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RS Recommends: The Best Easy-Install Showerheads

Upgrading your shower is easier than you think, thanks to these high-tech showerheads


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If you have a weak, leaky showerhead in your bathroom, it’s time for an upgrade — and installing a new one is easier than you might think.

Same goes for if you’ve moved into an apartment or house with one already pre-installed that you’re not happy with. The best easy-install showerheads are, as you might’ve guessed, simple to put on, and just as quick to remove when it’s time to move out.

Here are a few things to consider when shopping around for a new easy-install showerhead that’ll leave you feeling calm and clean, no plumber required.

Easy-to-Install Showerheads Buying Guide

Strength: A shower with no power behind the spray is unsatisfying and just not practical. A lackluster flow isn’t going to provide the results needed for basics like fully rinsing shampoo out of thick hair, and especially if you’re looking to relax muscles. Besides flow, the build should be solid too, with no leakage around any seals or joints. Some showerheads include the option of different restrictors, which let you regulate and set the flow right when you install it.

Conservation: Using less water benefits both your wallet and your city’s water supply. An ideal environmentally friendly showerhead is going to use fewer gallons while still providing the pressure and comfort you enjoy. To really go that extra mile in saving water, some even have a switch to temporarily halt the flow while you shampoo or soap up, then let you flip it back on just as fast.

Settings: These give you more options to choose from when it comes to how hard and fast, and in what formation, you want the jets blasting you (or not). It doesn’t have to be a powerful, pulsating massage either — typical softer settings include things like rain, steam and mist mean more options, as some have a wide face with multiple jets. For even more options, a double showerhead (one with a handheld as well as a standard downpour style) lets you target specific muscles or hard-to-reach areas, and are also great for pets and kids.

Cleaning: A head with rubber jets is great for preventing calcium buildup, and can be cleaned with a simple cloth. The same should go for the entire showerhead though, as you won’t want to spend a lot of time and energy cleaning it.

Installation: This is the big one that often prevents people from getting a new showerhead — the fear of a complicated installation. But it really can be simple. Most showerheads include everything you’ll need right in the box, and with some teflon tape and a crescent wrench, or even just your hands, your new showerhead can be up and running usually within 10 minutes or less.

What Are the Best Easy-Install Showerheads?

Below, we’ve selected the best showerheads for any bathroom that you can install quickly and easily. Here are our top picks.

1. Waterpik PowerPulse Massage Handheld Showerhead

There are many water settings on this handheld showerhead, whether you’re looking for pressure to loosen up tight muscles, or a light misting effect to help you relax before bed. The nine different settings also make it easy to conserve water, only using the powerful jets when needed.

The five-foot hose adds even more versatility and up-close strength for the areas that need it most, whether massaging post-workout or even give your pet a bath. It’s even great for cleaning the shower itself, and works as a regular stationary showerhead when put back in its holder.

Installation takes about five minutes or less, and it looks great in any shower with its chrome or brushed nickel finish.

WaterPik PowerPulse Massage Hand Held Shower Head


Buy: Waterpik PowerPulse Massage Handheld… at $39.99

2. SparkPod Showerhead

This showerhead brings the spa experience home, and is a total game-changer when replacing an old one. The SparkPod gently rains down through a six-inch rust-proof face with 90 powered nozzles, each made of rubber. It’s designed so you can wipe away any deposits from hard water such as lime or calcium with just a finger swipe. A water filter inside also acts as the first line of defense against any buildup coming down the pipe, and the brass ball joint swivels and pivots to your ideal angle.

Installation is as easy as it gets, and the company even provides teflon tape in the package. At 1.8 gallons per minute, this does an excellent job at keeping water use practical without skimping on a satisfying shower experience.

SparkPod Shower Head - High Pressure Rain


Buy: SparkPod Showerhead at $29.97

3. WarmSpray High Pressure Showerhead

This showerhead with a slightlys maller four-inch face still packs 47 self-cleaning nozzles, fighting against clogs that can block up the spray effect or send water jetting in different directions.

It’s made of ABS chrome, helping it to be rust-proof, and lets you choose from five different spray settings (rain, mist, massage or two combos) by adjusting the knob. Plus the head’s joint lets you pivot and set it right where you want the water to hit.

WarmSpray High Pressure Shower Head


Buy: WarmSpray High Pressure Showerhead at $12.99

4. AquaDance Hand Held Showerhead

This handheld hose unit still installs in a similar way to the others, while providing the benefit of a detachable sprayer. The ergonomic grip handle makes it easy to hold when you have soapy, slippery hands, and a flexible five-foot hose gives plenty of slack, while holding strong against damage and leaks.

Even if you keep the sprayer in its bracket, you can still adjust where it points and use it as a regular showerhead. This is great for homes, but also smaller showers like in an RV.

AquaDance Hand Held Showerhead


Buy: AquaDance Hand Held Showerhead at $16.98

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