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People Are Stocking Up on These Earthquake Kits in Case ‘The Big One’ Hits

These emergency survival kits are a must-have in the event of major storms, fires and power outages too

best earthquake kitsbest earthquake kits

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Most of us will never use an earthquake survival kit – but all of us should have one. Besides earthquakes, these kits can be lifesavers in times of civil unrest, tornados and major storms. They’re essential if you’re displaced from your home, but also very useful during smaller emergencies when, say, it’s difficult to get to the grocery store or your house’s power supply is shut off.

Although it’s possible to build your own earthquake kit with spare water, a first-aid kit and so on, the best option is to purchase a fully-equipped emergency kit. These will come with everything you need to stay warm, nourished and healthy in the event of a disaster. Below are some of the best earthquake kits on Amazon, as well as everything you’ll want to find inside. Also, once you get a kit, spend a few minutes acquainting yourself with the contents, and keep them close by (in a closet or in your car) to be ready whenever disaster strikes.

What Are the Best Earthquake Kits?

The best earthquake kits should contain enough water for a few days, basic first-aid equipment and basic survival tools to stay warm and set up shelter if necessary. Here’s what to look for.

Water: Hydration is the most essential human need, making it the most important part of an earthquake kit. Most kits come with individually-packaged rations of purified water. The best emergency kits will have plenty of water for a family, ideally in many small packages instead of a few large bottles (less chance of waste).

Warmth: If a major storm shuts off the heat or you’re forced to sleep outdoors, you’ll need something to keep warm. Typical solutions are instant fire starters, heat pads, and compact thermal blankets or sleeping bags that retain body heat.

Food: Many earthquake kits come with emergency food rations that don’t go bad and deliver high-calorie nutrition in small doses.

First-Aid: Whether you’re hiking long distances, dealing with debris or just fumbling around in a dark house without power, accidents are likely. First-aid kits will treat small cuts and scrapes, as well as more severe injuries such as sprains.

Tools: Survival tools such as knives, compasses, wire and flashlights are another must-have in your earthquake emergency kit. Not all kits include a full set of rugged tools, so you may want to purchase a survival tool kit in addition to an earthquake kit.

Durability: Even the best survival kits are useless if they’re easily damaged or don’t have a long shelf-life. Read reviews to see how users’ kits have held up to the test of time and actual use. Many popular earthquake kits come packed inside a rugged and durable backpack or sack, for easy transport and weather-resistant storage.

1. Sustain Supply Co. Emergency Kit

This emergency backpack from Sustain Supply Co. is about as well-equipped as they come. It’s geared towards a family with little outdoor access or survival skills, offering 72 hours worth of food and water for four people. And the food isn’t hardcore survival stuff either – it’s mac and cheese and teriyaki chicken bowls cooked on a portable stove.

Another stand-out feature is two InstaFire tinder packs and a ferrocerium rod for starting fires, in addition to four thermal blankets. All-in-all it’s a very well-outfitted family survival backpack, and it’s all packed into a backpack that’s very durable as well.

emergency survival kit backpack

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Buy: Sustain Supply Co. Emergency Kit at $299.00

2. Redfora Complete Earthquake Bag

Another great earthquake survival kit is this Redfora bag. It’s outfitted for two people to survive comfortably for three days, and is also geared more towards survival in a suburb or city.

For nutrition, you’ll find 24 packets of purified water, purification tablets and two 3,600 calorie food bars. The Redfora bag also comes with rope, goggles and work gloves, should you need to do any handiwork. Plus, the bag includes some hygiene products (which you don’t see often) including a razor, toothbrush and pads.

earthquake kit backpack

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Buy: Redfora Complete Earthquake Bag at $165.00

3. EILIKS Survival Gear Kit

This compact EDC survival gear kit from Eiliks is best as an addition to one of the survival kits above. It’s designed for wilderness living with fishing equipment and serious survival tools including a knife, firestarter, wire saw and multi-purpose paracord bracelet.

It doesn’t include any food or water (which can be bought separately) but comes equipped for trained survivalists to forge their own sustenance. One of the kit’s best features is its size, coming in at just 8 x 4 x 2 inches and weighing less than two pounds.

outdoor survival tool kit

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Buy: EILIKS Survival Gear Kit at $32.59

4. EVERLIT Complete Earthquake Bag

For the hardcore survivalist who doesn’t mind storing and carrying a larger pack, we recommend this 200-piece Everlit earthquake bag. It’s incredibly well-stocked (maybe more than most people need) with all the basics, plus serious tools and accessories such as two pairs of work gloves, a radio and 100-foot paracord.

It even comes with two emergency shelters in addition to thermal blankets and ponchos. The bag itself is ready for anything with a super-durable 600-denier polyester construction.

emergency survival kit military

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Buy: EVERLIT Complete Earthquake Bag at $184.95

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