth Face Mask

face masks for festivals


Look we get it — traditional face masks aren’t a lot of fun, especially when you’re trying to take Insta-worthy pics all weekend. In this case, we suggest picking up this eight-pack of psychedelic cloth masks from Fedciory. While they’re not as protective as other masks on our list, you can always double-mask up.

The face masks are made with three layers of soft and cozy material, plus an adjustable nose clip that pinches in to create a tighter seal. You can also adjust the fit via the ear straps, which loop around your ears without pulling or tugging.

The reusable face mask is fully washable to cut down on the waste of disposable face masks. This eight-pack includes everything from tie-dye prints to futuristic space-scapes — in other words, super stylish picks that compliment every festival outfit.


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