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Write More Comfortably by Picking Up One of These Ergonomic Pens

If arthritis or carpal tunnel keeps you from writing by hand, try these stress and pain-alleviating pens



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Browsing through the pen selection at your average office supply store, it may start to look like all pens are designed the same. Since they all do produce the same end result – giving you a way to write your thoughts down on paper – that may not seem like such a bad thing at first. However, if you have arthritis, carpal tunnel, Parkinson’s, or any other lived experience that makes writing by hand a little painful or hard to do, you’ve already realized that pens shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all. That’s where an ergonomic pen comes in handy.

The best ergonomic pens have slightly different takes on the standard pen design and help make writing a significantly more comfortable experience.

How Does an Ergonomic Pen Work?

Standard pens require a firm grasp between your index finger and your thumb. This places stress on muscles and joints that, if you are already prone to carpal issues, cause you to experience discomfort and pain. The best ergonomic pens come with wide, specially-formed grips that alleviate stress and alter your usual pen-holding experience. Others are designed in the shape of a Y: This design makes it so that the natural weight of your hand provides the pressure needed to write, instead of your own grip strength.

No matter the design, another helpful feature is in ergonomic pens is extra weight. This provides the pressure needed to write and helps those who experience hand tremors write with more stability.

What Are the Best Ergonomic Pens?

Deciding which type of ergonomic pen is the best for you will depend on your personal needs. Those who deal with arthritis or carpal tunnel pain will prefer ergonomic pens that focus on alleviating stress and redistributing weight. However, if hand tremors are what keep you from writing comfortably, pens that are weighted down will be some of the best ergonomic pens for you.

1. PenAgain Ergosof Ballpoint Pen

This company has transformed the traditional pen with these Y-shaped ballpoint pens. This unique, ergonomic design alleviates pressure away from your index finger and thumb and, instead, uses the natural weight of your hand to apply the pressure needed to write.

Plus, these pens are made with a soft rubber coating that feels comfortable on your skin. In this bundle of four pens, each pen also comes with two refillable ink cartridges.

best ergonomic pens


Buy: PenAgain Ergosof Ballpoint Pen at $19.99

2. The Pencil Grip Weighted Ergonomic Pen

This ergonomic pen was designed by doctors to help you write more comfortably and smoothly while also developing fine motor skills and strength with each use. For your comfort, this pen has a built-in sculpted grip that facilitates proper pen holding. Plus, the pen is weighted, which helps those with hand tremors write steadily. The pen weighs 2.9 ounces.

We like the elegant look of this pen, which is great for the office, weddings, ceremonial signings and other official or high-end events.

best ergonomic pens


Buy: The Pencil Grip Weighted Ergonomic Pen at $17.40

3. PILOT Dr. Grip Ergonomic Pen

These ballpoint pens may look like any other pen in the stationery store, but they are designed with a wide barrel and an ergonomic, latex-free cushioned grip in order to help reduce carpal stress while you write.

Once you have the smooth experience of writing with an ergonomic pen, you won’t want to switch back to your standard pens. Luckily, these pens are sold in packs of three, so you can always have an extra on hand.

best ergonomic pens


Buy: PILOT Dr. Grip Ergonomic Pen at $18.14

4. SenseAid Fat Heavy Weighted Pens

Writing just got easier. These extra-wide grip pens have a one-inch diameter so it’s easy to grip and control while you’re writing. If you struggle with writing stability, having this extra surface area will help you write confidently and securely. Additionally, these pens are weighted at the base to provide steady handwriting control. Sold in a twin pack, the pens also come with an extra set of ink cartridges.

best ergonomic pens


Buy: SenseAid Fat Heavy Weighted Pens at $22.97


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